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  1. Santro is not available now. is the kia car at least better than indian cars
  2. Thank you. I saw kia picanto brand new is for around 2.5 million. But i do not think i can buy Santro around this price.
  3. If any one has actual user review on KIA car brand after 2015(better if it is on KIA picanto); please share with me on below aspects. 1) Interior quality 2) Engine quality(How many KMs you could run without any issue) 3) Handling performance(Smooth driving, stability on higher speed) 4) Fuel efficiency 5) KIA dealer experience 6) Availability of parts 7) Do you recommend this to some one else
  4. Finally i bought a hunk bike. It is worse than the discovery 135 which was my first bike.No any comfort even as discovery bike. Most people says it was a good bike and the new bikes have a lot of defects with the engine and other plastic items like switches. Do not ever buy hunk bikes.
  5. I am new to this forum. But not to internet or Forums IT. In software engineering forum we have new thread for specific question. It makes people to find specifically what they want. If i want information on Hunk why should i open general thread that is on general bike. Also if you have a hunk bike you are interested on answering thread on new Hunk bike not on the thread that is generally on bike. If you are very busy it not compulsary you to answer on it. Currently i have Honda CM Custom. I am not much worried about re sale value but the quality and comport. I am not specifically answering to you. it was unplesant to see your answers like that, it is better if you can answer the question on the thread. I have opened only 5 threads. I think it does not make performance degrade of the system or waisting time of the member because my threads are specific. Just by looking at the title they can decide if i know something or not. That is how i thought. Remember if you have some time you can answer others thread if not you can leave them as you do not see
  6. I do not know if this is wrong. Initially i have opened a thread to get an overall idea of bikes. After that i have selected few bikes from it(Hunk,Dazzler and FZ). If i raise question on main thread i might not get effective answers because guys who really use those bikes might not have interest on main thread that is why i am opening new thread for seperate bike. I need more info before buying. After bought indian bike you can not sell if for the same price. I may lose long time if i will buy the wrong one than opening new thread
  7. Does FZ provide a good ride comport(Compared to GN). Any one who has real experience with FZ
  8. thank you for your advice, very helpful. I do not thing FZ provide any comport even as hunk
  9. I need to know information about Hunk bike. is the ride provide comport?(compare with GN or Cm custom). does it requires a lot of maintenance?(can i ride at least 40000km without any problem). What about the fuel economy in traffic?. I need do buy a bike please advice as soon as possible.
  10. What is the best Indian bike that requires lowest maintenance and gives more comport in ride
  11. I like if i can i have comment from anyone who has used this bike
  12. As the genuine suzuki is a good brand, quality might be good even it is from china. But they might use the low quality metal. Therefore i want to aquire some knowledge before buying it.
  13. Hi, I think of buying Chinese Gn 125. But i do not quality of this bike. Normally anything from china has very low quality. Has anyone got experience with chinese gn bike. Please respond. Thank you.
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