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  1. What the hell is wrong with Toyota now!!!??? They’re trying to make luxo barges like Lexus LS sportier, while letting the Supra to be designed by the BMW. What a shame!!!

    1. Uditha88


      sedans, made sportier is my personal preference over 2 doors ........ ❤️❤️❤️


    2. □AVANTE□


      Well anyhow the supra is still the sportiest one compared to the LS anyday

    3. ajm


      without cost-sharing synergies, they cant afford the development cost of rare models. If the Supra was inhouse developed, would cost many times more!

  2. alpha17

    prius or axio

    Thanks for the info mate. When you moved from original shocks absorbers to KYB, did you notice any difference in ride quality?
  3. alpha17

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    I currently have Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 on my car(185/65R15). Now they are on their last breath, so I plan to go for the 195/65/R15 as Toyota has mentioned this variant on tire detail sticker. So I’m interested in two models. Previously owned and proven durable(done 60,000kms) Ecopia 150 and Dunlop Veuro VE302. I have no experiences about Dunlop. Can someone share his experiences on Veuro and which is the best among them?
  4. Is there any difference between Japan made and Indo made tires from the same manufacturer? Indo/Thai ones are around 2500 cheaper than the japan variants.

  5. alpha17

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    Finding good examples of a car like Allion or Premio is extremely hard these days as most of them have been beaten to death. Sometimes there might be better ones popping up for sale. But you have to be patient since you are looking for a nearly 15-17 years old car. Usually cars in this price range are less likely to be changed by a huge margin, so you might gain or loose depending on the market. Buying a hybrid like an Aqua is pretty useless if you do less than 1000km per month as the battery will degrade sooner. Mind that most of the Aqua batteries might be in their last breaths so you might have to keep some additional money for replacements. Fit is also a good choice, but again it’s also a hybrid, but IMO better to drive and looks better than the Aqua. Another fact is that hybrids’ values depreciate much faster than normal cars. I would never pay over 3million for an indian car. There are good cars like Mazda Axela, Honda Civic FD4 and Mitsubishi Lancer EX, which are better looking and better to drive than Toyotas. Most of them are owned by people who enjoy driving, so you’ll have a good chance of finding a nice one. As a drawback you might not be able to sell them easily. Best thing is to drive each one of these models and select the best model which suits you. Make sure to mention what are your major requirements other than the resale value as it would be easy for members to recommend accordingly.
  6. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    Yeah, all the facts are very attractive. I remember how the Baic X25 was introduced by micro saying that it has a Saab engine, Aisin gearbox etc etc... But “avuruddak dekak giyama thamai baba hambenne machan” Also about the CVT, I’m really curious about getting to know how to use it. Please enlighten me Doctor. They have a horrible build quality and when you do around 50,000km, shows the signs of a 200,000+kms done japanese car. A relation of mine owns a Baic X25 from the first batch and you have to use all your strength to close the driver’s door, and the car is still around 15,000km. That’s the skill of chinese people. Their quality is depended on the price you pay. There are some high end domestic brands like HongQi, which carry price tags closer to Bentlys and Rolls. Hope you remember the chinese phone craze in SL back in 2007-2009? Those brick sized phones with TV antennas, and huge displays with cameras saying 8megapixels? Best example. Most of them died or started giving problems after few months of usage. On the other hand mobiles like Huawei P30 pro, One Plus and Xiaomi gives a real competition to Apples and Samsungs.
  7. alpha17

    Axio 141 - Shocks or springs?

    Sometimes, cars which have been repaired after severe crashes indicate these kind of issues (misaligned chassis). Since there is a notable difference between the left and right wheels in height, most probably its related to suspension components.
  8. alpha17

    prius or axio

    Better to stick with a non-hybrid if you plan to do less than 1000kms per month. According to what I've heard, the 2nd Generation Prius is believed to be much more robust than the 3rd gen in the battery department. If you have the need of a hybrid better to go for a battery replaced one or set aside some cash to do the replacement. @mcs627 What about suspension component replacements earlier? Did you replaced the shock absorbers? If replaced, what is the brand: KYB or Genuine Toyota? How long did they last?
  9. Drove the new Mitsu Eclipse Cross and I’m amazed by the balance between comfort and handling. Certainly comfortable as a car, while being sporty enough to rocket out the corners. Highly recommend over the Honda CRV. The turbocharged 1500cc is much more livelier than what you get in the CRV. Only downside is the fuel economy which is around 12kmpl during long runs and 6-7 round the town.

