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  1. you should change CVTF every 15k to be on the safe side bro! and thanx KI4120
  2. thanks bro! i know the interval of CVTF is 15,000kms but just wondering whats the interval for non CVT ATF :S
  3. guys can you shed some light on the Es5 gear oil change? how frequently should it be done?? and whats the gear oil? Z1?
  4. apparently Gilbert does this brand called vision! tried calling them up but no body picks the phone! IMo the sound out put of JVCs are less than Pioneers. I dunno thats what i heard though
  5. yeah what happened was I came across this while searching the thread for car audio because I need to change the vision head unit I already have. Just saw somebody speaking about the exact thing so thought i should add my two cents because it might help some body else in the future! My plan is also to go for a pioneer double din with bluetooth. Bara quoted around 50k
  6. I've got this Vision double din setup in my civic. I dont recommend it! it has bluetooth and all that. it also has the honda logo in the start up. not satisfied with the sounds though!!
  7. Komi do you recommend Ashan over Zackie?? I was just about to put my car to Zackie and now considering Ashan since I saw you post
  8. I see that u refer to an ES5 by saying a 1.6 Honda! Just try driving both mate.I did my hunt on both the options. opted for the honda. may be i was biased by the fact that i used an ek3. options wise mazda is better i guess but considering all the other facts i thought honda has an edge. but both are good cars loved the Mazda 3 too. if u search well enough you might be lucky to come across mazda 3s which came with all four disk breaks and few more add ons. good luck bro!
  9. I have been to Waruna (kesbewa), MAhesh (piliyandala), Ajith (Gampaha). in my opinion, all of them are good. waruna brings down parts hence he will insist on replacing parts. specially fuel filter and what not. he does the work and talk both! Mahesh seemed to be a good chap but i couldnt keep up with his busy schedule and the distance (i live in kadawatha). Ajith is a good guy. he works at home and reasonable prices. waruna 0777383384 mahesh 0777116172 ajith 0772929096/773692438
  10. He is asking for 25.5 just wondering if it's a good price at the current market scenario.whats your feed back davvy?
  11. Wow davvy u are so informative and thank you! Yes I'm referring to the latter type.i think it's the same car I'm talking about.what do you think?
  12. Watchman yes true! but I came across a lancer CS2 brand new imported through Unit#d Mot#rs which is EFI with the JDM dash (double din). so just wondering. He quotes 25.5 for the vehicle.its in pristine condition. help me out guys.
  13. wow just figured out it was an year old thread!
  14. isnt the lancer CS2 way more expensive than the ek3?? you must be stuck between a CS1 and an EK3
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