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  1. Sometimes having thoughts to move onto a new Civic Hatch... Only reason that keeps me pulling away is the low ground clearance, which is a must for me:wacko:

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    2. AVANTE


      @alpha17 95 on an allion is unnecessary right? Unless of course you are pumping that IOC stuff (i dont remember the name).

      Also, since it's now lower why not just slam or hellaflush that allion with some Modellista or similar body kit & add a twin turbo setup, an ECU chip & 650cc injectors along with hoosier drag radials and some brembo brakes. Just saying...

    3. iRage


      You should know....driving around with worn out shocks is not only a safety hazard but can lead out to other components wearing out prematurely. It can even lead to interior bits starting to make little vibrations....

    4. Magnum


      I got like 100-120mm of ground clearance at the front of my Hiace and the front tyres are further away from the front bumper compared to a car. You get used to the lower ground clearance after a while, your driving style will change over time. For example, when you come to a start or end of a hill/slope you will get used to going over it at an angle and also start spotting the smoothest line to tackle it :D 

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