  10. alpha17

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Congratz mate!!!
  11. alpha17

    Journey With The Hiace

    @Magnum today I got a chance to drive a KDH205(correct me if the code is wrong) which is 3000cc and fully loaded with climate control ac. I'm really impressed how this babe perform as a van!! I never thought that I would love to drive a van. But my mind totally changed after driving it. I totally agree with every detail you provided in the review. Really comfortable in long journeys. It's not comfortable as a car, but there is a totally different way how a Hiace handles the potholes or bumps: It just gives a boat like feeling when hitting a pothole, softening the sudden impact. This is totally different from a Hilux. And man the engine is a devil on mountains. I did a few risky overtakes on a hilly road and this babe pulled like a demon. Really impressed how she performed as a van. Would really love to drive something like an Alphard.
  12. alpha17

    Allion 2007

    Congrats!!!We need pictures mate!!!
  13. alpha17

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    What about getting something like a Civic ES5? You could easily grab one around 2.5-3 million. I mean it’s one of those true Honda’s you could buy (non hybrid and non turbo). Usually those cars have been owned by enthusiasts most of the time, so a well cared one is easy to come by. I have driven a 190,000km clocked one and I couldn’t even believe that it had done that much as the car was in pristine condition. The only problem is that the owner had moved abroad and his father hadn’t took much car of it (no tuneups or wheel alignment). But the problems you see in today’s Hondas, such as fast worn interior bits (specially the steering wheels) are not there. They were solidly built like tanks. Keep your main target as the Lancer, as I would recommend it without any doubt for comfort. Haven’t driven Mitsus other than L200 Animal and Outlander 2.0.
  14. alpha17

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    I don’t think that you want a manual for the fuel economy. But anyway manuals make the driving more engaging, but sometimes a bit annoying, specially in a hilly area with traffic. But most of those cars are imported with automatic transmission (cvt or automated 4 or 5 speed gearboxes), you’ll have a very narrow margin of finding a good one. Most cars with manual transmission are probably (but there are G grade 121s available) a base or a lower grade of that model, so you’ll get lesser options and less demand (I know two people who struggled to sell their G grade manual 121s). With increasing traffic I always advice you to go with an auto. So I’ll share my experience with the models you mentioned. Lancer CS3 - This is one of the most comfortable cars in this class. I once rode as a passenger in a 1300cc variant which had done over 200,000kms with horrible maintenance, and that car was really comfortable on bad roads than 121s and Axios. The seats are soft and rear end has independent suspension which would be much better in comfort and cornering. Go for a one with those teak panels and all the options, as the base grade with grey plastics looks dull and too much plasticy. 121 - had one for 7 years without any issue. Solidly built and more comfortable than a Vios or Yaris. Easy to drive with light steering and good lower end torque. Very reliable and good fuel economy. Highly recommended but the problem is there are only a very few number of good examples left in SL. If you go for a well maintained car, you’ll be on the safe side on maintenance. Better to drive than most of the newer Toyotas such as Axio, Allion and Premios. Vios - Manual version might be the best in terms of acceleration among this bunch. Thailand made with horrible leather seats and cheap looking interior. Good fuel economy. Good ground clearance. Engine is the same one from the 121. Might be equally reliable as a 121 but, build quality is not up to the standards that of a japanese, as you get more rattles and creeks from interior parts with the time being. Yaris/Belta - No nonsense basic car for daily use. Belta is a bit better in comfort side than the Vios or the Yaris. Cheap looking interior, but reliable and very economical. I personally find that the design is awful. Mazda Axela or 3 - Best handling and driving pleasure of the bunch. I test drove one to check whether it fits my requirements. For me the ride is a bit harsh and the seats are sporty with less comfort oriented. Interior space also lacks if you are closer to 6 feet. Another problem is the low ground clearance. It definietly feels sporty but not smooth, so I went for a Toyota as I prefer comfort over sportiness at the moment. But the Axela has some options that are yet to available with newer allion and premio models such as tiptronic transmission and rain sensing vipers. Axela has the best look of the bunch.
  15. If you prefer to use your own bike for the trial, you’ll need to get it insured. I can’t exactly remember the process, but any insurance company can provide this service. Go and ask them. You can get it insured specifically for this day.