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  1. Lancer EX or Nissan Tiida

    Never driven,both. Been a passenger in Tiida. Spacious,but NOT COMFORTABLE. Fuel economy wise both would be equal. On the performance side also. Lancer would be the better buy, but maintenance could be a problem. Please use the search option for more details about Lancer EX, which has been extensively discussed before.
  2. Thanks for your opinion💪💪💪
  3. Finally i’m ready to sell my good old 121 (budget is okay😁) and move on to something new. A close friend of mine owns an Axio Luxel 2007 model, which was imported and used by himself. He also plans to sell it and go for Axio Hybrid. I have the idea to go for that Luxel because I have driven it a couple of times and car is in mint condition, except the dashboard which needs a replacement due to the cracking issue. Also the front suspension needs repairs. Other than that the car is in perfect condition. No dents.Body and interior are perfect. He maintained the car regularly and loves it. Luxel has a good option list like tiptronic,auto parking,pre crash safety and radar cruise control (not even available in 2017 premio/allion).And also I like the 1.8l engine. The only thing that keeps me pulling away is the mileage of 112k kms. What are the running repairs I might face if i bought this? Is it a risk to buy this car instead of going for an unknown civic fd1 with low mileage?(civic might be better in terms of handling,but power wise both might be equal) Please share your valuable ideas Cheers👍👍👍
  4. Best Car for 3 million.

    The fuel eco depends on how you drive.If 10kmpl is fine(i guess in the city),get an es or an axela.Because both of them would do just about 9kmpl,and i guess 1kmpl difference is not a problem for a guy who wants to buy a 3mil car.Better to have some models test driven.Also the corolla 121 meets your expectations,but it is overpriced and most of the cars are abused.
  5. Honda Grace Gearbox question

    I don't think so.I know a guy,probably not a friend,who abuses his GP5.High revs are nothing for him and even does drifting.For about 2 years he has been doing this type of abusing and still the car is fine.I dunno maybe in sometime he'll get both of his balls busted by an accident.
  6. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Now my mind is between FD1 and FD4.???Fd4 less options.Fd1 less economy.I only drive the car on weekends,therefore my dad is the one who does 90% of driving.We do only about 500-600kms per month.But mostly its dad who fills up the tank.I dunno i'm confused.
  7. Honda Grace Gearbox question

    I think the low pulling power is just the nature of the car.I've driven a grace for about 3-4kms including hills,stretches and bends.It was also a new car(less than 5000km done).During low speeds,u need to push the pedal hard,but still the engine hesitates to gain power.What I think is the honda's new sport hybrid system is not as smooth as the previous ima system,which was much less complicated.But when the engine is in high revs thats a whole another story.pretty quick.But recently the owner of that grace told me he notices strange noises(he used an insight for about 5 years doing about 150k kms without any issue).Better to get ur car inspected
  8. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Fd4 is kinda base version.Fd3 got more options than the fd4.Fd4 even got those black coloured inner door handles,which gives a more plasticy look.But still the fd4's interior looks well put together than the Ex.
  9. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Well i think the mazda 3 1st gen got all the bells and whistles enough to compete with the next-gen Axio.Only 2 things that axio got over the mazda are the push start and that safty sense c. Mazda also got the bose audio system in some higher end models.But the interior space keeps me dragging away from it.
  10. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Finally made up my mind for the FD4.bit easier to find a one with low mileage for less than 4mil.also heard that hondas are pretty solid and reliable. Anyway i want to know about these little things.i know the Fd1 have them. -does the fd4 has reading/map lights? -and tweeters on the dashboard?
  11. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    141-common,less power,lacks options
  12. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    OMG the driving!!!!and the driver repeats the fact that it is bumpy.man i wonder how a corolla would handle on the same road??.Anyway I gonna focus on the fd4.Thanks for the video.I really enjoyed watching the brutal drive
  13. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Oh damn!!!!the engine noise of the lancer????.Man I would be deafened if I race it to nuwara eliya????.Now I'm a bit leaning towards fd4.
  14. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Again I'm confused.???.Usually I do less than 1000km per month and 90% are based on outstation,outstation means places like Jaffna,Matara,Anuradhapura etc..So lancer has better economy,suspension and as a minus point an unrefined ride.I dunno.I'm gonna find and test them both in order to make a better decision.
  15. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Thanks bro.This type of answer is what I expected.So it seems like the EX ticks all the boxes.So does the lancer soaks up the bumps and handles the pot holes pretty well??one of my friend called and told me that another friend of him got an EX recently.I will go and drive it and share my opinion asap. The problem I dumped mazda is the lack of leg space and ground clearance.Anyway a I love the BL one,but its extremely rare.