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  1. What is the ceramic coat for paint?Is it worth to do it for a dark colored car? or is it another useless product?Because road from my house to the main street has 'iluk' bushes on both sides one friend of mine told me that they leave scratch marks on the paint.

    1. matroska


      ok since I foolishly posted an FB vid link above my reply got blocked out so i'm typing this again : 

      it's basically like a persistent wax layer that will hang around for some time. Will offer you basic protection from sun, bird poop , tree sap, paint dots (in case your neighbor decided to paint his wall )  and stuff like that for scratches not a lot of protection but to a small extent yes. also it's water-repellent  Those darned bushes - they've already left their marks on my car within days of buying it    cars and trees are really not friends are they?


      and here's the youtube vid of the same FB vid 


    2. alpha17


      @matroskathanks mate for the video and the description.I should also do it.Where can I get it done?

    3. matroska


      there are many places  offering differing types of protection - drop me a  PM