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  1. Thanks for the honest opinions guys. Yes the purpose is as you mentioned. Would the pseudo SUVs you mentioned cut it - i always thought the Rav 4's Xtrails with their 'blutton-4wd' were just there for the show. I anyway drove an Xtrail and it felt like a sluggard. I'm not in for extreme off-roading so maybe these will be ok - I guess a fairly new Rav4 is within my budget. one thing i didnt like with the rav4s and xtrails were theyre petrol and a friend who had a petrol suv told me how underpowered it was and the insanely low fuel efficiency it had compared to diesels which is why i was interested in a big ass diesel suv with a bit of power and space but it looks like a risky choice this is a wonderful summary - a few hours worth of googling in one paragraph. Thanks man! p.s im looking at the 90 series not the 'box prado' thanks for the detailed reply tiv , as you say it might be good to avoid the venerable 20 year olds and about the montero sport i did notice the high difference in price in some models i saw several for sale in ik###.lk for like 6.3 to 6.7 hence my interest but some of them actually were from car sales and mileage was around 100k so might be tampered. So at 200k then i guess we are looking at some hefty repairs. What other options do i have then? : specially if looking at something newer today i actually searched the classified sites for the vitara and guess what theyre very rare and 90% of the ads were for the 2019 model which is well within my budget but it has a 1 l turbo and i really don't know how you can call it an suv with that sized engine and ground clearance seemed to be only bit better than cars. Funnily they even have a 4wd version for the new vitara but it seems to come with the 1.4 L engine and not the 1 L . ok thats a bit bothersome i do beleive most older suvs re not properly taken care since doing a bit of hunting it seems mostly the type who own them are not the people who do care. I read in a pakistani forum that the 5L is mostly for south asia they have a lot of them with 5L's there too Thank you guys for the input now i'm a little wiser a) an older montero/prado might probably be a bad idea unless i have LOTS of time to spend on it b) the good montero sports are about 1 mil above my budget sooooo maybe i should look at smaller newer models? RAV4? Vitara [not the new one] ? What else any suggestions or maybe rob a bank and increase my budget ?
  2. Hi Guys, Hope everyone's fine after the recent tragedies.- Sorry for bringing up vehicles already discussed but would you believe it most of the discussions on this subject are quite old. Seems the community have been engrossed in 1.0 engines and hybrids and keis for the last few years. I have plans to buy an SUV hopefully latter part of the year so doing some early research since i'm usually in and out of the country this year. Requirements: I don't quite need to plough thru the mud basically i wuld love to travel around the country and there are LOT of places in the country where cars can't go and also to visit the families small coconut cultivations in the remote areas. My budget is around 6,000,000 give or take a few hundred thousands. I have written off korean suvs since they are in reality just big hatchbacks which will not do too well outside well paved roads. Now for this price i see the following options Mitsubishi Montero - 3rd Gen 1999/2000 ish Diesel. G Numbers mileage around 250k + Mitsubishi Montero Sport - 2011--2012 Diesel KU---KT plates mileage ~100k. Price slightly high 6.5ish Toyota Landcruiser Prado (90 series) 1998--2000 yom Diesel 65-/G plates. mileage 250k+ My questions are : How practical are these vehicle specially the 20 year old ones as daily drivers today - -i will be using them for a daily commute of 25 km (12 up- 12 down) can a non petrol--head person (i.e an aging parent/female sibling) use one as a daily (on times im abroad) i've heard these old diesel engines can handle a lot but have they reached the point where things go south? Like Nissan Patrols and minis are the Prados and Monteros subject to cut--and--bud gimmicks ? How safe is it legally to buy one? i've not traveled in the v60 montero so don't know it's comfort levels. The montero sport is a bit unrefined but OK and looks solid not the most comfy ride. (maybe cos it's actually an suv built on a truck) the land cruiser is quite comfy and surprised how the interior has held after 20 years. I've also considered getting a kei for the daily runs and an older pajero/big horn for the weekends but the fact i don't have enough parking space - one of the cars will have to sit outside in the rain as well as the deplorable condition of some pajeros and bighorns i had a look at i gave up that idea. Hilux Surf is something i like (again a bit uncomfortable) but those are really really rare and most of them are local assembled ones. Guys havent been in touch with the local car scene for a while now so highly value your inputs. Also provide more ideas.
