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  1. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    Usually the Honda 1.5 Turbo engine is paired with the CVT in the Civic and therefore it is more likely to be a CVT
  2. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    Honda Japan has announced the arrival of the Vezel 1.5 Turbo version.This would likely to become the best of both worlds without the expensive dual clutch replacement for Sri Lankans. https://www.honda.co.jp/VEZEL/touring/?from=navi_banner2_c Also the new 2019 Honda Insight is announced, which carries an eye watering starting price tag of 3,200,000yen https://www.honda.co.jp/INSIGHT/webcatalog/type/hybrid/#ex_black
  3. alpha17

    [Civic 2018]First Impressions and the basics

    does it have that premium audio system?
  4. alpha17

    Suzuki Celerio 2016 or Viva Elite 2014

    Both cars do not excel when it comes to safety.Anyway most of the SL people won't be looking at safety.I would choose Viva Elite over an Indian made Celerio any day.But on the other hand Celerio comes with few more options such as DVD and can use the auto for manual shifting if you want.There is a manual Viva Elite on our next door and haven't heard any problem from the owner yet.He travels to Colombo once a week and the car is frequently used.Anyway it's has the Toyota DNA underneath and therefore the car will be literally bulletproof
  5. Driving on a road with potholes is equal to driving in the traffic except for the added abuse for the suspension components😆.Frequent gear changes due to frequent braking and accelerating
  6. Yes.Traffic condotions are the main reason. Anyway I think that new Hondas are not as reliable as the old ones.There are few issues with the Push Start button also.Those buttons are likely to build up oxides in the contact which requires pushing the buttons for 3-4 times .It is not a major issue but I have never heard the same issue from the Toyota owners I KNOW.Same owner claimed that sometimes the dashboard lights had been turned on for few hours without any reason. I have driven Vezels and the problem that I experienced was the wheel slipping issue which is very famous.I think the reason for that is mainly the high amount of torque generated by the electric motor.Other than that the powertrain is not smooth as the Toyota HSD. But the car is not that bad for a family vehicle which has a bit of power to put a little smile on your face😁.
  7. Like all other members mentioned,the only car that can fulfill your requirements is the Axio Hybrid 2013-2014 model.But if you go for a hybrid to park it in the garage most of the time,better to avoid.Hybrids are meant for running high mileages.Last Saturday I was informed about an Axio Hybrid for 4.8mil which has done 42,000kms from a trustworthy person,when I had already made up my mind for an Allion with higher mileage.A known mechanic said better to avoid the hybrid since the battery is likely to last around 5 years.Remeber both Axio Hybrid and Aqua has the same powertrain,and most Aquas have started indicating battery problems already(2013-2014 ones).A close friend of mine’s aqua also got a battery problem between 60000-70000kms,but I’m yet to hear a battery problem from an Axio Hybrid.Within your budget you can find the Axio Hybrids with the lowest selling prices,which may have been beaten to death with tampered mileages.Therefore can’t exactly comment how those 2nd hand hybrids’ batteries’ will last. But you can get a non-hybrid Axio 2012-2013 for the same price and it can fulfill most of your requirements except the fuel economy.But they are not as commons as the hybrid version in the advertisements,but most of them seem to be owned by permit holders and well taken care of. Also you can get a 2007-2010 Allion but finding a good example is really hard.I also gave up the idea due to the hacked ones listed in ads.Try to find a one with maintainence records(bit rare) or go for a car owned by a known personx
  8. I also did a little research from 5 Vezel owners.One has done less than 30k kms,so it has no issue.Two of them had passed 60k kms and one of them had the transmission overheated warning during a heavy traffic.The owner had stopped the car for about 10 minutes and then he has continued the journey without any warning.So he was unaware that the car should be turned off for about an hour.He is yet to experience another warning.The other 60k kms one has no issues. One of my friend owned one and he had to replace the clutch pack at 100k kms. Another owner claimed that he sold the car after doing more than 100k kms and he had no issues. Among those 5 vehicles, 4 are bought unregistered by the owners.So we cannot exactly predict when will the issue arise, because it depends on how the car is used.The 100k kms one which replaced the clutch mostly used around Colombo area,while the other 100k kms one is used mainly around a city with considerably less traffic.
  9. alpha17

