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  1. What the hell is wrong with Toyota now!!!??? They’re trying to make luxo barges like Lexus LS sportier, while letting the Supra to be designed by the BMW. What a shame!!!

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    2. AVANTE


      Well anyhow the supra is still the sportiest one compared to the LS anyday

    3. ajm


      without cost-sharing synergies, they cant afford the development cost of rare models. If the Supra was inhouse developed, would cost many times more!

    4. iRage


      Well...there always have been sportier barges...nothing new....A lot of people think the Supra was Toyota's flagship car  that showcased Toyota's engineering prowess. Not true ! What the Supra was was Toyota's flagship sports car...the big kahuna on top of the speed chain.

      The Supra has always been built with borrowed parts...and from guess what !!! ??? luxo barges ! During the first generations the parts came from cars like the sportier Carina, Mark II, etc....then with the Mark IV Supra...even the much loved 2JZ-GTE was actually designed for the Aristo (to compete in JTCC)...so Supra has always been a borrowed tech car and what truly showcased Toyota's engineering capabilities were the barges. The only exception is the LFA where the LFA was Toyota's halo car.  The way they have mapped out the DNA for the current cars is the LFA is the Halo car and the Lexus brand borrow things form that....in the case of the standard Toyota line...the root of the DNA strand starts with the Le Mans winning Hybrid car.

      As for cars becoming sportier....well..Toyota's focus has always been to build average cars....they are not exciting nor are they very awe inspiring. However..with just a small tweak in a few small things (lie putting a strut bar or a few more weld points) the car takes on a completely different characteristic.