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  1. Saw an Axio Hybrid passing by, revving the engine...Man!! It sounds like a sewing machine🤣🤣🤣

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    2. iRage


      Why on earth would you rev a Hybrid ?

      And how on earth does @hrm no what a cat getting electrocuted sounds like ? (strangely, I do not recall my father in laws car making any weird noises in the winter...damn..now I am going to be tormented by this till I find out....and winter is still a good 2 months away !)

    3. hrm


      @iRage It's a loud meow sound (when the engine kicks in). Then suddenly it stops (cat dies :( )

    4. alpha17


      I mean there is nothing left when you rev over 4000rpm... @hrm I recall what you say😂. When you start the car, engine comes to life and again, after sometime, the engine stops. And the cat thing is totally true😂. And one thing I recall...when the engines of the hybrids stop, the silencer makes a sound like farting:D

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