  3. Apologies for the 2 week delay and many thanks for the updates. I agree with Irage on the terios being bland - it was on my mind as it was the only affordable crossover/suv in decent shape and i heard its tech was simple so maintaining was easy plus it can handle bad roads (actually im surprised by the amount of really poor roads even in suburbs and actually even inside colombo itself) As for the two hondas - my interest in them was because I know of the track record - specially i feel the GP5 is a bit of a deal cos most GP5s sell for above 4 mil. Anyways I guess i'll have to provision for about 200k for any eventual issues that come if i buy either. From your opinions i kind of feel that despite Gp1 might be a safer bet (not sure how local market perception is ) as for hyena's suggestions on older cars the problem is most cars from that age are now in bad shape very tough to source a decent car BTW Thanks all for your valued opinions. PS -> any views on the Sylphy - thats a big ass car and i think 4 M will get you a 2010/11 model
  4. Hey Guys First of all I know the Honda fit has been extensively discussed multiple times on this forum but do bear with me and hear me out since this is a bit of a specific clarification. I would value your opinions and ideas regarding this. So I'm a little paranoid when it comes to buying used cars and I am more comfortable if I was to buy a trusted friends vehicle. Given the fact that what we get for about 3.5 Mil plus these days are tiny 3 pot keis I have no option but to go for a used car. I'm not overly concerned on fuel consumption or resale but more focus on Maintenance costs (i.e I don't want to do a 300,000 rs repair out of the blue) and Durability. The other aspect is of course the better performer in terms of Handling, Acceleration etc. Two of my friends are migrating and their cars are up for grabs here are the two choices : Exhibit A: Honda Fit GP1 2013 : 55,000 + KM's, first owner agent maintained , Daily driver impeccable interior, few minor day-to-day scratches and a couple of negligible dents. Cruise control etc. No paddle shift. No apparent issues mechanically (no symptoms that are common with this model.....YET!) Guy's a bit of a car guy who loves his ride I think i can get this for around 3.5 Exhibit B : Honda Fit Gp5 2013 : 45,000 KMS first owner maintained at some other place, F or L package , good interior, few scars on the bumper. Ex Daily driver now weekend tripper and used by friends wife to tug kids to school Again no apparent issues - again an honest bloke and I think despite being the newer model I can get it for between 3.6 and 3.8 Mill which i think is a bit of a deal as it seems this model usually goes for higher. Now my questions. how reliable are these two models? And If i want to avoid any costly repairs and want reliability (along with lower maintenance costs day to day) which of these should i go for.??? What is the more fun car to drive and what is more suited to our pot-hole ridden roads? Overall which would be easier to live with? Any potential headaches I should expect? I would be driving a fair bit close to 2000 KMS a month - majority City and expressway but constantly will travel out-station too - therefore do you guys think I would be better off looking at something that can handle the poor roads a bit better in the same budget like a Daihatsu Terios? I've heard it's quite rugged but I feel it's a bit bland. Thanks in advance folks.
  5. don't get me wrong buddy - but if you're after resale value then a euro isn't for you
  6. I recommend the Viva Elite - few of my friends use it and IMO its quite a package for its price. The interior is quite good, ( i personally love the speedometer and the tacho ) and the engine has got quite a bit of power in it and for a small car its got decent leg space - only drawback is it isn't wide enough to maybe have a gorilla sized passenger sitting next to a similar sized driver. Also if this is your first car / you haven't used a car before it is comparatively safer to go for a newer ride than maybe something that has been driven for half a dozen years. But you will have to wait for it after ordering and as i have heard the agents are real a... holes.
  7. For a vehicle with Automatic Transmission - a lot depends on how you drive, similarly the kind of fuel (octane 90/95) you use will have an impact.
  8. theres a reason why the townace fetches a higher market value its not just the Toyota badge, The town ace is one of the easiest vehicles to run - freely available parts, economical and from my experience ( having driven my friends van many times) it's very "driveable"
  9. http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?/topic/3180-serena/ http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?/topic/5312-nissan-serena/ http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?/topic/5861-nissan-serena-59-and-252/
  10. since the OP indicated his preference is for somtehing made after 1994 i don't think the at 170 is an option.
  11. i assume you are looking for a japanese one. If you are ok with korean/malaysia stuff you could buy a yom 2000 wira for abt 10 and if you bargain hard for your budget as well. If you are going for jap cars, i guess you can find a 1994 ish corolla hatch or a mazda 323/familia sixth generation. If you are looking for a "well known" model like sunny or corolla you can get a much older model for that price.
  12. good for you ... my uncle worked in BD for a long time and from what he says and a few YouTube videos i can imagine what it's like...
  13. if you have driven in Bangladesh and are still alive then i guess you should be able to drive anywhere
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