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  1. Hi all, We are planing to buy a HYBRID car for daily use in colombo city. Fuel economy & resell value are the major concerns. What is the best one (from Aqua G & FIT GP5) to buy? Please add here plus & minus of each model for select the best one for me. Thanks.
  2. sam333

    Project E34

    Great work! E34 --> one of my favourite BMW model. Check out this what I found on Autolanka selling area. It's a another awsome beauty. http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=92206
  3. Hello all, Pls anyone explain me what are the nissan fb14 models & what are the differents of them???? Basically i have an idea about EX-Saloon & Super Saloon models. Also i knw that it has 1.3ltr & 1.5ltr models. But what are the models call Red light, White light, Separate light & etc. in local market ???? and which has highest market value among them ???? What are the key points should i consider in a inspection ???? Thank U.
  4. Thanx..... Yes it is there.... If there is a tinted rear windscreen, Can it make problem for radio signals????
  5. Hi all, does anybody knw where is corolla se saloon/ se limited original car antena got fixed??? I already searched in many & figured, it's not came with power antena, rear roof mounted antena or side antena(as xe saloon/ xe limited). So, where it is fixed...???? Thank you.
  6. Great job bro.....!!! Some ppl have a wrong idea, which it's not possible to convert 5 door model to NOAH. Also in autolanka. Please explain more about how u convert fifth door area for fit rear A/C controlers. It will be more important for lot of in here. Falling in love with your vehicle. Thanx for sharing......
  7. but i have seen some 5 door models already converted with using metal/fiber body part for 5th door and it is design for fit rear A/C controller unit. ha ha ha............... u may not know there are only few original NOAH (less than 20) vehicles in srilanka. all others are converted.
  8. hi everyone!!! i'm new to here. so i don't know is this the right place to ask this question. anyway i have a toyota corolla ae100(SE Limited). in the A/C unit, there are two switches. one for A/C and other one is ECON. what is the purpose of this ECON switch ??? also, when i drive in night with A/C, there are misty on windshield.so very hard 2 drive with A/C in the night. any solution for that ??? is it not happen with climate control A/C system ???
  9. Model: Corolla AE100 (SE Limited) Manufactured year: 1993 Engine Capacity : 1500cc Fuel type : Petrol (Octane 90) Transmission Type : Manual Economy : (kmpl) city limits = 11-13 (kmpl) Out stations = 15-16
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