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    I think Basmathi level😅


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    2. □AVANTE□


      Is that the Wiesmann badge near the quattro badge? Wonder how much torque each badge adds and how much ponies the stickers add? 😶

      Also why is the rear wiper a bit off?

    3. Davy


      Geez! 😐

    4. JayZ


      Upgraded from a tuk tuk? :)

  2. alpha17

    Toyota 141 Inspection Report

    All of them are just simple running repairs, which would cost you around rs.50,000 if done from a trustworthy garage(excluding the steering rack issue). Toyo Lan has high labour charges and would cost a fortune for all the jobs. What I do is, I buy parts from them and get the parts installed from my mechanic. I hope that the issue with the coolant line is the broken tip which fits to a pipe, located near the radiator cap. Toyo Lan mentioned as replacing the whole radiator to fix the issue, but my mechanic installed a brass tip as he said the breakage is inherent in all those cars like Axio, Allion and Premio.
  3. AFAIK when you do service from anywhere else, you cannot get the warranty. But it is highly unlikely of getting an issue with the engine and gearbox in a Vitz, so I would go to the agents, but they are costly.
  4. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    If I have the money, this would be my choice!!!
  5. alpha17

    Help me to find a car

    Don't consider about the hybrids, as most of the batteries are in their last breath at the moment. If comfort and fuel is a priority then, a Toyota would suit you better, but most of them have been abused by the owners. Considering that fact, you'd be better of with something like a Mazda or Honda, but you'll have some issues when sourcing parts from Badulla area. The 141 corolla which is brand newly imported is a good choice, as most of them have been imported for permits and maintained by the agents, so you'll be getting a more trustworthy car. On the other hand it would not be economical as other Toyota cars, but easier to maintain than an Axio. A relation of mine who lives in Diyathalawa avoided the 141 in their 2008 permit, considering about the bad fuel economy.
  6. Saw an Axio Hybrid passing by, revving the engine...Man!! It sounds like a sewing machine🤣🤣🤣

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    2. iRage


      Why on earth would you rev a Hybrid ?

      And how on earth does @hrm no what a cat getting electrocuted sounds like ? (strangely, I do not recall my father in laws car making any weird noises in the winter...damn..now I am going to be tormented by this till I find out....and winter is still a good 2 months away !)

    3. hrm


      @iRage It's a loud meow sound (when the engine kicks in). Then suddenly it stops (cat dies :( )

    4. alpha17


      I mean there is nothing left when you rev over 4000rpm... @hrm I recall what you say😂. When you start the car, engine comes to life and again, after sometime, the engine stops. And the cat thing is totally true😂. And one thing I recall...when the engines of the hybrids stop, the silencer makes a sound like farting:D

  7. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    There are ones in the Ebay, costing around $55+ shipping. Most of these parts are from chinese manufacturers, so cannot guess about their accuracy and durability. Su* L*nka and other sellers must be selling the same ones as I couldn’t find anything like a Bosch product.
  8. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    And of course collected the vehicle from the Union Place showroom. We should award the branch members for their devotion for delivering those DFCCs to eagerly waiting owners, on a day after several bomb blasts in a highly restricted area... At least say it’s April 2nd... This guy doesn’t even know how to lie🤣🤣🤣
  9. Sometimes having thoughts to move onto a new Civic Hatch... Only reason that keeps me pulling away is the low ground clearance, which is a must for me:wacko:

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    2. □AVANTE□


      @alpha17 95 on an allion is unnecessary right? Unless of course you are pumping that IOC stuff (i dont remember the name).

      Also, since it's now lower why not just slam or hellaflush that allion with some Modellista or similar body kit & add a twin turbo setup, an ECU chip & 650cc injectors along with hoosier drag radials and some brembo brakes. Just saying...

    3. iRage


      You should know....driving around with worn out shocks is not only a safety hazard but can lead out to other components wearing out prematurely. It can even lead to interior bits starting to make little vibrations....

    4. Magnum


      I got like 100-120mm of ground clearance at the front of my Hiace and the front tyres are further away from the front bumper compared to a car. You get used to the lower ground clearance after a while, your driving style will change over time. For example, when you come to a start or end of a hill/slope you will get used to going over it at an angle and also start spotting the smoothest line to tackle it :D 

  10. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    I think that Suzuki Vitara offers more bang for the buck than the DFCC 580, but lacks 7 seating option, 1500cc turbo engine (suzuki has 1000cc turbo) and dual ac. It has all the options available in the DFCC + Safety features like Blind spot monitoring, Auto breaking etc..+Hill start assist+available panoramic sunroof etc... If the ground clearance is not an issue, I would definitely go with the CIVIC hatch which has a load of other options such as adaptive dampers...
  11. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    @PreseaLover welcome back mate!!
  12. alpha17

    Planning to buy and accent 2004 auto

    I remember one of my relations used to own one during 2007-2008 era. It had a good fuel economy, but it started giving them trouble and sold after a few years. They are not built to last at all, and at that time Koreans didn’t have a good build quality. At that time, it was not a bad car at all, considering the age, but now I cannot exactly tell how reliable they are. There was a Kia Rio near our home during the same era, but that owner suffered a lot of problems from it. Due to a steering system’s failure, the car met with a crash which is a bit creepy as the car was about 3-4 years after registration. We started seeing him using his old Lancer box more often than the Rio, as it was in the motor garage for most of the time. But he told us about the good fuel economy.
  13. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    He never commented saying this car is built in China...I currently have an AE100, but this Chinese car is better in every way...This Chinese car's doors are heavier than AE100 and almost weighs like a Palath Sabha Pajero...It is the best hatchback for the price...It has full options...China is a nice country...They have a nice ongoing airport project....blah...blah...blah... and then at the end, the review of that particular vehicle done in Chinese or Russian
  14. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    One question. From which branch of Uni**d Mo**rs did you buy your car?
  15. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    Am I the only one who thinks this @Saranga_S [email protected] IS a teenager whose father owns this DFCC 580?