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  1. When I advertised my car for sale,on different days,different people came for inspecting it,but around 5 of them came particularly from a one area.All of them quoted an extremely low price for the car.Everyone quoted the same price.None of them inspected the maintainence records or documents.Even without taking the car for a trial...So I thought that the value might have been reduced.But when I checked,my expected price is average,but not much high.But those particular set of people came from the same area on different days quoting the same price made me think that there is something like a hideous buying mafia is going on...Yesterday a bugger came acting like a very truthful person and told that he sold his Axio to open a new shop and therefore he only got one and a half lakh less than my expected price(which is the same price all of them quoted).That bugger acted like a very innocent gentleman...This made me realize that one gang is trying to buy the car for a very low price to sell it again.Most probably it is the reason for not inspecting the records.

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      @hrmnope mate.mawanella

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      So, is it sold yet?

    4. alpha17


      Not yet mate.I only advertised it on internet(not in the quick sale site)I’m not in much of a hurry becuase the Allion owner asked for a few weeks to give it a good interior cleaning since he is very busy, and also I have 3 long trips (two of them are weddings) to do during next week.If I hurry I will have to borrow someone’s car and I usually don’t like that.So I plan to advertise it on paper next sunday.