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    Honda Fit Shocks Issue

    Hi All , I am using Honda Fit 2007 car, last week i went to wheel alignments, then those people told me that my car front shocks are moving little bit , its like moving it from the mount point. This happens only when the front wheels up by the jack , when car is on the ground there is no such thing, and also both front shocks are moving in same way, but there is no any noise or any thing strange when i'm driving. Then i met a garage person, he drove the car and said there is no issue in shocks, I just want to know is this a common issue or is it a default situation for this model or can it be a problem ? Thanks
  2. palliyaguru

    Vehicle Tax Reduce

    Hi i am totally agreed with T-Bag , government shod measure the quality of the vehicle as same as the year. worth of the 5 years old Japan or European vehicle is far better than the brand new Indian one. Unfortunately sri lankans are not lucky enough to have a good vehicle because of these bloody unfair taxes. One of my friend tald me, now sri Lanka is between the top 5 countries which impose the highest vehicle taxes in the world. PR Palliyaguru
  3. palliyaguru

    Vehicle Tax Reduce

    Hi Yes , i know all the things u r telling can be true , according to the book and the theory as u telling , government will not think about reduce taxes and also they should avoid all the imports to over come from this economical mess, but some of my friends told me that the vehicle importers who helped to the government are pushing to reduce taxes because they gonna lost their market very quickly. People not even think to buy a vehicle. And also when we come to India vehicle market , i think they will have a biggest lost , i don't think any body 'll buy a alto for 2 million BR Palliyaguru
  4. palliyaguru

    Vehicle Tax Reduce

    Hi All , I got a news which is telling, the government is going to reduce vehicle taxes again within next 3 months, couple of my friends who working on government sector also told me the same thing. Is any body knows about that , or can it happen Thanks BR Palliyaguru
  5. palliyaguru

    Need Help To Buy A Hatchback Car

    Hi All , Thanks for your valuable thoughts , What is the problem with Toyota Passo (Except that fancy interior look ) , Nobody suggesting that car , is there any issue behind that ? Thanks in advance BR Palliyaguru
  6. palliyaguru

    Need Help To Buy A Hatchback Car

    Hi Thnaks for reply , @Pericles After your last post , i search about proton gen2 , I saw couple of vehicles in Autolanka , it looks very good for that price , but my concern is proton gen is not famous in sri lanka , there should be a reason for that , and only 5 units we can find at Autolanka also, Will it be a risk to buy a proton gen2 ? Can anybody please tell about proton gen2 if you know somthing , (about its condition , economy , resell market and maintainability) Thanks in advance BR Palliyaguru
  7. palliyaguru

    Need Help To Buy A Hatchback Car

    Hi All . Thanks for your valuble ideas , I am looking for a Auto gear car , and also important to have good resell market, Is there any possibility to have a technical problem when viva elite comes with Auto gear ? And also what is the best out of swift 1.3 (2004) and chevrolet cruze (2004) ? (when we considering economy , maitaining and comfortablility) @Pericles => I am sorry its not clear your second point to me , Did you recommended A-start (Auto) car is better then the Viva Elite (Auto) one ? and what car u propose me saying 2005 or better ? Thanks again BR Palliyaguru
  8. Hi All , I am planning to buy a hatchback car , I am very new to the field and my budget is max 1.9M , I want good economy car and also, it is important to have good resell market too I have concern about couple of cars , Passo(2004) , suzuki swift (2004) , chevrolet cruze (2004) , viva elite (Unregistered) I want to know what is the best vehicle from above or is there any other options available other than above, please help me, Thank you very much. BR Palliyaguru