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  1. Ah, sorry ,it should be 12+ .Sorry for my mistake and corrected the post. Anyway you are thinking on her age too much than I do .😜
  2. Why not? When I sell my own previous two cars (purchased brand new) , both buyers set their minds to buy my cars, when I just show my maintenance records before they crank the engines. When I bought my Lancer CS1 in 2017, I had same feeling when previous owner handed over the maintenance records file to me. She clearly described every maintenance done and even an accident it faced (replaced front door panel at agents and invoice was in the file) . I cross checked her details with agents and she was 100% genuine. Still this previous owner family maintain very good relationship with me and even read my Autolanka thread on it. When I bought my lancer very first thing I did was, bought a box file to match my car colour (Matath pissu😀) All records are filed in order. Since my car is 13 years old, I maintain a summery for quick reference. Car is maintained at the agents from day one. I filled all invoices in order and attach all labels found in spare part packing. I also maintain a photo gallery in my laptop. I had two previous owners belong to same family. They had filed even below sheet they received from the agent after importation. 'Reliability' made me to buy this vehicle and I will transfer same to next owner when I sell this car one day.
  3. For me, I don't feel any special sound. This aged Viva sound is as it is. I remember once starter motor cleaned before I sell mine at 82000km. Check your belts. If they are old & dry give some noise rubbing with pulley at cold start.
  4. (1) Sell your Vigo here. (2) Buy a brand new car from India. Look at prices in below Toyota India link. You can buy a Yaris there. https://www.toyotabharat.com/ (INR 1 = SLR 2.5)
  5. Agree with iRage. That is why in my Lancer, first engine belt replacement done at 45,000km, as it already passed 6 years. Recently I saw a Lancer CS (YOM 2011) at agents and done only 10,000km . Agents instructed owner to changed the timing belt due to time factor and she replaced timing belt. Another point is ,don't wait for exact 100,000km. In Colombo with heavy traffic Jams, engine keep running while odometer keep stationery. Need to consider this point as well according to the agents.
  6. That damage Black Prius belongs to one of my friends. His son attended for swimming lessons and he slept & relaxed for a while in the car. Luckily, before few minutes this happen, he dropped from the car and walked to gate to pick his son and this happened. Defender was passing them and hit on their car and totally damaged 3 vehicles according to him..
  7. Maintenance Update: Date: 11 & 12 February 2020 (At United Mortors - Orugodawatta) Odo: 135,135km I have completed 43,000km under my ownership. Timing belt had to replace for the second time in service history (Last time Timing Belt replaced at 45,351km on 19 May 2014). Few months ago, agent pointed me oil leaking from right side front differential case oil seal and hence replaced both side oil seals. (Since Timing belt replacement is not a maintenance we see frequently, I here add many photos to show the whole process for CS enthusiasts.) Below maintenance worked carried out and it took 1.5days. (1) Timing belt replaced with tensioner and oil pump ‘o’ ring (2) Oil pan cleaning (3) Replaced both side front differential case oil seals (4) ATF replacement (5) Inner rubber seal of engine oil cap (Photo not attached) (6) Front and rear wheel alignment I must say Unit#d Mot#rs did a very good job & thank to Senior Service Advisor Mr.Sisira Kumara & Technician Mr.Jayawardhana. Continued to next post....
  8. Wish all Autolankans a very happy new year 2020 !!!☺️
  9. Mr. Sampath Gunasekara,

    My belated reply to your post was due to few reasons. I do not log into AL much now days. I was down with a Stroke three years ago, did not effect my legs or arms. I lost about 50% of my right eye sight. Cannot correct that due to a block in the left side of my Brain. 

    Wishing all all AL members Compliments of the season.


    Sylvi wijesinghe.


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    2. Sylvi


       Dear Mr.Sampath,

      Your post I did read late, there were few members who wrote replies for my post. Many thanks for all. I am getting about with one other person to help me.

      I still do not want a walking aid, can walk very well to keep my balance, but on doctors advise I go with some one. In case I loose my balance to hold me. Cannot help, cant go for my private visits do not want to explain them elaborately.

      I turned 77 today 31st  December. Will hold my B treat to relatives and few close friends on 10th of January 2020, as today midnight most wants to stay in their houses.

      Sylvester Wijesinghe


    3. AVANTE


      Happy new year & a happy birthday mr.Sylvi! Must be a delightful one :)

    4. Sampath Gunasekera

      Sampath Gunasekera

      Thanks Mr.Sylvi and happy to hear that you are ok. Belated B'Day Wishes !!!

  10. Front rubber beading under the bonnet was broken in to pieces due to rubber martial expired. Could not find an original unit and drove car without it for more than one month. It spoiled my air filter soon. There is a place close to my home which undertake windscreen jobs and the guy fixed a rubber beading , I guess comes for vehicle doors. But it works pretty fine.
  11. What denote by Lancer CS Model Code??? Recently I saw a very rare CS3 unit at Unit#d Mot#rs. It was a 2008 CS3 with Automatic Transmission BUT WITHOUT TIPTRONIC . This is the very first such CS3 unit I saw manufactured in 2007-2011. When I observe the model code of the car, I feel it is automatic transmission with CVT . I checked sales catalogs and checked few car numbers with RMV app. This is what I found /guess . (This is purely based on export models. Seems CS2 units have some other letters on same positions but I cannot find the meaning) Position : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Example Model Code : C S 1 A S R J E R First two positions are CS in all CS models. If third position 1 --> 1300cc engine If third position 2 --> 1500cc engine If third position 3 --> 1600cc engine After that AS is common for 4th and 5th positions. After that 6th position ; If 6th position ‘N’ – Manual Transmission If 6th position “R” – Automatic Transmission (Including Tiptronic for 1600cc) If 6th position ‘T’ – Automatic Transmission with CVT If 7th Position is “J” – Trim Level is "GLX" If 7th Position is “D” - Trim Level is "GL" 8th Position is “E” is common. (I guess for exports, not sure) If 9th Position is "R" – Right hand driven If 9th Position is "L" – Left hand driven Between 8th position and L/R - If ‘Q’ present , Euro 2 / Step 2 Emission Regulations (Example : EQR) Between 8th position and L/R - If ‘B’ present , Leaded Models (Example: EBR) Special Note: All 'GL' units are equipped with 1300cc engines (All GL units are CS1). Trim Level "GL" is equipped with Automatic Transmission only for LHD markets. Guys , correct me if I am wrong.
  12. @trinityMany thanks for the update Machan. This is a pending job for me. 😑 Lucky I got this issue after 11 years in my CS. Same part number use for CS as well.
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