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  1. The X-Trail seems a nice bargain for the price, starting around 5.4 million, but I'm aware about the gearbox issue. I mean can this issue be rectified permanently or it keeps popping up after every 30k-40k kms?

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    2. sathyajithj99


      DCT is in both hybrid and gasoline models, so

    3. tiv


      Well I have a friend of mine, got one of these in 2015, they own a large chain of vehicle dealerships here and have property In Japan, the facts being said as the vehicle was absolutely pristine off the factory, zero mileage, it was black and had all the autech kit as well, they ran the car in their garage plates until a special no was available, I can’t remember what it was, the fella put an infinity sound system as well , so it was not bought to be sold, but as soon as it was touching odd 10000km, they suddenly got rid of it, back then no one had experienced this issue and I was like why ? The fella told me it developed a gearbox issue and apparently the whole model had started issues in Japan, sad part is some poor chap got the end burden but to them business is business. Probably their warranty tried.

    4. alpha17


      @tiv Thanks for your information mate. It’s just the low price and the road presence grabbed me. I heard about the gearbox issue earlier, but never thought that it would be as serious as this until reading some posts and your info. No wonder for their eye catching price tags😅 Reminds me of the Navara. Then got the chance to drive an Outlander gasoline version which had the Rockford Fosgate audio system. Man that’s the bomb! The sound system alone make me want the car so badly. When driving, it’s okay, but feels heavy and well planted, and absorbs most of the small potholes. But uneven surfaces gives a bit of jolt. Sadly the interior parts feel very cheap and brittle, but almost all the vehicles are PHEV so wouldn’t be a good decision for my weekend usage.

      @sathyajithj99 Both have CVT mate

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