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  1. Guys, Finally purchased a Kia Picanto 2005 (manual) car. So far so good.
  2. Hi all, I bought a Kia Picanto 2005 (manual) recently. Its a pretty good car, the interior is amazing as I bought it from the first owner. Anyway, I have some issues and need to check before it become worse. 1. The Clutch is little hard to push, and I feel a small vibration when pushing the clutch. 2. There is a noise when turning the car, hope it is from the Fan belt, but not sure. It gets worse when raining (trust me, it happened yesterday). 3. It has done nearly 90k. so do I need to replace the T-Belt? And, I'm looking for a good place near Moratuwa (as I'm living in) or Kirulapone (close to my office) to have a full check up and do the necessary repairs. I can't afford a lot as I spent some to purchase the car. Please help. Also let me know a good place for regular services near Moratuwa or Kirulapone. Regards, Irosh
  3. Hi, I bought a Kia Picanto 2005 Manual recently. I have noticed the Clutch Pedal is too hard and it vibrates when changing the gear. It has done nearly 90k. Pls help. Irosh
  4. Hi Guys, Any experience using Kia Picanto 2005 model (hatchback)? Fuel? Repairs? Spare parts? Pros/Cons? Planning to buy one for 14/85. Help pls... Irosh
  5. I have these cars in the bucket to purchase, so you recommend Honda City? Why not other two cars? Forget about the 2nd hand market, considering repairs, spare part cost and availability, fuel consumption, etc?
  6. Hi Guys, I just need your support to compare Kia Picanto 2005 (1000cc) Vs Honda City 1998 (1500cc) Vs Chevrolet AVEO LS U-VA 2008 (1200cc) All Manual Cars, prices are pretty much same. Options - Durability - 2nd hand market - Services - Repairs (and repair cost) - Spare Part availability - Spare Part cost - Fuel Consumption - Pros - Cons - Experts, pls help. Regards, Irosh
  7. Best car for 1.5m

    What do you think about Kia and Hyundai cars? Kia RIO Kia Sephia Hyundai Accent Hyundai Elantra I heard that most of the above cars hacked in other countries and shipping to SL with changed millage. Is that true?
  8. Best car for 1.5m

    Well, there are versions of AE 100. And most of them are like in 1993, 1995, etc. I prefer a vehicle in 2000 or later.
  9. Best car for 1.5m

    Thanks for the comment. My concern is Fuel consumption, but heard that it depends on the body weight. But Kelisa is not full option right? And seems less ground clearance compared to Alto. What about the space compared to Alto?
  10. Best car for 1.5m

    Hi, I'm planning to purchase a car for 1.5m. I seek your advises/suggestions based on my interests; Engine capacity should be less than 1300cc (prefer 1000cc) as I used to travel a lot Prefer Auto but Manual is also fine Should have 2nd hand market Easy maintenance YOM should be 2000 or above Should be Full option (including power shutters for all four doors, power mirrors, etc) No Alto or Maruti Cars in my list - Kelisa, Panda 1.0, March K11 Irosh
  11. Thanks for the comment. I personally do not like Wira. My friend had one and I have used once. Wira is very similar to Mitsubishi CB models and C62A. Same engine and same structure. But the interior of the car is really bad. Planning to go for a Kelisa. Guys, anyone has a Kelisa 2005 for 1.3M pls inbox me. I can't go beyond this budget.
  12. Guys, please vote, your vote will help me to go for the best car. Planning to buy one within the next couple of weeks. Mazda Butterfly 1997-1998 Kelisa 2005 And, is there a full option Toyota Corsa or Tercel (1997-1999 model)? What about Honday City 1997-1998? I saw a few cars within my budget (1.3m)
  13. Not very sure, but did feel like the car does at least 11-12kmpl in City with A/C. I used a butterfly for a few weeks and compared with the one I had (Mitsubishi C62A -1991 carb model), Mazda saved me some bucks. And, it's a smooth car and no vibration. Very easy to drive. So that is why, even I can go for a 2005 Kelisa within my budget prefer to go for a 1997 Mazda Butterfly.
  14. Guys, what do you think going for a Mazda Butterfly 1997-1998 (1.3c engine) instead of a Kelisa? I have experience driving a Mazda Butterfly and found one of the best cars. Guys, pls help.
  15. Thanks a lot for your feedback/comments Matroska. It is not that easy to find a 2005 Kelisa for my budget. If anyone has a 2005 Kelisa or a Mazda Butterfly 1998/1999 for 1.3m please inbox me. Planning to go for a lease.