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    Driving only on weekends

    Even with the bodykit she scrapes the ground very rarely compared to my previous 121🙂
  2. alpha17

    Driving only on weekends

    Check the 2013 Allion. It’s the same car with less chrome insertings for about 1-2 lakhs lower. I personally find (maybe because I own one) the front end and rear end of the Premio to be more plasticy looking. Make sure to find a one with all the records and details regardless of the mileage done. The car will return you about 12-13kmpl around Kegalle and 17+ kmpl on long distances if you drive it on light foot, maintaining a speed around 70-80kmph. I personally prefer a much more comfier, spacious ride (as I’m 6ft) with good ground clearance at the expense of handling, so went for a one.
  3. Hello guys, I’m going to import a Bose spare tire subwoofer from Ebay. It weights around 4-5kg(not sure), and size is of the inside radius of a 15’ rim. Since it is a large item, is there a specific process for tax payments and collocting from the customs? This is my first time of importing a large sized item, therefore expect some opinions. The price of the item is around $100 and shipping rate is around $30-$40, but both of these figures vary. Cheers
  4. alpha17

    Importing Spares from Ebay

    Guys, Went to collect the package today to Kandy Post office. Got without any taxation as contacted a known person. Product is faultless and in good condition. Briefly tested at my car audio guy and so far producing really deep, nice sound for the size(Tested in a room, not in the spare well). Going to install it by day after tomorrow. Fits in the spare tire, but requires a new screw to hold it. I'll give a review after fixing it☺️
  5. Has anyone used Rakuten Global to bring down parts to SL?How is it?

    1. Magnum


      From what I'm aware of Japanese online sellers generally use an expensive shipping agent hence your shipping cost would be high and they wouldn't undervalue the product like Chinese sellers, so if there is a customs tax involved, it would be high as well.

    2. alpha17


      @Magnum I have to bring down door mirror puddle lamps and they cost about 11000yen. So I’ll try another way

    3. Magnum


      There must be a shipping cost calculator. I once ordered a paint touch pen from Japan through eBay and I remember the seller used an expensive and fast courier. 

  6. alpha17

    Toyota aqua 2014/15 or Honda Fit GP5

    Yaris is better than the others since it’s a sedan. A bit more comfortable. 1.3 would be sufficient for daily driving. Maintenance wise would be equal to a Vitz, but the vibration is not there as I remember. Better to go for a Belta G with push start and climate control, as they would be slightly more comfier than the Yaris. Performance would be okish with a 1.3l engine for daily driving. Don’t expect it to be as fast a an Aqua(which is not fast at all)
  7. alpha17

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    Oh mate!!! I know that feeling. When I had the previous car with champagne gold colour I can run for weeks and weeks without needing to wash. But now😐 After washing only one trip to town is required😅
  8. Used Mazda 6 2016-2018 without even thinking.Premio is just an ordinary car made for A to B transportation as mentioned by iRage.But I consider Mazda 6 as an all-in-one package. Looks,Comfort,Options Handling etc... I have no idea about the fuel economy, but the 2.0L motor seems to be pretty efficient compared to it’s size. Also go for the one which is equipped with a Bose sound system
  9. I resetted the ecu and then drove the car for around 20mins smashing the throttle. Since then the car felt noticably faster than other 121s. It’s not a fast car and not intended to become one.Quite nippy.A sudden kick down can jump the rpm to 5000 after that trick.For me the car felt more nippy than the es5 1.5l, mazda axela from the same era. Also of you drive a bit enthusiastically with a heavy foot the VVT-I system automatically sets itself to give more performance. Just a 1500cc car.
  10. I have owned one for 7 years. Sold it on January. Check the Blogs section as I have done a complete ownership review which would give you a basic idea about the car. But finding a good example is really hard. cheers!
  11. So I plan to add a set of USED ORIGINAL TOYOTA alloy wheels to the Allion. Yes,still the car is in Colombo and by the end of this month I will bring her home. Brand new ones are advertised in quick sale site and the cost about 50k. So I checked an old tread about buying an Original alloy set came for A18 Sports package, and I called the place mentioned there.They have no stocks of the particular model I prefer. I prefer 15' ones over the 16'.16's recommend 195/55r16 tires while the 15's recommend 195/65r15 tires. When I compared the tire sizes, 16's lower the car by few millimeters even though the rim size is larger. So I value the ride height and prefer the 15's.Please recommend me some good places to check and buy.I have attached the design Thanks
  12. alpha17

    First Car - Cefiro 230/ 250 or ...

