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  1. I’m really impressed about the fuel consumption of the Allion A15.Yeasterday had a journey to Anuradhapura through Matale and returned through Ella(340km) and It cost me only Rs.2700 using 95 octane.So the car had done closer to 19 kmpl which is kind of impressive for a car that weights 1.2tonnes plus 3 grown up people and using AC all the time.As I remember my 121 did around 15-16 for the same route.

    1. iRage


      Well...on outstation runs that probably is the upper end of what it would average (with no highway runs). The RAV4 does about 13-14 on a similar run. The 121 on the other hand..well the transmission type would play a difference, plus the 121 would have had a bit more wear and tear...and also newer engines tweaks and tech do add towards fuel efficiency.

    2. alpha17


      The compression ratio is 11:1 as opposed to the 2012 model while having 1 hp less and 4Nm less torque