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  1. Straga

    Hyundai Tucson 2011

    Hey guys thanks for the replies Well, fuel economy in the range of 6-7 is fine was expecting that much but wanted to make sure it wasnt something horrendous like 4-5 lol. Also, in terms of resale value I feel the vehicle has already depreciated quite fast for a two year old brandnew vehicle, but then again not really iffy on that either. This vehicle will be used for some time. Do any of you guys have any idea about any specific model number etc that I can Google for? We are hoping to buy the 2011 petrol anyway, the newer diesel is a bit out of budget. Basically almost decided on this vehicle, just wanted to make sure there were no major mechanical faults with it etc. Thanks again for the replies guys
  2. Straga

    Hyundai Tucson 2011

    Lol, no one?
  3. Straga

    Hyundai Tucson 2011

    Hey guys, I am hoping to buy a used Hyundai Tucson probably YOM 2011 to 2012. Was hoping to get some feedback from current users about the following: 1. Maintenance (just regular services etc)? 2. Fuel economy; what are the figures it gives in daily city running? (this car is meant to be a daily driver) 3. Known issues. Keeping in mind that the current korean vehicles are far better than their predecessors are there any common issues that plague this model? (transmission issues, engine issues etc) 4. Id also like some info about the variants available in SL. A few adverts I have seen have all mentioned the model number Ix35 with a 2L engine. Some info about the variants/trims etc would be very helpful. 5. How good are the agents? Are there any known issues I should look out for when buying, this is after all a used vehicle. Thank you in advance
  4. Straga

    Lost Drivers License

    Guys, what is the procedure for obtaining a new drivers license if the old one has been misplaced? Is it possible to do it in one day? Any information would help out a lot.. Thanks
  5. Straga

    Tint Glasses

    Do the cops still implement that 40% tint rule..? The swift we got recently came all blacked out, havent got stopped yet though.
  6. Straga

    Prices Are Going Down!!!

    The doctor thing has to be the stupidest generalization ive heard in a while.. Wasnt there a doctor here who was restoring a Integra a while back? OP, maybe you should look up that thread
  7. Straga

    Dream Car

    Maybe someone should update the list? Certainly a lot more interesting than some of the other threads around here
  8. Straga

    Mitsubishi Evo 8/9

    I think your right. Buy a Prado OP, then all the neighbors can also see how much money you have
  9. Straga

    Dream Car

    Interesting thread, wonder why there are no exotics on the list.. Top two on my list would be the 458 italia and murcielago LP670-SV
  10. Straga

    New Toyota Corolla Axio 2012 May

    I kinda like the way the current allion/premio looks, this new 'axio' is horrible though :/
  11. I had a class in the morning and the roads were a mess. Park road was completely flooded, at one section water came into the car through the pedals and that scared the life oughtta me. Any tips for driving through flooded roads like that? I panicked and just floored it, is that good or bad?
  12. Straga

    [Newbie Advice] Buying A Used Motorcycle

    Guys, a friend is looking to buy a bike and hes decided on a Suzuki Bandit. Is it a good bike? Whats kinda worrying me is that the general market price seems to a bit on the cheaper side, compared to bikes like the honda hornet.. Is that just the usual srilankan steorotype issue or is there some specific problem with this bike?
  13. Straga


    Well its only a TV show, but if Vinny Chase and his boys could roll in one all the time, nuff said
  14. Straga

    Bajaj Re 60-Worlds Cheapest Car

    Thats exactly what I was thinking, but it is exciting news if they plan to open a production line here. Itll hopefully lead to more car companies setting up here