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Do some math.It’s simple.So think that you can sell your 121 for around 31.Then you buy a Vitz for 36(2015/2016 unreg model 1000cc).Additional cost of 5lakhs.Now you have to travel nearly 36km everyday.So let’s assume that 121 does 8km per liter on that route,and vitz doing 13km per liter(being very optimistic about the vitz😆)So when we calculate, vitz costs nearly rs.5 lower than the 121 costs to travel 1km.So you save nearly Rs.200 everyday.Now lets see how many years does it take to cover up the cost.Assume you got to work for 23 days per month.You will see the reduction of your fuel bill by Rs.4600 per month.The You have to cover up the additionally payed 5lakhs.You have to use the car for 111.11 months.Sheez man thats more than 9 years🤦🏻‍♂️😆 I just did a calculation for fun, and most of the values are not exact figures.But it gives a basic understanding that buying a Vitz for SAVING MONEY is not that much helpful.As a plus point,you get to drive an Unreg car an the car might be troublefree for around 6-7 years.Also the vitz is not that great as a family car as the 121 is far more comfortable and powerful.So it’s upto you to decide mate!
  10. alpha17

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    It seems to me that selling a 121 for fuel economy is not that benificial,since it’s also a very economical car. But if you prefer fuel economy over anything,buy a Leaf and charge it from your office.Buying an unregistered Vitz will give you only about 2-3kmpl advantage.Kei cars seems to be a good option.Buy a wagonR.
  11. alpha17

    [Civic 2018]First Impressions and the basics

    This is what car buyers exactly want👍Awesome mate!!Waiting for the next part😃😃😃
  12. When I advertised my car for sale,on different days,different people came for inspecting it,but around 5 of them came particularly from a one area.All of them quoted an extremely low price for the car.Everyone quoted the same price.None of them inspected the maintainence records or documents.Even without taking the car for a trial...So I thought that the value might have been reduced.But when I checked,my expected price is average,but not much high.But those particular set of people came from the same area on different days quoting the same price made me think that there is something like a hideous buying mafia is going on...Yesterday a bugger came acting like a very truthful person and told that he sold his Axio to open a new shop and therefore he only got one and a half lakh less than my expected price(which is the same price all of them quoted).That bugger acted like a very innocent gentleman...This made me realize that one gang is trying to buy the car for a very low price to sell it again.Most probably it is the reason for not inspecting the records.

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    2. alpha17


      Yeah man for sure that’ll happen:laughing-smiley-007:.Earlier I thought that my asking price is high.But yesterday I realized it’s a set of people sent by one person to made my mind to sell for a low price.But those buggers always mentioned that they are from a particular town closer by(which is famous for car selling).Final one who came yesterday is the most cunning one of the bunch.He tried acting like a very polite and innocent family man and said that he wants to take his kids to tution classes from this Saturday from a car because travelling from bike is too dangerous.But he refused to raise a single cent.Then I said of you really want to buy it you can get an od from a bank or a help from a friend,but this bugger refused saying he only got that amount.But the man who said that he is going to buy the car for his family never inspected records or  even the book🤣🤣

    3. hrm


      Was the area Piliyandala or Gampaha? 

    4. alpha17


      @hrmnope mate.mawanella

  13. alpha17

    [Features] Axio VS Grace

    This auto braking happened to me twice in one day when driving a WagonR 2015, and the weird noise it makes is really awful.Those systems are not suitable for SL.
  14. alpha17

    Car around 3.4-3.6 mil

    You can grab a good fd1 or fd4 within your budget.For me the interior of the civic seems nicer,and finding parts can be a bit easier.I have never used one.But I also had the same question nearly an year ago.
  15. What is the ceramic coat for paint?Is it worth to do it for a dark colored car? or is it another useless product?Because road from my house to the main street has 'iluk' bushes on both sides one friend of mine told me that they leave scratch marks on the paint.

    1. matroska


      ok since I foolishly posted an FB vid link above my reply got blocked out so i'm typing this again : 

      it's basically like a persistent wax layer that will hang around for some time. Will offer you basic protection from sun, bird poop , tree sap, paint dots (in case your neighbor decided to paint his wall )  and stuff like that for scratches not a lot of protection but to a small extent yes. also it's water-repellent  Those darned bushes - they've already left their marks on my car within days of buying it    cars and trees are really not friends are they?


      and here's the youtube vid of the same FB vid 


    2. alpha17


      @matroskathanks mate for the video and the description.I should also do it.Where can I get it done?

    3. matroska


      there are many places  offering differing types of protection - drop me a  PM