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  1. alpha17

    1st car - Arround 2million

    Both of them would do around 10-12kmpl in city driving and 16-18kmpl for long trips.Note that some owners have claimed about the steering rack noise(which is a common thing for most of the toyota’s due to SL roads).You’ll be able to squeeze out more kms if you are extremely lightfooted and drive like a granny Anyway when considering the fuel economy...just don’t think about it mate..they are cars with good fuel economies. So you’ll never get the low figures of a Cefiro or high figures of Hybrid. At the end of a long journey 1-2kmpl difference would likely to save you around 100 rupees.
  2. Go for the Japanese or Euro ride. They’ll be far more comfortable and refined than the Alto and Zen. Also note that the Indian vehicles tend to show their age really faster than japs. Japs are safer too🙂
  3. alpha17

    1st car - Arround 2million

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Both of these cars are good in fuel economy and reliability. Viva elite is the malaysian counterpart of Daihatsu Mira so the car is almost the same. I know few owners and no one complained any fault about the Viva. For the price you pay you’ll be getting a 2004-2005 Passo and 2011-2012 Viva Elite. Passo will be a bit comfortable than the Viva. Passo will give you more running repairs due to the age and you’ll find most of them hacked to death. So IMO Viva Elite is the best bet when it comes to fuel economy and reliability. It’s just an average car with nothing to complain about.Good luck!
  4. I’ve seen that place too.Should visit one day.Thanks mate💪
  5. Thanks mate.But I’ve been checking it every day and most of them are brand new ones. I’m searching for one under 35
  6. alpha17

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Noise of the 3 pot 1000cc is really annoying for longer journeys. But for running around the town it’s much less of an issue as most of the time you’ll be stuck in traffic with blasting the ac full due to heat. I have travelled from Kandy and back in 2nd gen 1000cc Vitz a few years ago. The problem is that the engine noise is very boomy. I remember I fell into sleep just after returning to home(only 80km journey both ways) as I was tired like hell. Due to the lack of power you constantly need to rev up the engine and that makes it worse. Here is the thing. If you really need comfort, just go for a sedan. I also do around 700-800km per month and I never calculated the fuel figures after the first few days after buying a new car.
  7. Forget the Allion 240, as most of them have been abused to death. Axio is the best bet when it comes to fuel economy, resale and well suited for SL driving conditions. Just like the Allions most of the Axios have been abused but still there are few good examples left. My advice is also not to go for a X grade like hrm mentioned. If you can find a good example X limited, G or G limited is fine. Just be in alert that sometime Luxels might come up for sale and they are the best of both worlds with 1.8L engine plus good fuel economy and loads of options. It’s the highest grade of the Axio. Beware that most X limiteds have been rebadged as G with installing teak panels, multifunction and everything. Note that from 2006-2009 only Luxel grade was equipped with teak panels. And those teak panels are not reddish brown, but yellowish. These are the only ways that you can get to know that the car is an. original G or G limited.Note that these are applicable to 2006-2009 manufactured Axios. -Push start and the smart entry system(some buggers install a button, those systems don’t have the smart key) -rear seat center armrest -chrome beading on the windows and a little chrome strip on the edge of the rear number plate plastic inserting(where the number plate lights are located). -also the dark grey door interior upper panels are finished in soft touch materials in the g and above grades while in the X and X limited are finished in hard plastic. You can’t tell the difference without testing it by your finger nail Make sure that previous owner has taken care of the car, unless you’ll end up spending closer to 200,000. Cvt gearbox(if not taken proper care of), Ac compressor, shock absorbers and steering rack are the main repairs to arrive. When you consider a Civic better to go for a FD4 with 1.6 engine as it will be easier to sell in SL market. Civic is definietly a better drive with more power and sharper handling but might be a bit less on the comfort side. If you go for a Civic, make sure to opt for a 2009 afterwards model as the power steering is electronic. Economy wise it’ll be giving figures like 7-8kmpl in traffic and 13-14kmpl on highways/long trips.
  8. alpha17

    Adding a relay and subwoofer connection

    @Davy I checked the car's fuse box and it's a little bit different from the one shown in the manual and have no extra lines for power seats. So I should focus on getting an independent line from the battery.
  9. alpha17

    Adding a relay and subwoofer connection

    @Davy Today I checked the car’s owner’s manual. So according to the manual on the interior fuse box there is a 15A Fuse for the Heated Seats. Since my car has no such option can I start a new line from there? According to most owners the a 10A fuse is sufficient for the sub. 15A is recommended by some owners. Can there be a line from the battery to the exact empty fuse slot? Is it okay to form a new line?
  10. alpha17

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    This vehicle has been discussed extensively in this form. Please use the search option and you’ll find more than enought details about the car. It’s a Toyota so, will likely to give you trouble free mototing for another 3-4 years. Mainstream Cars like Vitz, Vezel, Allion/Premio, WagonR...etc have been discussed over and over, so again I suggest you to use the search function. cheers!
  11. alpha17

    Allion 240 teak pannel

    Can’t exactly pointout a place. Best thing is to search in the Premio/Allion/Axio club of facebook. Many parts like those teak panels are advertised there. Also I saw a guy who brings down parts for your order from japan. Or else you can spend few hours in Panchikawaththa and find them.
  12. alpha17

    Premium vehicle to buy for 3 - 4.5 million?

