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  1. Why those DFCC owners are all alike? All of them are thinking that they own the best SUV in the world.:hah:

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    2. Car Doctor

      Car Doctor

      Some of these experts talk big on condemning vehicles with out even knowing the brand of it! They think they no everything! But in the actual fact they only have a big head because they were in the auto Lanka forum for a while! 

    3. AVANTE


      OH GOD THE DOCTOR HIMSELF IS HERE! God bless us and save our souls 😲

      I hope I have been using my cvt in the right manner

    4. alpha17


      @Car Doctor Mr. I-know-it-all guy,

      Let me break it down for you. Your DFCC might be a good car, but the Glory 330 which is indeed from the same manufacturer left a bad reputation in SL due to numerous issues. I myself have driven one, which felt alright to drive, but most of the interior parts seemed to be built not-to-last. For the price you pay(4.2 million at that time) will get you a brand new car with a lot of options. I have not seen a recently registered 330, which implies about the bad reputation it left during the past 2-3 years.

      Yes DFCC(I prefer it calling this) Glory 580 might be better in terms of durability than the 330 since most manufacturers try to rectify problems when introducing newer models. But I personally think even the 580 might hold up well against time than a jap or euro vehicle. There are several reasons:

      -A car maker cannot increase the quality or reliability(specially the reliability) to that of industry leading manufactures in 2-3 years. I think you might have heard the story of Mercedes Benz from 1995-2009. The company took nearly 1.5 decades to bring the reliability to the level they had 15 years ago, which one of the best car companies in the world. So the quality cannot be leaped unless DFCC shifting the production to Toyota or Honda.

      -Those budget oriented car makers’ technology is not up to the level of jap, euro or korean cars. Yes, you car has most options like dual A/C, sunroof, power shutters and power mirrors. But those options were in the old 1995 Pajero. They still don’t have the required technology to develop driver aid systems and safety systems(which have now become a standard for all the vehicles) such as Lane Departure warning, auto brake, auto dimming headlamps and adaptive cruise control.

      -CNCAP rating is not up to the standards of JNCAP. Safety is a major concern while most SL people neglect it for the price. But this 5-10 lakhs saving could be the killer in your next accident.

      -Testing of vehicles are also not done thoroughly as other manufacturers, and that’s a major assistance to the reduced manufacturing cost.

      -Most of the vehicles which came cheap to SL like Kyron,Rexton,Actyon,Baic X25 were sold like hot cakes at the introduction, but later no one bought them. That’s because their bad reliability.

      I know you still won’t accept it, because you paid over 6 million to a Chinese vehicle. We as members want to share our experiences honestly, without any bias. We had bad experiences with the 330, and still It’s a relatively new car brand in SL. So we are unable to recommend it to another saying it has all the options. But you people talk like it’s the best SUV in the world giving various price figures compared with other vehicles. A good car cannot be measured by the amount of options offered at the lower price, but it’s the dependability. That’s why the Toyota Corolla has been the best selling car of all time regardless of the lack of options.

      I joined to this forum in 2012 as newbie without knowing much about vehicles. I gained so much knowledge and information from here. Now I have gained much more experiences than I were in 2012 after driving every car that I could get my hands on and collecting information. So think wisely before you say pointless things in this forum, and don’t think that you know everything. You owners started saying it’s the best suv and we tried to explain you the truth but still you all would say it’s the best.


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