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  1. We thank JDNet for his extreme enthusiasm and he seems to be our biggest fan. Your enthusiasm always makes us smile. =] We have learnt allot about Sri Lankan Exhibition Layouts through the Motor Show and in future we will be providing a clear map with instructions on how to find us. Other banners and ideas will be implemented to ensure that finding our booth will be a simple as possible.
  2. I am surprised that many auto lanka readers did not find our stall. We had huge banners, A television playing drift videos, Free gifts, a suzuki dzire a swift and entire Yamaha booth around us. Further more we placed a Ultra Racing Cone at the entrance of the right hand side tent. (Hino Trucks, Honda, Yamaha, Castrol and Suzuki were all there including us)
  3. Thank you for viewing this add and the amusing questions and comments posted by members. Both Good and Negative Feed Back is appreciated and our customer service team will help you even the wildest of queries. To answer jdnets question: Please soak your utensil in a larger basin using warm water ,lime and vinigar. If you opt for something more abrasive use Coca Cola . Your cooking pan will be refreshingly clean. Regarding my product it is being pre launched this week and do visit our booth, we are located within close proximity to the A*W Pavillion I am making a genuine effort to bring affordable motorsports to Sri Lanka and if readers are not convinced a test drive will be all you need. See You at The CEYLON MOTOR SHOW
  4. Dear Motor Enthusiasts. I cordially Invite you to the the "Pre Launch" Event at the Ceylon Motor Show 2012. Are you ready to take your car from Ordinary to Extra Ordinary Then The U***A *A*I**G C*SS** T*N**G Solution will make this a reality. Do visit our stall located within close proximity to the A*W Pavilion Our trained and well versed motor enthusiasts will be looking forward to helping you understand our unique product and help clarify any questions that you have. Regards, Abbas J Helping Build a Nation of Motor Enthusiasts Helping to make Vehicle Performance and Affordability a Reality
  5. Important Notice: Suzuki Swift Owners Club Formation Proposal. I am very keen to initiate a new society that will focus around Suzuki vehicles. The idea is to develop and grow a Suzuki swift society that will regular get together events and select nice locations in Si Lanka to drive to. Photographers who own swifts will get an opportunity to explore new parts of the country too and take fantastic pictures A list of proposed names for the society ULTIMATE CAR SOCIETY ULTIMATE ENTHUSIASTS Swift Society Ultimate Swift Team Swift Society Suzuki Sports Enthusiasts Ultimate Swift Society Or Ideally: Ultimate Swift Circle KEY IDEAS 4S for society Social Safety Sustainability Sports Primary Objectives is to create Friendship Awareness Benefits and areas that will be developed Vehicle Performance and Tuning Vehicle Maintenance and Care Driving Skill Development Vehicle Enhancement Techniques I have had 3 member responses so far and look forward to many more readers giving me feed back and helping make this Idea a reality
  6. Search My Ultimake Suzuki Swift Guide. I posted some photos regarding car audio. Doing a thorough right up on car audio too in the coming week or so
  7. Thank You very much everybody for the queries and comments. I am hoping to organize a a suzuki swift owners road trip aka start an official group. Those interested please post or inbox me
  8. If anyone can tell me the correct way to create photo previews I will greatly appreciate it. Sometimes the flickr preview works at other times nothing just the link!!!
  9. I looked everywhere for Shell Helix Ultra. Not easy to find? Have you ever used mobil 1 oil and found a difference? Also how many KM have you driven before performing and oil change?
  10. Preview to the Car Audio Installation. I am having problems adding more links to this page so will be making new threads in future. Preview for Audio Speaker installation
  11. I found information related to this. you may have to opt for 185/65 R15 Check following links I have used Potenza and Turanza Tires Potenza is prohibitively costly and is insanely expensive in Sri Lanka. A Rs 9000 tire costs 30000 due to tax. The tire is awesome, super stiff and u can feel every bump on the road. Super road grip in wet and dry conditions. For Carpeted roads. Terrible if u have allot of potholes I have bought the Turanza GR 90 tires and had them installed from Autodrome. Fabulous for a smoother softer drive with comfortable driving performance. Tested on Suzuki Aerio Previously was using Yokohama S series but not available in Sri Lanka "Came with car" was also super Do ask for a discount more than 10 percent. U may just get it. U and H has a massive variety and do check with them to. (Near Burgers King and Cinnamon Lakeside) Recently tried Tire shop near Bambalipitiya Mosque. Super service too. http://dsl-tyre.com/product_catalogue/champiro_eco.php Size Available and seems good? Not tested http://dsl-tyre.com/product_catalogue/champiro_gtx_60.php http://www.autodrome.lk/downloads/pricelists/Bridgestone%20Price%20List.pdf Bridgestone Price List http://www.amwltd.com/pitstop/html/location.htm for good year http://www.unitedmotors.lk/contactus.php Yokohama Tires D*MO are agents for Michelin
  12. I would suggest you go to Either Kithul Watte or Rajagiriya Service Centre from A*W. They are actually very nice and will only ask you to replace or fix a part if needs to be. Just get it checked by the agents as its the safest. If near Peliyagoda the High tech centre is there from A*W as well
  13. Not exactly illegal as I have never been stopped by police regarding my Lights. Tint on front passenger windows is not allowed. 100 percent Illegal and the Police will peel it off if stopped. "Does not apply to factory tint since its non removable" Do not put super high kelvin temperature lights. They are blinding. Also Adjust the reflector to point slightly downwards using the in car adjust dial. For good value and good service try AUTO PAL. I bought my lights there and after a year and 3 months they malfunctioned. Water had gotten into the wire circuit. I went to get them checked and they first clarified if I was under warranty. Since not under warranty I got a new wire kit at a very affordable price replaced by them. Lights are all ok. Very happy switching to HID as road visibility greatly increased. Just for Laughs: Motorists just keep knocking down the little street lights we have making them a requirement! LOL!
  14. Strange, Mine came witht the wire and a small sign saying aux ipod port in japanese. Maybe depends on model? Mines Cvt 2008 swift. I suggest get a fm transmitter like the ones used on ipods or available with some newer mobiles. Changing the head unit is expensive and if money is a constraint get the phone over the head unit.
  15. I am not sure regarding your quyestion. However, if you look around you should be able to find them near union place. Just some walking around needed. Worst case scenario, you can check with agents and install a compatible visor which if I am not mistaken is available for the indian version swift. An extra question. When driving with window down do you have excessive wind noise due to the visor?? TC.
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