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  1. What do you guys think of this car? It was purchased by one of my friends, a few weeks ago. An Allion. The car was manufactured in 2017, imported by a permit holder, and registered in 2018 November. When he brought the car home it had done around 4900km. It’s sure that the SL user had used the car rarely since the windshield writings are still there. The insurance was expired a few months ago too. Everything just feels as new. But when he asked me before buying this car, I advised him to check whether auction sheet is true. He couldn’t find one, so he just went and bought the car from a sales guy. The car is in brand new condition, but I’m still unable to believe the mileage done in japan. Altogether the car had done only about 5000km... but for whole 2 years, considering the fact that it was in japan for 1 year it’s a bit puzzling me about any hidden truth...I don’t know, it’s the feeling I get. There was another one made in 2018 with around 10000km and I adviced him to get that one instead, as the mileage done is unbelievable. Somehow he bought this for around Rs.80,000 less than the 2018 one...What’s your idea?

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    2. alpha17


      @iRage thank you for your long explanation. Avante, @Klord and @tiv you guys too. It’s kinda made me puzzled about the extremely low mileage. Now, it seems not to worry about much...

    3. Klord


      @iRage Which organization if I may ask? I am also a development worker. working for World Vision now. 

    4. iRage


      Well...used to work for CARE..then the WorldBank..then Crown Agents...now i work for Chemonics :D