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    Got everything I need
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    This vehicle is my favorite out of what I have. Takes me to places no other type of vehicle can.

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  1. Hi Thanks so much for the reply. I have a 2012 Nissan Patrol (30,000km) which I bought new and was playing around with the idea of sending it to SL. But since my first posting here I have decided not to go ahead with the idea. ‚ÄčThinking of keeping it and once the warranty runs out do it up for camping and keep it for a while. My last Patrol lasted well over 20 years and 600,000km. So guess the current one will hopefully go that far too. Angel of reason tells me to keep this and not stick money into another vehicle .....may be a Harley though
  2. Hi everyone Heard from a friend that we are allowed to bring in a vehicle to SL once every 5 years at a duty rate of only 15% provided we have owned the vehicle for a minimum of two years in the overseas country. Is this true? If it is true, are we allowed to resell it soon after the import or do we have to keep it for personal use only? Any other conditions attached to this? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  3. That is sad. these idiots paint a bad impression of the entire motor sports community. Been away from the forum for too long. Got caught up with "life" Must try to be more regular here. I quite miss the place.
  4. We in the 4x4 community and other environmental groups were up in arms, because eventually the entire responsible 4x4 community will get blamed for being a bunch of gun-ho types. But sadly the BBC had so much clout, the authorities turned a blind eye. During the Top Gear visit, we tried to get Clarkson to make an appearance at one of our local 4x4 fund raising events. Thought, being in the country, he might be happy to help the local community out. Clarkson's management wanted GBP25,000 for a 15 minute appearance.
  5. Top Gear is done purely for TV ratings and entertainment. They did a trip through Botswana in three cars (where even 4x4s are restricted). They drove through a prehistoric salt pan, tearing up the landscape. I blame the authorities for allowing this sort of behaviour. This lankan video did the rounds here in Aus the last few days. Mainly to illustrate to people the importance of safe recoveries. Some leading magazines did not attach the video in respect to the deceased. Hopefully the motor sports governing body in SL has improved safety since this incident. Out of curiosity, are clubs in SL compelled to carry public liability insurance during events?
  6. very careless of the organisers to let so many spectators near a recovery. don't they know not to recover on a two hitch??
  7. Hi guys Not sure if this happened sometime back or recently. A video is doing the rounds on the net. 4x4 recovering going wrong and killing two spectators. Seems this happened in SL. Anyone know more about this? They seem to be doing all the wrong things. Recovering on the tow hitch, pulling at an angle, having an audience so close to a recovery. Don't they have safety rules in these competitions? Warning!! - graphic scene. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ec7_1341527931#dcHQ9xcrR8xJDP3U.01
  8. Yeah it is a big vehicle. Might not be practical in SL roads. All the vehicles I displayed here are road legal. Pretty nice in our wide roads.
  9. Both the petrol V6 4litre motor and the diesel motor holds out very well. The diesel has had problems in certain markets where the quality of diesel is not that great. The 3.0dCi diesel motor is the most powerful in its class. 170kw and 550Nm at 1750 rpm. Awesome for low end crawling. very nice.
  10. Thought of sharing this with other 4x4 fans here. Not sure if the Nissan D40 Navara 4x4 is popular in SL. Quite a popular model in SA and Oz. Mainly for it comfort and cabin space. A local SA 4x4 magazine took it on as a project to improve on the D40 and make it unique. Here is a pic We also have after market company ARCTIC TRUCKS here in SA. Sanctioned by the manufacturers. Take a look.
  11. Just thought of provoking some thought here. Hybrids are great but (IMO) not the best offer by the auto industry towards the green cause. So much money has gone into developing the internal combustion engine (to where it is today) the auto industry is not going to bring a mainstream alternative solution any time soon. In my opinion hybrids are a way of cashing in on the green cause. Whilst low emissions is a great thing (and for the record, I whole heartedly support the green cause) one has to admit that the one thing in the mind of the average car buyer is fuel efficiency. Especially these days when the cost of petrol is only going in one direction... up! With this in mind I ask, are hybrids all that economical? Do their fuel efficiency compare well against advanced diesel engines available today? What do yo think of this in...... (1) a global perception; and (2) from a Sri-Lankan perception.
  12. Yes the GT races run on the back of the V8 races. Also had the "Aussie Cars" (similar to formula fords) and V8 Utes (Pick ups) as lead up races to the Supercars. It's four days of great racing. Unlike some of the other formats, the V8 supercars do two races. Saturday and Sunday.
  13. Think they are going to pit the new Altima against the Fords and the Holdens.
  14. Yes would be nice to see what Nissan can bring to the party. But in Oz there is only two iconic (car) motor brands and that's Ford and Holden and no other manufacturer can take that title. Aussies love their V8's. Just like a true American loves their home grown full size pick ups. On the other hand Nissan (Patrol) is an icon when it comes to 4x4s in Oz.
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