    Thanks @Davy and @MADZ for the new sub form✌️Hope to do more reviews in the future
  13. alpha17

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    When I had my previous car I pumped 92 throughout, but one day pumped 95 to see if there is any difference. I experienced no increase in performance or smoothness. But tank was emptied much faster. It was really noticable. In the new car the previous owner had pumped 95 throughout. I also pump 95. Most owners claim that Allions and Premios do around 9.5–10.5kmpl around this area according to the indicator, but I’m averaging 12.8kmpl.Might be due to my driving pattern or the minor modifications in the engine.
  14. Today drove a 2018 WagonR and I’m really impressed about the improvement from the previous generation. Previous one indicated some hesitation when starting to climb a hill, but this one did it like a breeze(still the engine cries).Also the engine is tuned to give better low end power in order to cruise around 40-60kmph reducing that pathetic engine crying. The engine is now able to build up the speed much faster. Another major improvement is the comfor. The seats are now way more softer and when travelling on a bad road, your bottom will feel less bumps and jolts. The looks of the exterior and the center placed speedo really looks awful for me.

    1. matroska


      Hate the colors on the speedo - looks like a job done by an apprentice at some local graphic design shop. Overall the new gen IS better than the previous - decent space, pickup and relative comfort for a tiny car - a generally decent package for the price you pay and that size is suited ideal for a our crappy tiny roads so it's an obvious hit. 


    2. alpha17


      @matroska yeah mate. I agree about the speedo😁. Only thing that has been destroyed is the look. I cant stand the rear end look and the fz version’s front end look🤢

  15. alpha17

    Honda Fit Gp5 Quick Review

    Hey guys, So just planned to do quick review after driving a specific car as it would help most of the people who seek out details about a particular model. Those entries contain details about how the car is like to drive, comfort level, build quality and interesting facts(if there are any). So I will be unable to post details about long term ownership and maintenance. This review is based on Honda Fit GP5, which is one of the most common cars in SL roads and one of my favourite cars to drive. Driving I have driven this car in hilly areas, bends, stretches and bad roads. So I will be able to give a brief idea about how it is likely to drive. The first thing you notice when you get into a Honda (specially if you are a Toyota owner) how the seating position, dash layout wraps around you. It just makes you feel like you are sitting in a driver’s car. The seating position feels much sporty and lowered. The Honda’s Earth Dreams Hybrid system (even though it has those early clutch replacements and a bit unrefined nature) is a joy to drive. The acceleration is really good even when the car is filled with 5 adults. I drove the car from Padukka to Kegalle once with 5 adults and I never felt that it was underpowered. The Fit will do 0-100kmph around 8-9seconds but I never tested that. But trust me the car has more than enough grunt for day to day driving and sudden overtakes. The steering is really light with a little bit of weight, but much sharper than a toyota. It goes where you direct without a delay. In corners it’s steady, feels much more planted and rigid. Given the size and power, the car is miles ahead in the driving area when compared with a Toyota Aqua, the main competitor. You can corner this really hard without any slips or stability issues. But the issue you’ll find with this car is the unrefined nature of the hybrid system. When you are going slowly round the town, the throttle response is a bit hideous. Sometime you really have to put your foot down to make it get going. When the engine kicks in, it’s much less of a trouble. This is existant in all the three i-DCD equipped models, Grace and Vezel also. Another thing that a felt is that due to the high amount of torque generated by the motor, the car is a bit hard to control during small manevours and specially entering into a garage with a bump. You’ll have to be a bit carefull or otherwise the car will jump forward. Around the town the car is a breeze to handle due to low turning radius and light steering. Comfort When compared with an Aqua, the ride is pretty comfortable, but not as a sedan with softer suspension setting, such as an Axio Hybrid. The seats are on the firm side and the suspension too, but for me the car feels a bit more comfortable than the Aqua. Also the seats hold you better when cornering providing good side support. One thing that you’ll notice is the amount of leg space for the both front and rear occupents when considering the size of the car. It’s really adorable. One day I drove a Fit from Kadawatha to Kegalle and after the journey I felt a bit tired which I never felt in my 121. That’s due to the stiffer suspension and a bit higher road noise levels since it’s a hatch. Interior Quality Most of the materials used are hard plastic. But the finish makes it feel a bit more upmarket. The door panels and dash are nicely finised with silver accents and piano black insertings, so I find the car to be miles ahead when compared with Aqua, Vitz and even the 3rd Gen Prius. The car has much more options such as paddle shifters, brake hold and LCD colour multi information display. Interesting Features and facts -The climate control system is touch sensitive, which cannot be seen on far more expensive car models. It’s really cool, but sometimes a bit harder to control on the move. -During a hard braking, the signal lights alert the rear driver by doing fast pulses. -When you pass 100kmph, there is not much power left. -Just like most Honda’s the original speakers are really good. Make sure to use a good head unit or keep the original japanese one than replacing with a crappy chinses head unit. Overall the GP5 is a car that I really love to drive and would fit a small family with kids nicely. The economy is good but not good as an Aqua. But beware of the dual clutch system and the hybrid battery when you are buying one. This review is based on my personal experiences and other people might have different opinions. If there is anything wrong or inappropriate please let me know. Also that this review is not sufficient as a deciding factor for a new car since it omly covers about the brief time period of driving experience but not MAINTENANCE AND DAILY DRIVING. Looking forward for your comments🤗Thank you for reading! Cheers! -alpha17-