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  1. Hi, Just thought to add my two cents since above two places came as suggestions. I live near Kohuwala and I have gone to both these places. It will be wise to state the model of your vehicle because some of these places are not ideal for expensive repair work due to the lack of tools, expertise and attention given to the vehicle. I went to the first garage which mentioned in the field avenue (the tiny narrow road) for a FB13 car and they were new that time(we call the owner as Sudu ) and their work was OK for the cost. It was a white car and he said not spay lacquer on it (for the cost savings) but polished it instead. I see lot of cars these days so think he is doing a better job maybe. There are two garages at both sides of the bridge on Pepiliyana road but as far as I see the one which is to the Gansabha Junction side is better for mechanical issues. Problem will be with these small joints is when there is any bubbles or anything kind of issues comes in their paint work, it will not have a guarantee and end up losing money rather than saving. Just my thoughts. Last time when I did a paint job from a place in the same area just bcoz I know the fellow and his cost was low, I end up losing money, time and value of the car itself. @ Watchman, Hi, Quick question since it is mention about post contents getting outdated here; I agree with you 100% on making life easy for newbie's like myself, but if we find a thread which is useful but the information is old like 5 or 6 years, is it still oki to revoke such threads asking questions? Thanks
  2. Found a video of such a replacement. Thought to share for anyone's interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNgQdGJyBDs
  3. Thanks Ruslan and Nano31 for your feedback. As I mentioned in the opening post, TL inspector said this must be a leak in water pump but even he was not sure why in such millage. Anyways if its the problem I have to address it without thinking how it happened now. As you said the cost he said is around 25k. Since this is a dual-vvti 1.8 engine, I'm not sure about the experience and cost of parts for this type of repair and if this leads to another job inside the engine, I will be doomed!! :sad-smiley-068: :sad-smiley-068: SO thought of going to Ratmalana TL and ask if they have parts to replace it and if they do, do the job in a little while(Say good bye to the bonus ) Thanks once again..!
  4. Thanks for you suggestion peugeot407. It might be my last option. Anyways here are some images of the engine bay. You can see the red color residue on the belts and pulley. Did not see a leak in the coolant line or the rubber hoses. Any idea if you can get with these images? Thanks.
  5. First of all thanks a lot for your guidence everyone. Sylvi, Coolant color is red. Can not be transmission oil. It's not a oily residue. Like a powder of redish white splashed on the bonnet and surrounding area. I did check the lines connecting to cooling system and other hints given to check the vaccum leaks (With A/C turned off etc). Couldn't figure it out still. A/C line is also going close to these pullys and could this be water drops from it, but where can the red color add to it Thought to take it to a radiator guy to get it checked or find some garage near my area (Old J*ki is near in Pepiliyana but now they have a new management and no experience with them). Maybe an expert can spot it far quickly than me . As I said my experience with agents and AutoM is not good. Thanks..
  6. Hi Sylvi, This 600km is not at one stretch. This includes CMB city rides, trips to office for past few weeks and the long trips to Kandy and down south. This red colored residue is a sign of coolant deposits, isn’t it? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, Went to Kandy and down south (around 600+kms) but I did not hear the noise when the engine heat is up. However I saw a red residue deposit on the bonnet and further observation revealed that this could occur when coolant dropped to one of the belts and it is flashing coolant around the engine bay. Can’t spot the exact belt. Still the coolant level on the external container is half way to LOW level (it was not on the FULL when I post this so can’t say how much has leaked etc). - Anyone you know around Nugegoda area to show this to or should I visit the agents (which I don't like)? Or the radiator guy in Nawala road can sort this? - Is this the water pump issue? High costly repair? Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot for the information guys. Will get back with further observations soon using your investigation instructions.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses. Coolant level seems to be not going down much. It's only been 3 days I am using this (less than 50kms) I did not see any red color spots on any of the clooant lines. Have to rev up the engine and see. If its a minor leak wouldn't the coolant level drop be less visible? Tnx once again.
