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  1. Went to inspect a 2007 Allion near Colombo. When I saw the ad from a sale site and called, the owner said he is the registered second owner, with genuine mileage 93000km, service records with 100% condition. Then came to know that he and I had graduated from the same university, same year batch. Then without hesitation today I went to inspect it with a friend. Man oh man!!! The car has been fully painted from a makabass. Therefore the paint is like "hodi gala wage". Even the front left side had met with an accident and the signs can clearly be seen. Engine had oil dripping marks.The car took so long to start due to bad battery. Went on a test drive. Bad hub razors,brake problems,so and so...So disappointed...Then left the place thinking how good is my current ride.

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    2. Ruslan


      Would suggest a 141 as well (Agent Brand new Import) those a re rock solid cars meant for Local conditions. for the price, you may be able to snatch a well maintained car which are got down for Permits. these are under at-least 5 year maintenance with the agents, so you are well aware of the mileage and condition with proven records.

    3. matroska


      in fact there are a few 141's up for sale in the AL classifieds. You will notice that they seem to have genuine mileage (all above 100.000. (This is in contrast to the fakish low mileage on axios allions and premios) 

    4. alpha17


      @matroska after you said I inspected some classifieds. I saw some cars with lower mileages;mostly 2010-2012 manufactured ones. Most of them seemed like with genuine mileages. Only problem is even the GLI variant has the cheap looking plasticy interior. Also the GLI doesn’t have smart key, and I really don’t like to twist the key to start a vehicle when I’m paying over 4million. Again my mind goes for the Allion. I don’t know...Anyway I will not loose my patience

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