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    Fast Cars and Faster Women... :)

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    Legacy B4
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    2000 cc ( Turbo )
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    Not much, but had the pistons upgraded ( Sti ) , a strut tower bar, turbo timier , K&N Performance filter and slightly wider tyres.
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    Kenwood double din setup, modified front lip, door sil, Aluminium bonnet. Rest of the stuff are stock ( ie : MOMO Steering, Spoiler, skirtings, leather bucket seats etc... )
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    Need to get the weels painted black, overhall one of the tubros ( secondary) and if money permits change the primary turbo with a ball bearning type. Little down the wish list are a) Boost gauge b) Brembo Brakes + slotted disks c) Convert the fog lights to HID. d) Straight through exhaust mod. e) Change the intercooler ( most of the fins are damaged, not sure if it could be repaired ?) F) A noisy BOV. g) A nice new coat of paint
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    Been on this site for many years, in fact before I bought the car I read a lot of discussions on this fourum. It also happens that the same car was discussed under one of the treads. Its a great place for people to get honest opinions from a Sri Lankan perspective regarding any vehicle, so keep it up guys.

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  1. This is the reason this country is going nowhere..... I know its convinent but if we encourage this the RMV will go back to what it was a couple of years back, where you needed to pay to get anything done. They are trying to improve a lot of things like the same day service, issuing of numbers so its more orderly than before.. Anyway this " no objection " letter is stupid, as the previous owner has already signed the trf papers and has also given away the registration document. And even if someone want to transfer on open papers they just need to write a letter leaving the transferee's name blank. So if one were to summarize the documents you need to take to the RMV it would be as follows right ? . 1) Orignial registration book/sheet. 2) Copy of the new owners ID 3) Copy of the old owners ID 4) 2 photograhs of the new owner 5) Revenue Licence ( photo copy + oringial) 6) MTA 6 - ( Although the instructions talk of a complicated distribution of this, the guys at the counter only need one MTA6 ) 7) " No objections" letter from the old owner. 8) Release letter from leasing company/bank if there is a absolute owner mentioned in the book. And items 2,3,4 & 7 need to be sined and stamped by a JP ? Hope this will be comprehensive for anyone trying to do this, please point out anything which I may have missed out or anything which happens differently
  2. My view.... please dont put seat covers, the manufactures have gone to great lenghts to source the best quality fabric/leather for your comfort, so best is to enjoy it. But if you buy a second hand car best to have them properly shampooed. Also the covers tend to sag after sometime and look terrible... Does anyone know if N Cushion works do re-upholstry with Alcantra ? hope I got the spelling right....
  3. Thanks for the info.... considering the guys who are bringing it (GAB) down you would expect it to be good quality. Maybe its ok for short term use on the track but me looking at daily driving so need something that will last. Was reading up on eibach, quite impressive... plus with one year warrenty its a much bettter deal than getting something down from e bay. Will be sending u a pm now... thanks.
  4. Might as well..... I am planning on getting down a set of coilovers. TEIN is out of my reach so came accross GAB, brought down locally (Malaysian I think). Rough estimate was Rs 150k for the full set, which I thought was reasonable so will most probably go for it after Dec. If anyone has put these on a B4 would like to have some feedback, thanks http://gabsuspension.com/template.asp?menuid=11 My front Bilsteins were replaced with kyb, sometime back but not too happy with them also would be nice to lower the car a few inches.
  5. Is there any catch here... ? Rs 3 Million for this seems to be quite reasonable and value for money.
  6. When we say off roading lets be specific.... A basic 2WD SUV could easily manage most of Yala and even on a 4WD you will not need to engage it 95% of the time. This 4x4 madness in Colombo is just for most people to be seen in a big ass vehicle, which towers over the rest of the ordinary jonnies in cars. Honestly, I dont think any of those Prados , Monteros or Discovery's have ever been on a off road track.... so what is exactly the point.. ?
  7. Getting on the site after a while, and I must say.... the metamorphosis of the rust bucket is truely amazing... !!! Well done !
  8. Machan, I think your company HR guy is an idiot...... If you get a loan the car is yours right ? so the company should not be bothered if its unreg or not. If they want all they need to do is to do a valuation of it, if needed. Further this is a big mess, you get the loan and company gives u an allowence, and u need to repay the company back seperately.... This loan scheme was put when there was an income tax issue, but now the Govt allows up to Rs 50k as a vehicle allowence at 0% tax, and if I remember correct this is fully allowed for tax for the company. So the best is to get an allowence and you can get a really good used car for that price, rather than trying to go for the options mentioned....
  9. I would advice not to make a deposit to his account, I had this guy who did but when he went to collect the car he had sold to someone else and this guy had a hard time getting back the money. Best is Bank draft, but most sellers will not release the car untill money is realized, eventhough its gauranteed by the back. Best is the cash option where its a clear give and take. Since most banks issue Rs 5,000/= notes even a large amount of cash can be carried without too much issue.
  10. Nice to see that nothing much has changed on this fourum.... The Govt is issuing permits to all the servants, so obviously higher the tax larger the benifit they get by selling the permits or when they buy the cars. But I heard some permits have been stopped ? so there is a chance we might see some reduction in the next budget, or even before that.
  11. Hey guys. !!! Does anyone know if the GAB coilover suspension kits are good ? There is a company that brings it down just wanted to know if anyone of you might have some first hand experience with them ?
  12. The 508 is well up there in terms of luxury... and the front of it looks stunning, although the rear seems to be lacking something.
  13. Good looking...? Nissan N16..are u sure ? If I were you I would list down a Honda there, it looks good and could even be more fuel efficient than a Nissan.
  14. Guys... On this topic does anyone know a place in SL where they sell genuine sport seats ? Most sites I found on the net sell the fake stuff, but the genuine stuff cost a fortune, so trying to see if there is anyone who is getting them down in bulk here ?
  15. No, I don't think that's what they mean my " scoop" lights, in the local context..... its this one...
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