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  1. Is the Merc W212 E200 pre facelift a good choice in terms of reliability? I’ve seen many commenting about Mercs return to the days before 1995 from this car. Seen few with over 150k kms looking rock solid without wear in the interiors.

    I’m not expecting Toyota like reliability, but if it has no serious issues costing 2-3 lakhs a time (like the infamous BMW N47 Timing chain failure) I wouldn’t hesitate to take one home just for sheer comfort and prestige! Seems a bargain for 7-8 million than paying for a 2016-2017 Premio. Would buy something like a Viva Elite or WagonR for bad road trips😅

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    2. tiv


      It’s a dream to drive and sit in though, I didn’t even notice the hum after driving noisy 3pots and large diesels

    3. alpha17


      I also read about the airmatic problems, so it won’t be there in the E200/E220 as 99% of them has the normal adaptive dampers unless purchased as an option.

      @tiv that’s something to think😌 Thanks mate

    4. alpha17


      @tiv is it a diesel one? Seems that 2.2 cdi diesels are prone to this timing chain problem with a replacement cost around 900 euros. 

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