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  1. Today,another 2016 manufactured Premio owned by a relation which was sold in May 2018 is in the quick sale site’s classified.The car had done well over 40k kms when it was sold and now, advertised as 33k kms🤣🤣🤣🤣Now it has become like “mileage tampering is the new sexy”🤢🤢🤢

  2. For me 607 is ugly.Jag is the best in looks, but lacks rear legroom by a huge amount.I think when considering the reliability and comfort, cefiro is the best bet. Also Verossa’s have stiffer suspension settings as I’ve heard. Camry would be the best bet when it comes to relaibility and fuel economy.But looks like an upsized 141. Anyway Camry would also provide good levels of comfort than Allions and Premios,while giving you a fuel economy better than the 3 you’ve mentioned.
  3. I hope that as a "teen" you have to learn ethics. I don't see any reason to brag about your dad's car, other than planning to sell it by starting a new thread.. Almost all the members who had replied to this thread had driven cefiros including me. Just another troublesome jap ride with ordinary bells and whistles. I know that you are blaming and angry with us because you expected to get replies for your thread like: "Wow!!What an awesome ride!!Do you sell your car?I'm ready to buy it right away."Remember, this thread is not for bragging about an ordinary ride saying that it is the best. Anyway thanks for giving us an "athal" by your narrow mind. There are plenty of social media sites for you to boast about your cefiro like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Youtube,plus you will get the comments as you'd expect. I can guess that you have recorded your so fabulous 240kmh speeding event. Yes I know by the way you behave, you are a teen. Idiots like you have caused many accidents in SL roads by speeding, which recalls me about an accident occurred around Colombo area by a youngster who had run over two people from a Fit few years ago. All your replies indicate you have zero knowledge about vehicles. Even you don't know about the basics of an engine. But you are trying so hard to show that you know everything by insulting our members. Members like @Davy @PreseaLover @matroska have always contributed to this forum, providing useful details and facts. But you just behaved like a total idiot and said that the members don't know how to treat newbies. Remember, there are many member who have driven and owned rides like Audis,Jags,Bimmers and Porsches, but non of them had ever boasted saying that they've got the best rides. Just like @Davy pointed out if anyone behaves like a complete idiot or insults other members, they will get warnings, regardless of anything. Most of all respect all other members because we know that you are just a school boy and probably one of the youngest members of this forum. I hope you have to face your O/L's or A/L's in few months. So just don't brag about your dad's car and do your studies kiddo.
  4. Dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. You don't even understand the irony. I don't want to waste my time on a kid explaining about tuning and forced induction. Just stop this nonsense and do your homework kiddo
  6. I have relation who just boasts about his Vios(Belta face). According to him FD1,Axela,Axios,Premios are all like the vios, and the vios has better acceleration...poor guy...reminds me of this cefiro upper
  7. Even there are kids in their early teens who knows well about vehicles better than you. Age is not a problem. The way you act up in this forum nicely highlights your mentality and imaturity. Just don't waste your time and keep your nice cefiro previously owned by Chathura Senarathna p.s - you are really funny man.keep up the work and stay in school
  8. So advertise it. This forum is not meant for advertisements dude.Most of the members of this forum have driven and have many experiences with various vehicles. First drive some proper cars. Atleast drive some jap econo boxes like Axio Allion and Premios if you cannot find any proper cars. And please stop fooling around speeding. Sometimes not only you, other innocent drivers and passengers have to pay the price for your mistakes KID. Oh, and don't forgot to do your school's homework kid
  9. Oh man....according to you cefiro>>>>>>>>>>>benz,bimmer,all euros,lexus>alto>civic....man i feel so bad about you.Just drive a Civic. I hope you have not driven anything except your daddy's ceffy. Poor you!!!
  10. I just can't bear this so as the last step he joined the forum to advertise just like saying NOT FOR SALE,BUT FOR SALE....and the story of the minister...oh god I can't stop laughinganyway his father has brought the car from a "Gamini Dissanayake",since the combination of Gamini and Dissanayaka is very common.Wow man nice try!!!oh forgot..Wow KID nice try!!! And by the way he behave, most probably the car has been previously owned by Chathura Senarathnethat's why he said "a minister"
  11. alpha17

    Verifying the Mileage of a used car

    oh sh*t!!! Can the emission test records be inspected from EcoS*i or D*iveG**en? I mean giving the registration number of the vehicle. I can contact a manager of one branch where I can get some information through my relation.
  12. Oh dude!! He wants to sell his car like saying it is not for sale, but for sale... I remember an episode of Raja Sabawa saying 99 as the polling number after the broadcasting has stopped.pity him
  13. P.S - Oh you would have got your hands on a Cefiro A33 HYBRID version.That’s why you couldn’t hear the engine starting sound,or probably you are deaf
  14. Wow!!!I’m really happy to see the one and only owner who has the luck to get the best car of 2018 Just you have the speedo upto 260, don’t think that speeding is just a piece of cake. Seems to me like you are just an 18 year old who just got driving license and speeding like an idiot using the dad’s car.Imagine when you are doing over 200kmh in a nearly 20 year old car and if a fault came in and then.... One of my friend owned a one for about 2-3 years and the car never stopped giving troubles.Famous coil problems were also present.I also drove the car,yes its spacious and has good tourque.Comfort wise I think its a bit lacking.Drive a Lexus and STFU!