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  1. Sampath Gunasekera

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Yes, that is Mitsubishi Tedia. I just gooled Tredia and what I found??? 😮 Never heard Mitsubsihi Manual Gear System with two levers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Super_Shift_transmission
  2. Sampath Gunasekera

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Mileage is 127,000km now. Some repair work done at agents. (1) Brake Pads replaced. Mitsubishi Part No. MZ690563 , Rs.16,144/= (2) Brake Rotor Disks resurfaced for the first time. - Cost: Rs.2300 (3) Caliper rubber kit replaced for the first time after 11 .5 years. Mitsubishi Part No.: 4605B861 , Rs.2,184/= , Labour cost for (1) & (2) ; Rs.2,221/= (4) Radiator coolant replaced. Mitsubishi No.: MZ341015EX , 4 liter = Rs.3,284/= , I had to buy two 4L packs but ¾ remained. Labour cost: Rs.1150/= (5) Power Steering belt started to make noise. Power Steering belt is already done 81,000km and Alternator Belt already done 50,000km. Replaced both. Power Steering Belt –MD375935 ; Rs.9345 , Alternator Belt – 4451A098 : Rs.4928.00 Labout cost= Rs. 1,437/= (6) My number plates are almost new as they changed CP to WP in 2014. After cut and polished car appearance is almost new. Number plated holders were faded. Hence replaced both number plate holders. Now appearance is nice. One unit cost Rs.511/= and Rs.1,022/= for 2 units.
  3. Sampath Gunasekera

    Mahindra sets up car assembly plant in Sri Lanka

    I don’t know about this vehicle and I am not going to compare it with a quality Japanese vehicle. But I am always positive, if you manufacture or assemble something in Sri Lanka. It gives our country more employment opportunity, technology and it may save some US dollars within Sri Lanka. Let me tell you a story. Everyone can recognize above photo. This is a rear passenger side panel in Bajaj three wheeler. Previously these items were imported from India and quality was very poor, but price is cheaper than manufacturing it here. If something hit on this Indian part, it easily get whitening and get damaged. Later Sri Lankan government introduced a rule that certain percentage of parts of three wheeler should manufacture in Sri Lanka. So all rubber parts, plastics parts, vinyl parts were manufactured in Sri Lanka. I was the plastic raw material supplier for Polypropylene plastics for some items and I supplied a Polypropylene Co-polymer grade from Taiwan (which use for making car bumpers) to manufacturer above side panel. The Sri Lankan manufactured side panel with my Taiwanese material was so strong and much higher in quality and safety and even a person can stand on it and it will not damage or break.. (Photo shows side cover made by my material). Later government increased import tax on three wheeler and three wheeler prices were increased accordingly. Then government wanted to reduce impact on three wheeler prices increasing and government selected to withdraw of that rule with Sri Lankan made part percentage. Importing inferior quality Indian part is cheaper than manufacturing high quality Sri Lankan parts here. So simply Sri Lankan parts manufacturing stopped and now three wheeler comes with Indian manufactured side panel. Ok, I lost a business but I am a single person, but it became worst with various rubber and vinyl part manufacturers and their sub suppliers together with workers. In the past , I worked for AmSafe Bridport in Wathupitiwala EPZ for a short period , and they manufacture OEM cargo parts for Boeing and Airbus air planes. Proud to say that our Sri Lankan hands do a good job there. I am always positive if some product manufacture/assemble in Sri Lanka irrespective of the size and the value of the product, if the product is with reasonable quality. Otherwise only potato would be the product we double check and get confirm before buying it, that it is a Sri Lankan product. (Me Lankawe Alada ? 😃 )
  4. Sampath Gunasekera

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Ah , It is that cheap. I though it is a very expensive job. Thanks. Seems it is a nano technology. A group of Sri Lankan university students (USJ) were on such project and I could not check their results for a while. (Nano coating for shoes if I am not mistaking)
  5. Sampath Gunasekera

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    I don't want to waste my all hard earned money on 12 years old car. 😉
  6. Sampath Gunasekera

    Quality of Sri Lankan Service Centers?

