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  1. All the stuff we should inspect before going on a long trip
  2. alpha17

    Why Honda?

    So after a long time, decided to leave a post for this thread. It’s simple less no of cars = less amount of information So people are curious and would attract for a lower priced, well maintained alternative than a Toyota. I remember when I was new to this forum, I had made up my mind to go for an Axela or an ES5. But finally ended up with a Toyota which served me for 7 years without any issue. Then for the 2nd time, my mind was like playing badminton between Lancer EX and FD1 but finally ended up with another Toyota. Toyotas are all alike. Boring to drive, but reliable and comfortable. But Honda, Mazda and Mitus are more engaging. Many places know how to repair a 121 and parts can be found everywhere. But that’s not the case with above mentioned brands. Some parts like genuine filters are hard to find and mechanics are rare around my hometown, so I ended up with a Toyota. Still I bring down all the required genuine spares from the agent and get them installed by a trustworthy mechanic....So not much of a difference ne?😅
  3. alpha17

    CVT delayed and harsh engagement to R

    Yes, I should take her to some gearbox expert...When I changed the mounts, all of them were worn out, so it was a requirement at that time.
  4. alpha17

    CVT delayed and harsh engagement to R

    Calibration?! This is the first time I heard that word regarding CVT..Please give me more details
  5. I don’t know what you are saying as 15-18kmpl (town, outstation or highway). For town limits, unless you travel in mid night, those figures are just a wish. A hybrid might be able to give those figures in short distances, but not in heavy traffic. Now there is a huge popularity for Raize, but would give you 1-2 more kmpl than your Swift(or maybe similar). Still it’s early to predict on their characteristics as the car is yet to be imported. Vitara would be out of your league as it has the same engine on a heavier vehicle which would give lower figures for FC. Then you are left aside with SL typical car buyers’ favorite cars. Allion and Premio. A 2013-2015 one can be grabbed in the given price bracket, where 90% of them being owned by permit holders. So most of them might be well taken care of. Better to go for less mileage one. Fuel figures totally depend on the driving style. I manage to squeeze out 20.X kmpl average figures (according to the trip computer) when traveling at 12-2 AM with a light foot recently. When traveling to places like Matara, using the highway, gives an average around 18kmpl for the whole journey (60% highway travel). With stop an go heavy traffic the figure might drop around 10-12 kmpl. For normal journeys with mild traffic with a distance of 60-70km, expect around 15kmpl. All those figures are based on the car’s on board trip computer and pumping 95. Most of the time I drive with an extremely light foot. It’s not a car to be driven enthusiastically, since on the corners, being ponderous and floaty. Still, it gives what Toyota is better doing at. Comfort and Reliability. For long journeys they outshine all the others from the same category with ample space, soft suspension, low road noise and ion generating AC. So it’s totally upto your decision. Else you can go for a hybrid like the new ugly AF Prius😅
  6. alpha17

    CVT delayed and harsh engagement to R

    Few days ago, I changed the CVT Fluid using the genuine products. Previous fluid was in pristine condition since it’s only about 18,000km after the change. But the problem is still there, without any difference. Can someone enlighten me what would be the issue, and a good place around Kandy or Kurunegala to get it fixed. thanks
  7. alpha17

    Corolla 141 Car Tint

    Does the crystalline tint reduce the dashboard’s reflection on the windscreen?
  8. New version

    ️I’m a politician but I’m not a thief

    ️I’m a prostitute but I’m still a virgin

    ️I have a 2002 Corolla 121 but it has done only 95000km😅


    1. □AVANTE□


      Foreign case, who has been the 1st owner of a 121 but hasn't used it much and with a genuine 95K mileage: BuT thAts noT TruE!!!

  9. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    I usually watch Mat Watson’s reviews on Carw*w. He’s pretty unbiased and able to review any car from a Celerio to a Flying Spur and then to a LaFerrari. He gives a well explained review of the Corolla.
  10. I’d probably stay away from Indian made Hyundai. Without a doubt it’s the Vitara to go for.
  11. alpha17

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    This is the direct competitor for the Vitara, but for me considering the looks, the Vitara seems to have a more conservative approach while the Raize having a sporty approach. Of course the latter might become more popular. Before deciding upon one, better to compare both those models and select the best one. Still it’s early to comment on reliability and fuel figures, but “EVERYONE WHO EXPECTS TO BUY A RAIZE SHOULD ALSO CONSIDER THE VITARA”.
  12. alpha17

    Japanese Car News

    Seems that people are eagerly waiting for the Raize. Even in the Corolla Sport video review done by the E*ak*ri, every 1 out of 5-6 comments are asking to do a review of Raize.
  13. alpha17

    Car Setup

    This might be a process which could be similar to that of ERC code unlocking in japanese Toyota players. Usually there are apps for unlocking the Toyota player but here it’s a Kenwood, so the process might be different. Check this manual. But it’s in japanese language, so open it on your laptop and use google translator real time translation through camera. You can search for the the resetting topic in the Contents using the camera to translate. Sometimes they might not have it included in the manual. http://manual.kenwood.com/files/MDV-D403Full_manual_1.pdf Better to check the google and youtube for several guides, as I hope the rarity for this type of audio system makes it a bit harder to find the proper guidance to do so.
  14. Seems pretty unacceptable given the size and engine capacity of the car! Yes, you need to rev up the engine, but my Allion gives better figures (according to the trip computer).
  15. alpha17

    Cosmetic Issue with CLA200

    For something like this, it is not acceptable as a Merc. It’s true that lower end Mercs are not up to the quality standards that of the S classes or Maybach. But assmblu of those lights are usually done by humans, who has well trained eyes to identify those little imperfections during the assembly. Like others said, it might be a car which was repaired and sent to SL with fake documents. If it’s imported from the agent D*MO, hands down; Merc build quality problem.