  10. Dear Experts, So much stuff I have learnt from you guys browsing though old threads so far, but this exact issue I had to ask since I found the existing as bit deviated from my car's problem. This is a dual vvti engine allion and when I bought it few days back I took it to TL Maharagama to do a full inspection. But they were all booked (saw an ad later that its a free inspection for that week) so only managed to get "the expert who does the driving test" of the vehicle. This gentlemen did a visual inspection of the vehicle and said there must be a leak in the water pump. Then took it out side and drove on different road conditions while the shutter is down to hear any sounds and we were able to hear a sound like a kettle whistle when the engine is hot. Odometer says its still 50k and with the original battery (TL guy said this came with the exact brand) so a water pump issue as I've learnt from old threads, must not have happened in such milleage. Then I took it to Auto M** Pepiliyana, and showed it to one of their experts and when the engine was cold no sounds at all and he checked the pulley and the surrounding area and said no sign of such a leak. 1. Anyone had this experience before where there is a coolant leak or whistle sound when the engine is hot? 2. Is it an expensive repair? 3. Whom should I show this? ********************** On a separate note, I have only one smart key, thought to make another one and found the price tag clost to 18k. Anyone knows a good place? I have seen so many ads in hitA* pages but don't know if they are trust worthy.
  11. Guys, This is the sensor (the only wired part I found after the Oxygen sensor in the engine Manifold) Chek the attachment. Its after the catalytic convertor and must be call the downstream oxygen sensor. I saw a serial number on the braket as 89425-12258 dont know if this the part number. 1. Guys in Juki said if it passed the test and does good milage why replace it. Rather than spending money on the sensor I could do other things which needs attention. What if I dont replace this? 2. This sensor looks very skinny than the ones I have seen on the internet and it has two wires. And this was very easily pulled out too. You can see how it was fixed after the catelytic convertor. Is there anyway to find this? Don does this match yours? 3. Could I get the whole part with the Cate.converter from the second hand market and would it cost a huge amount? Will it be viable to spend on an 18+ yr old car I'm confused if I do not replace this, my milage will go down. thanks for all your support guys.. Do let me know.
  12. Hi Don, Thanks for all the effort. I'm planing to go to JUKI or some place this Saturday morning and get it removed. Sadly that's the only option I see to get the part number. May I know a quick way to contact you once I find the sensor's part number? My email is [email protected] gmail. com so please drop your contact details. I can pay you for the cost without any issue and I consider it a big help. May I know your car model details? This is NOT the upstream oxygen sensors that sits on the exhaust manifold *BEFORE* the catalytic converter (which is having 1 wire)? Its a headache to find the part numbers online without the owners manual Also a mechanic said if I remove it I will not be able to use the car until I able to find the correct part or else I have to close the bracket which is now empty.
  13. Many thanks for your replies guys. I called D&S today and they said they only got Nissan NTK sensors. Called G.S. Spares and they said they have only new Toyota model sensors. Finally called TL and they said only 1 sensor available and thats 23000 something.. !! Finally decided to call Vikasitha and they asked me to bring it and they got stocks so will be able to find one. I have no idea other than to take it out and find it through second hand market if the actual thing cost that much in brand new condition. Also found this : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oxygen-sensor-Lambda-Sensor-2-Wire-Toyota-Mazda-Renault-Clio-Rapid-/251001194495?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a70d647ff&vxp=mtr THought to give a try since its just $23
  14. Tnx Don. Was thinking not to take it out alone but to replace with the exhaust silencer part completely (since he mentioned about some bracket issue...) Don't think its eazy to pull it out from exhaust as well. I have not seen a lambda sensor before or have no idea how to check :speechless-smiley-004:But as you said I too don't wish to go for a used one. Can u please direct me to a place (even the place where u bought it) ? I will call TL and ask if they got it or not (Original Toyota must be too expensive n only putting that sensor might be like renewing a single part of an old computer.. useless ).
  15. Hi guys.. Emission test result came today as "PASS". The CO level is 0.023. I am really happy! Mr Dhammika is truly a class act. He is the only person I saw who knew exactly what to do regarding this. I had to wait almost a week to get an appointment but it is worth it (he didn't ruin my engine or waste lot of money for unnecessary replacements). Cost me Rs2500 including scans/emission tests etc etc which other ppl charge just to find the fault. But as per his advice I have to replace the Lambda sensor (two wire type) and he said its hard to find. A used/second-hand one would be 6500 as per his comment and will take time to get. Does anyone know a place to buy this 2 wire lambda sensor and is it worth to go for a brand new one which might not be with agents too?? (I have read previous post but dnt think they answer this question) Tnx and keep up the good work guys...
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