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  1. alpha17

    Corolla 141 Car Tint

    Does the crystalline tint reduce the dashboard’s reflection on the windscreen?
  2. New version

    ️I’m a politician but I’m not a thief

    ️I’m a prostitute but I’m still a virgin

    ️I have a 2002 Corolla 121 but it has done only 95000km😅


    1. □AVANTE□


      Foreign case, who has been the 1st owner of a 121 but hasn't used it much and with a genuine 95K mileage: BuT thAts noT TruE!!!

  3. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    I usually watch Mat Watson’s reviews on Carw*w. He’s pretty unbiased and able to review any car from a Celerio to a Flying Spur and then to a LaFerrari. He gives a well explained review of the Corolla.
  4. I’d probably stay away from Indian made Hyundai. Without a doubt it’s the Vitara to go for.
  5. alpha17

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    This is the direct competitor for the Vitara, but for me considering the looks, the Vitara seems to have a more conservative approach while the Raize having a sporty approach. Of course the latter might become more popular. Before deciding upon one, better to compare both those models and select the best one. Still it’s early to comment on reliability and fuel figures, but “EVERYONE WHO EXPECTS TO BUY A RAIZE SHOULD ALSO CONSIDER THE VITARA”.
  6. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    Seems that people are eagerly waiting for the Raize. Even in the Corolla Sport video review done by the E*ak*ri, every 1 out of 5-6 comments are asking to do a review of Raize.
  7. alpha17

    Car Setup

    This might be a process which could be similar to that of ERC code unlocking in japanese Toyota players. Usually there are apps for unlocking the Toyota player but here it’s a Kenwood, so the process might be different. Check this manual. But it’s in japanese language, so open it on your laptop and use google translator real time translation through camera. You can search for the the resetting topic in the Contents using the camera to translate. Sometimes they might not have it included in the manual. http://manual.kenwood.com/files/MDV-D403Full_manual_1.pdf Better to check the google and youtube for several guides, as I hope the rarity for this type of audio system makes it a bit harder to find the proper guidance to do so.
  8. Seems pretty unacceptable given the size and engine capacity of the car! Yes, you need to rev up the engine, but my Allion gives better figures (according to the trip computer).
  9. alpha17

    Cosmetic Issue with CLA200

    For something like this, it is not acceptable as a Merc. It’s true that lower end Mercs are not up to the quality standards that of the S classes or Maybach. But assmblu of those lights are usually done by humans, who has well trained eyes to identify those little imperfections during the assembly. Like others said, it might be a car which was repaired and sent to SL with fake documents. If it’s imported from the agent D*MO, hands down; Merc build quality problem.
  10. It’s the CV joint. But too early given the mileage of the car, unless the mileage was altered by the previous owner.
  11. Is the Merc W212 E200 pre facelift a good choice in terms of reliability? I’ve seen many commenting about Mercs return to the days before 1995 from this car. Seen few with over 150k kms looking rock solid without wear in the interiors.

    I’m not expecting Toyota like reliability, but if it has no serious issues costing 2-3 lakhs a time (like the infamous BMW N47 Timing chain failure) I wouldn’t hesitate to take one home just for sheer comfort and prestige! Seems a bargain for 7-8 million than paying for a 2016-2017 Premio. Would buy something like a Viva Elite or WagonR for bad road trips😅

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    2. tiv


      It’s a dream to drive and sit in though, I didn’t even notice the hum after driving noisy 3pots and large diesels

    3. alpha17


      I also read about the airmatic problems, so it won’t be there in the E200/E220 as 99% of them has the normal adaptive dampers unless purchased as an option.

      @tiv that’s something to think😌 Thanks mate

    4. alpha17


      @tiv is it a diesel one? Seems that 2.2 cdi diesels are prone to this timing chain problem with a replacement cost around 900 euros. 

  12. Next thing they might be eyeing should be the 1000cc Civic and 1000cc Vitara😅... They still cannot find an exact base to increase the taxation on them...
  13. alpha17

    Vitara vs MG

    Without even thinking further, go for the Vitara. It’s one of the “more car for what you pay” type deal, because the taxation is low, you’ll pay more for the car, which gives you a better car.
  14. Waiting till a new profile to show up named like ; “DFSK”, “Glory580”, “DFSKGlory”, “DFSK580” or likewise including DFSK related words. Still no one in the forum😅

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    2. Car Doctor

      Car Doctor

      No one will start a profile after seeing how you people are judgmentally criticizing DFSK 580. Already it’s visible in the roads! It will definitely find its way with out autolanka! 
      ( PS you can now see how Autolanka judges will chase after this post! Ha ha ha )

    3. alpha17


      Here comes the guy😅

    4. □AVANTE□


      It's fascinating how marketers can lose their dignity and stick to a specific car brand no matter what :0

  15. alpha17

    Scam Seller on Popular Free Classifieds Site

    @Lahiru Sachintha I should really appreciate you for sharing these information, which might save another innocent car buyer’s hard earned money👍