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  1. nilupa.uok

    Rear Bumpiness In Townace Cr42

    This comes with rear coil spring
  2. nilupa.uok

    My Complete Noah Build

    Can you more explain the suspension changes? Grate work man..
  3. nilupa.uok

    Rear Bumpiness In Townace Cr42

    This is standard DX version. not converted to Noah
  4. Hi Guys I have bought a CR42 Noah van recently and feeling uncomfortable bumpiness in the rear of the vehicle. Shock absorbers also replaced recently. What could be the reason behind this. ? Is this an issue with rear coils springs? And is there different rear coils springs comes for this type of passenger and delivery vehicles ? Your thoughts are really appreciated Thanks,
  5. nilupa.uok

    Lancer Cb8 Front Bumber And Radior

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. I was able to find all the damaged stuff by visiting Delkanda spare parts shops. Front buffer with mount = 10 k Radiator = 8 k A/C Condensor = 4.5 K Thanks for the replies again.
  6. My car faced with an minior accedent and need to replace the Front buffer, radiator and A/C condencer. Do any one of you guys know any place that i could buy those for a reasonable price ?
  7. Hi guys, Battery of my car is going dead very soon. So i'm looking for an best battery available in the current markets and prices of them. i'm looking for a one which can used at least 5 years without replacing. Please share you throughts
  8. nilupa.uok

    Revenue Licence @maligawatte

    Hi i think this service only support for vehicles in westurn province.
  9. Hi guys. i got a van which is registered to North westurn province. It's revenue license is expired on soon and can i renew it from maligawatte revenue license office. Is it do only westurn province vehicles only ?
  10. Hey guys, if any of you guys have a Damaged CB8 for a Parts, Please respond to this post
  11. nilupa.uok

    Power Window Switch Repair?

    Hi guys, i got a lancer cb8 car. there power window switch is not properly functioning recenly. I showed it to a certain electician and he ask me to replace the main power window switch. Do you guys know any place to buy a power window switch for a lancer? Please let me know