    I maintain my vehicles at Unit#d Mot#rs - Orugudawatta since 2011. I take vehicle there since they are not the best in service, but they know about the particular vehicle model than any other. And I always remain with the vehicle and never leave vehicle with them. Usually I take vehicle there on weekdays morning and then I can do all maintenance repair and service at same day. But I am warning you guys never take your vehicle to service on Saturday mornings to Unit#d Mot#rs - Orgodawatta. Service is too bad and no sufficient staff. Unfortunately I had to take my Lancer twice there on Saturdays including last service. Service is worst. They gave me a slip to sign that service is ok and I rejected. I showed them many mud patches remaining there and finally they had to taken vehicle for second time wash. Unit#d Mot#rs - Orugodawatta service center was very good in service, few years ago and now dropping the quality of the service tremendously. Believe me being agents for Mitsubishi they did not check ATF level at service until I forced them to do. The service adviser on Saturday 22 June 2019 was telling me it is not required. I made a complaint on bad service extended me and still no response from them. Shame on you Unit#d Mot#rs - Orugodawatta.
  7. Sampath Gunasekera

    Garage Floor Material

    Now only I see your post. Good to know that you selected the same tile. I am happily using this tile since 2017 without any problem. I have used same tile for pavements and all outside area at my home. (This tile had two colours Red and Brown and I selected red) . Take care to select the tile from same manufacturing batch to ensure that all tiles are in exactly same colour)
  8. Sampath Gunasekera

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Update: 11 years and 08 months in service, 125,855km done. First cut & polish job done. I was seeking a reliable person with good workmanship and patience. I noted one gentleman at Delpe Junction, Ragama and kept my eye on his jobs for last two months and noted that he is the person I was seeking. Clearly asked him not to touch lamps, and cover all the necessary parts including all beading. (I had bad experience with cut and polish job done with my previous Viva Elite. They spoiled beading a lot) . Also asked him to cut and polish inner cavities of the Alloy wheels as that area is a painted area already became dirty. Gentleman was asking two complete days (he works alone) and Rs.9,000/= for the job. But I was so happy after seen the result and paid Rs.10,000/= him appreciating his quality service. I can recommend this gentleman Mr. Sanjaya Kumara at 071-7156263 & 071-7906869 for a good job . (Hope this will not violate any forum rules) Here you go latest update.
  9. Sampath Gunasekera

    Garage Floor Material

    Have not faced such opportunity up to now. If needed I will use another homogeneous tile between jack and floor.
  10. Sampath Gunasekera

    Garage Floor Material

    My best option - Rxxxl homogeneous tiles with matt surface Affordable, very easy to clean, not slippery, strong enough...
  11. Sampath Gunasekera

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Sad to here this. These thieves are very much professional and your socks can be stolen while you are wearing your shoes. (1) I know one motor bike parked at Peoples Park, when give a simple pat or touch it warn us to be away. (Too bad my friend had a habit giving a soft pat to that bike whenever he passes it and enjoyed the warning 😜) .Try something more sensitive. (2) Fold the mirrors and use a car cover to cover the car when you park there. Then they cannot repeat same thing easily.
  12. Sampath Gunasekera

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    @Hyaenidae I just read your post on Eleakiri. ABS is an option for GLX trim (not standard equipment). It means all GLX units are not quipped with ABS. My unit is an example without ABS ( CS1, GLX , Automatic Trasmission unit without ABS. But ABS was never quipped with GL trim level. Also Cd player with 6 CD changers was an option, even GL unit could requested. But I believe no brand new import GL units with 6CD changers here. I have seen 2007-2008 all Automatic units with 06CD changer except only one unit without 6 CD changer. Check my thread for Standard and Optional Equipment list. And trunk room trim (Fully fabric layered walls in boot) was a standard equipment for GLX trim and never equipped with GL trim.
  13. Sampath Gunasekera

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Already 2 years completed under my ownership and odo is now 123,500km. Sorry for not updating the thread for a while. No special maintenance work carried out within the period, other than replacing the battery and few bulbs. Saturday I had some troublesome experience at Kandy. I could not shift gear from “P” to other positions. Immediately contacted Mr.Sisira Kumara (Service Advisor at Unit#d Mot#rs) and gentleman was very kind to help me over the phone giving instructions as follows, even it was a holiday for him. (1) Press the button on gear knob and check for some free play when it press. (2) If so, use shorter screw driver and remove two screws on gear knob. (Long screw driver cannot use here due to placement of CD changer) (3) Pull the knob up and then you can see white colour small plastic parts falling down. (Brittle) (4) Remove gear knob and now you can press the middle rod by your finger and can shift gears . So I could manage to bring the vehicle to Colombo without a trouble. The issue was due to damaged and ruptured Gear Shift Sleeve. It is a white colour plastic sleeve looks like a roll plug. Mitsubishi part number is MR581866 (Sleeve, Gear) and cost was Rs.1,109/=. Hence this sleeve replace and problem solved.
  14. Sampath Gunasekera

    Car Catalogues & Brochures (Warning: Graphics heavy)

    @Schiffer Do you still have these soft copies?
  15. Sampath Gunasekera

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Vitz, I suggest you to post these old valuables in my below thread rather than posting them on Post Whoring threads. (Sadly many links were broken there 😞)