    Among the vehicles you’ve mentioned most of them are famous for NOT being economical and hard to sell. Since it’s your first vehicle, better to go for a reliable vehicle like Corolla 141. I know about the old a33 Cefiro and the newer version might be better.There are only a few number of them around here, so I’ve never met an owner so far. Mark X would be a nice car to drive with loads of options and uncommon looks but with low fuel economy. If fuel is not a concern for you, go for a Mark X eyes closed. There will be some repairs (considering the age) and most of them would be running repairs. Also the finding the parts will be a bit of an issue. G11 is also a comfy ride but being large saloon with a 1.5L fuel economy is not so good. Since it’s your first car, go for a famous and reliable model with service records. Also make sure to take someone who has a good knowledge about vehicles in order to check whether the car had been met with an accident or to check the mechanical condition. Don’t be hesitant to pay a bit more if the car is in perfect condition with records and trust. My advice is better to go with a car like Corolla 141 or Premio 240(Most of them are used like hell,so less number of good examples are available). Fd1 and Fd4 are also good cars with good reliability. Best thing is to go and check those cars. Make sure to do a test run. Also refer to the thread in the General Automotive section “How to buy a used car in Sri Lanka”. Good Luck!
  13. It’s the push start+smart key
  14. alpha17

    1st car - Arround 2million

    Both of them would do around 10-12kmpl in city driving and 16-18kmpl for long trips.Note that some owners have claimed about the steering rack noise(which is a common thing for most of the toyota’s due to SL roads).You’ll be able to squeeze out more kms if you are extremely lightfooted and drive like a granny Anyway when considering the fuel economy...just don’t think about it mate..they are cars with good fuel economies. So you’ll never get the low figures of a Cefiro or high figures of Hybrid. At the end of a long journey 1-2kmpl difference would likely to save you around 100 rupees.
  15. Go for the Japanese or Euro ride. They’ll be far more comfortable and refined than the Alto and Zen. Also note that the Indian vehicles tend to show their age really faster than japs. Japs are safer too🙂
  16. alpha17

    1st car - Arround 2million

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Both of these cars are good in fuel economy and reliability. Viva elite is the malaysian counterpart of Daihatsu Mira so the car is almost the same. I know few owners and no one complained any fault about the Viva. For the price you pay you’ll be getting a 2004-2005 Passo and 2011-2012 Viva Elite. Passo will be a bit comfortable than the Viva. Passo will give you more running repairs due to the age and you’ll find most of them hacked to death. So IMO Viva Elite is the best bet when it comes to fuel economy and reliability. It’s just an average car with nothing to complain about.Good luck!
  17. I’ve seen that place too.Should visit one day.Thanks mate💪
  18. Thanks mate.But I’ve been checking it every day and most of them are brand new ones. I’m searching for one under 35
  19. alpha17

