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  1. ColomboRox

    Toyota Vitz 1000cc Vibration issue

    Thank you guys for clarifications, I can see now most of you have recommended me to go for a "engine tune up" Please let me know what kind of cleanup would be necessary for get rid of this issue.(like replacing spark plugs to new iridium spark plugs etc..) What do I need , specifically tell at the tune up for replace or check ? Many Thanks!
  2. ColomboRox

    Toyota Vitz 1000cc Vibration issue

  3. ColomboRox

    Toyota Vitz 1000cc Vibration issue

    Thanks for the detail reply. No idea about what he did at the last engine calibration using that electronic unit which plug to my car under dashboard.
  4. ColomboRox

    Toyota Vitz 1000cc Vibration issue

    Thanks for the reply but they are okay!
  5. Hi All, I have been facing a little issue with my car (Vitz 2008 1000cc mileage - 71000) since some time now, which is show some vibration all the time when the car drives slowly(maybe we cannot fell at some considerable speed.) or at park mode or Neutral (lesser vibration) , Once I did engine calibration(as the person said) it solved up to certain extend but after some time I got this again.. Question 1 : why this can happen? Can you guys guide me to solve this issue.? (technically and place –low cost J) Thanks
  6. ColomboRox

    Indication Lights Not Light Up

    Hi Guys, Found the issue and it was the switch of the dim/head on/off stick switch. As I Get to know this is a known issue in most of the Toyota..like due to bad contacts of that twitch it happens..can fix if you can apply some WD 40 in to the switch or some whisky :) Thanks
  7. ColomboRox

    Indication Lights Not Light Up

    No bro I do not have it Thanks
  8. ColomboRox

    Indication Lights Not Light Up

    Thanks Davy, Yes I did a search but as I can see I could not find the correct fuse..as their mentioning there was no fuse for thosei ndicatords. anyway wil do your second step in the weekend. if it's a loose connection whare should I check first??
  9. My car is a Vitz 2008 100cc one auto, recently there were issue like those indication lights(ac modes/dear leaver position) sometimes not light up when the car lights turned on (head or dim)..so now it has done for ever and not lighting up, what would be the issue. Probably it might be the fuse of those but I do not know which fuse to replace plz help ?? http://postimg.org/image/e9fm2gh3d/
  10. ColomboRox

    Local Tyre Agents

    Hi Guys...need some clarification..I'm paling to replace my car tyres ,size is 165/70/14 1- place to buy/replace? 2-price reasonable brand(suggest) my budget would be < 7500
  11. Is it ok to shift gear ti neutral while driving automatic transmission, it will save gass when driving downhill..I'm doing it for long time now is that harm the engine or is it good or bad for the vehicle???
  12. MY car - VITS 2008 - right side with doors palace -27th - at D R wijewardana mawatha. I was in left lane that lady was in right lane and he car has gone up in the middle gutter in the road and hit one of the road blocker(concrete) and it jumped on to my car that was in left lane.(she damaged to the government properties) My car was damaged with it cost 104000.250(got a estimation from Arabian motors) My question is ARABIAN motors are ok for fix this or is that good to go to TOYOTA LANKA?
  13. ColomboRox

    Tyres-What To Buy

    Hi guys..I'm planing to replace my tyre set of my car and before buying... expect to have you opinion on what to buy..and like to know present prices and place to get this done.. Currently I have MAXXIS on front and Bridgeston in rear..Tyre size is 175 / 70R / 14 Thanks.
  14. ColomboRox

    How To Find And Fix Leaks In Your Tubeless Tires

    Helped alot thanks mate!
  15. ColomboRox

    How To Find And Fix Leaks In Your Tubeless Tires

    My Mistake