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  1. lalithsenaka

    Mazda Bj5p Service

    senaka 0714443454. did u find out good place for service ur mazda. i bought mazda bg3p last week, and let mio knw the goodplace for service around gampaha? senaka 0714443454
  2. lalithsenaka

    Mazda 323 Bg3P Model

    I bought BG3P for 1.3CC for 750000/= its good condition. did some repairs. now ok.
  3. lalithsenaka

    Nissan Presea

    Guys, I would like to buy Mazda familia 323(1990-91) or NIssan presea 1992-1993 model as my first car. So tel me your experience and comment about it. plz consider price , fuel consumption, parts,..etc. dissanayake
  4. lalithsenaka

    Mazda 323 Bg3P Model

    Dear. im going to buy a Mazda 323. can you give me ur contact nu via this or sms me. senaka 071 4443454. thanks
  5. lalithsenaka

    Plz Help To Buy A Mazda Familia 323 (Bg3P)- 1990

    Dear all thanks for all replys and considerable options. if there any guy have any experience about fuel consumption of mazda 323 90'?
  6. I would like to buy a car for the money witch i have on my hand. (6-6.30 Laks). According to the market i think i can buy mazda Familia 323(Bg3P) 1.3CC - 1990 car. The car should have basic features like A/C , P/S. Other optional (A/W, Full Option,Spoiler etc..) features are not necessary but good if have. The doubt is how about the Fuel Consumption ? I would like to know more about this car ? plz help me with this? Dissanayake 0714443454-Colombo