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Noise of the 3 pot 1000cc is really annoying for longer journeys. But for running around the town it’s much less of an issue as most of the time you’ll be stuck in traffic with blasting the ac full due to heat. I have travelled from Kandy and back in 2nd gen 1000cc Vitz a few years ago. The problem is that the engine noise is very boomy. I remember I fell into sleep just after returning to home(only 80km journey both ways) as I was tired like hell. Due to the lack of power you constantly need to rev up the engine and that makes it worse. Here is the thing. If you really need comfort, just go for a sedan. I also do around 700-800km per month and I never calculated the fuel figures after the first few days after buying a new car.
  20. Forget the Allion 240, as most of them have been abused to death. Axio is the best bet when it comes to fuel economy, resale and well suited for SL driving conditions. Just like the Allions most of the Axios have been abused but still there are few good examples left. My advice is also not to go for a X grade like hrm mentioned. If you can find a good example X limited, G or G limited is fine. Just be in alert that sometime Luxels might come up for sale and they are the best of both worlds with 1.8L engine plus good fuel economy and loads of options. It’s the highest grade of the Axio. Beware that most X limiteds have been rebadged as G with installing teak panels, multifunction and everything. Note that from 2006-2009 only Luxel grade was equipped with teak panels. And those teak panels are not reddish brown, but yellowish. These are the only ways that you can get to know that the car is an. original G or G limited.Note that these are applicable to 2006-2009 manufactured Axios. -Push start and the smart entry system(some buggers install a button, those systems don’t have the smart key) -rear seat center armrest -chrome beading on the windows and a little chrome strip on the edge of the rear number plate plastic inserting(where the number plate lights are located). -also the dark grey door interior upper panels are finished in soft touch materials in the g and above grades while in the X and X limited are finished in hard plastic. You can’t tell the difference without testing it by your finger nail Make sure that previous owner has taken care of the car, unless you’ll end up spending closer to 200,000. Cvt gearbox(if not taken proper care of), Ac compressor, shock absorbers and steering rack are the main repairs to arrive. When you consider a Civic better to go for a FD4 with 1.6 engine as it will be easier to sell in SL market. Civic is definietly a better drive with more power and sharper handling but might be a bit less on the comfort side. If you go for a Civic, make sure to opt for a 2009 afterwards model as the power steering is electronic. Economy wise it’ll be giving figures like 7-8kmpl in traffic and 13-14kmpl on highways/long trips.
  21. Hello guys, Finally ordered the Bose spare tire subwoofer and it’s on the way. Can’t wait for it. Since it originally came with Mazda 6 and Nissan Murano, we have to do a little amount of extra work when wiring. The sub has a 100watts amplifier inbuilt with a 6.5’ subwoofer. Only problem is that it has four wires coming out, one for +12v, ground,signal input +,signal input - . It doesn’t have a remote input. So I plan to add a relay and connect the car’s dvd player’s remote switch to the relay. So I have these problems. 1.Do I need to find a specific relay for the task? What is the most suitable type? 2.Can the subwoofer be wired from the fuse box rather than from the battery, since it’s not a huge amplifier? 3.Is there any way to run wires without piercing the firewall? 4.I heard that the wire can be run through the fender. Is it possible? Electrical experts please help me. I want the system to be installed without ruinning the original condition of the car and that’s what I chose this sub. It looks completely like an OEM unit. Another fact is that I don’t want thumping bass like a private bass. Just a nice bit of low end to my existing system. Also I don’t trust mechanics around this area due to past experiences I had. So help me with your knowledge. I will do a review of the unit after installing it, since it would be helpful to people around here.Thanks for reading Cheers!!!
  22. alpha17

    Adding a relay and subwoofer connection

    @Davy I checked the car's fuse box and it's a little bit different from the one shown in the manual and have no extra lines for power seats. So I should focus on getting an independent line from the battery.
  23. alpha17

    Adding a relay and subwoofer connection

    @Davy Today I checked the car’s owner’s manual. So according to the manual on the interior fuse box there is a 15A Fuse for the Heated Seats. Since my car has no such option can I start a new line from there? According to most owners the a 10A fuse is sufficient for the sub. 15A is recommended by some owners. Can there be a line from the battery to the exact empty fuse slot? Is it okay to form a new line?
  24. alpha17

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    This vehicle has been discussed extensively in this form. Please use the search option and you’ll find more than enought details about the car. It’s a Toyota so, will likely to give you trouble free mototing for another 3-4 years. Mainstream Cars like Vitz, Vezel, Allion/Premio, WagonR...etc have been discussed over and over, so again I suggest you to use the search function. cheers!
  25. alpha17

    Allion 240 teak pannel

    Can’t exactly pointout a place. Best thing is to search in the Premio/Allion/Axio club of facebook. Many parts like those teak panels are advertised there. Also I saw a guy who brings down parts for your order from japan. Or else you can spend few hours in Panchikawaththa and find them.