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  1. alpha17

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    Check the engine mounts. Usually mounts starts failing around 100,000km. Are you sure about the mileage?
  2. alpha17

    Kia rio 2002/2003/2004

    A neighbor of mine had one, a few years ago. The car was on K plates, like KB or something. This was about 10 years ago. He never stopped complaining about the issues. He also had to met with an accident due to a problem with the steering(steering was disconnected from the front wheels). At that time the car was on brand new condition. But he said that fuel consumption is around 15kmpl on outstation. He may have used it for about 2-3 years and by the time he sold the car, it was showing the age like its been extensively used for about 10 years(eventhough he used it rarely). But I guess this was the 2005-2006 model. So the earlier model might be different.
  3. alpha17

    Peugeot 5008 vs Honda Crv Ex

    I have driven the CRV for a very short distance, including a hill climb on bad road with potholes. The 1.5 Turbo engine hesitated at the start of the hill climb, eventhough it has plenty of power. I was really amazed because the 1.0 Vitz climbed the same hill with 3 grown people on board without an issue. But the interior is nice with soft padding on most of the places you touch. Infotainment system is a bit of a headache to use, but has android auto and apple car play which is a huge benefit. But I think comfort and interior quality wise, Peugeot would be better.
  4. 2009 and above Mazda 3/Axela Lancer EX Civic FD1 or FD4 Those cars would give better drive than a Toyota but will be a bit harder to sell. GP5 is a nice car to drive despite its busy ride(specially if you are going from a sedan), but the DCT replacement will cost around 200k to fix.
  5. alpha17

    Panda Cross

    I would advice you to stay away from any Micro made car. You’d be better off with an Indian Alto. There is no doubt that at the first glance Panda will look like a bargain, but almost all the people I know had many issues related to the build quality. Poor workmanship at Micro is the main issue. In that case Marutis are proven reliable with a good history with better manufacturing quality than SL assembled Micros. Like I said, panda looks better and expensive with better options for a lower price, but durability is the problem
  6. alpha17

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    Allion is a no pickup car mate😅
  7. alpha17

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    Emgrand might be so. But most Kyron owners said that one service would cost around 20,000.
  8. alpha17

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Yes, but this controller lets you adjust the sensitivity of the throttle. Unlike the cable ones, the electronic throttle of the premio is tuned to give the fuel economy. So when you push it a little, sometimes, nothing happens. The controller has different settings for fuel economy and sudden response.
  9. alpha17

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Turbocharging a Premio will be useless and waste of money. Also it will ruin the smoothness, fuel economy and lifetime of the engine components. Make sure to check your engine and gearbox if you notice a drop in performance. Those are never meant to be performance cars, but are adequate for daily driving with good low down torque. If you really want to do something there are few recommendations. -Install a performance chip.This would increase the performance by a small amount(less than 10hp). There are two types of chips, one can be installed permanently into the car’s computer and other can be temporarily added to the OBD II. -Install an electronic throttle controller. This would cost around 20k-30k and will increase the response of the throttle by giving you increase sensitivity to the pedal. This would not increase the horsepower but the car would be much more responsive. The response can be adjusted according to your taste. -Drive the car with a heavy foot for a few minutes. Accelerate more. This would cause the VVT-I system to squeeze out more power. So the engine would give better power.
  10. alpha17

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    I have never driven but have been a passenger for a very short time. But most owners claim that Kyron is a very comfortable and nice vehicle to drive despite for really high maintenance and service costs, and frequent engine parts replacements (the engine and gearbox is from Merc of course). But interior parts are poorly assembled with creeks here and there. Close a door and you’ll notice that mellow and loose thump as another sign of cheap build. I agree with you for the fact that emgrand is a real bargain for the price. There must be some Volvo dna in the powertrain and chassis, but again SL build quality is the ultimate winner here over anything else😅
  11. alpha17

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    KYB Excel-G version.“Made in Japan” was carved on each shock absorber. Bought from T**s(agent of KYB for SL).
  12. alpha17

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    Oh man don’t mix up the last paragraph with a Honda Insight🤣. Those fuels figures are hard to come by, even if those Pandas were pushed off from a hill for free fall.... I hope that you are a “devoted” member from that facebook’s geely panda owners club in SL..I know that Club CCP stands for “Chaterma Chater Panda”😁. This club is like a cult of panda where bright red pandas with stickers of demons and quotes saying about speed, popping up every 20 minutes saying “my beast”. Almost all of them are believing that Panda is the best car in Sri Lanka. It’s a really nice page to spend a few minutes laughing😅
  13. alpha17

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    Past owners might say that it’s a nice ride blah blah blah...and that’s mainly to cover up the bad decision they had taken previously🤣 Truth about all the Micro vehicles are, that all of them are terribly built in SL. All of the Micro owners(panda, mx7, kyron, baic x25) I met said they will never buy a Micro again. All of them had bought unregistered vehicles. Around 20,000kms they show there age more than a 100,000km done japanese vehicle. I met a lower level manager from Micro who quit because he cannot bear up the poor workmanship of the workers. For the price they seem to be a nice package. I’m yet to see a Kyron which has been registered after the 2008 permit era. Haven’t seen C numbered MX7s. I rarely see a newly registered Panda. Panda might be the only one which still sells because of the lower price. The reason is that most people tend to buy a car(unregistered) when it seems to be fully loaded for a lower price from any manufacturer. So during the first few months they sell like hot cakes for the trend. But after sometime when those cars starts to show their problems and quality problems, people don’t buy them anymore. Just like what happened to Kyron, MX7 and Panda. Same thing is going to be happened to the New MG ZX soon. Even for the japanese vehicles. I recall during 2013-2015 Vezels, Fits and Graces were flooded to SL. But now we only see a few 2016 afterward made models on the road, because of the bad reputation cause by the clutch plate replacement. This is the true story.
  14. alpha17

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    I would never recommend used shock absorbers. Like other pointed out, most of them might have been sitting with water, dust and rust. I personally had bad experience after using KYB Excel-G in my previously owned Corolla 121, so I would never recommend anyone to use them. I bought them from the agent (T**s agencies) but after installing the I experienced no difference in ride height but a significant reduction in comfort. Usually reconditioned(G,X and Luxel grades) are more comfortable than the brand new imported xli,gli,lx limited variants. But with the new shocks I was amazed how comfortable was the brand new imported ones. Even on the carpeted roads I felt a notable reduction on comfort. On the other hand handling was much better and I would still choose 121 over a 260 Allion anytime for driving pleasure. At the moment I prefer a comfortable and relaxing drive over a sporty drive without hesitation. I also heard that Toyo Lan uses higher quality grade of KYBs but don't know about the [email protected] What is the price Toyo Lan quoted for shock absorbers? I also need to change the shocks of my 260 Allion and I will not put KYBs ever again, because I bought the car recently and hope to keep it for another 4-5 years.
  15. Have noticed that newer Honda models are a bit hesitant at the start of a a bit steep hill climb(road to my house). All the DCT models struggles to find a gear and sometimes almost stops. So I thought that the problem might be the DCT system is a bit late to engage or troubles to find the right gear. When I drove the new 1.5 Turbo CRV, same thing happened even with no passengers, where even the 1000cc Vitz climbs easily. Once drove an ES5 but didn’t notice that issue.