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  1. Hi Experts, I'm using a honda civic ek3 for past 8 years. YOM 1996 and currently 214690 on the ODO (D15B EFI Engine / Manual) My problem is now when i accelerate beyond 2000 RPM and hold it in there (In Idle & Also while driving) check engine comes up. I don't notice any difference in drive or fuel consumption when this happens. Once I turn off the ignition check engine sign disappear. If I keep it under 2000 RPM check engine sign never show up. Funny thing is no one can find a OBD1 or OBD2 port on the car to scan it. So scanning the car is not possible. Today I have changed the TPS as instructed by my mechanic. But issue was still same. I haven't done a engine tuneup in a while but since there is no problem with fuel efficiency & engine performance i don't think it's necessary. (Correct me if i'm wrong) Fuel filter haven't been changed for the entire time. Services are done on correct mileage and recent one done on last week. Did the emission test last week and no problems in that report. Can someone help me to figure out what's going on with my car ? Thanks in advance !
  2. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Check engine comes up when accelarate beyond 2000 RPM

    I did check it and it's up to the correct level on the dipstick
  3. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Tyre Prices

    Brand: GT Radial Model: Champiro 50 Size: 195/50/15 Price: 12,900 Purchased on 3rd of May.
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    Used Japanese Or Brand-New Indian?

    I would like to suggest Honda Civic EK3 for that price range. Relaiable, Excelent handling, avarage fuel consumption and Parts are freely available.
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    Road Rules And Common Courtesies.

    The red & Blue flash lights you bought from ebay is not going to make you a V*P. Stop using them !
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    Playstation Or X-Box

    is it Forza Horizon 2 ?
  7. Chanaka Gunawardena

    How To Identify Cvt Gear Box In Ek3 1998??

    According to this your car should have a CVT gear box http://www.civic-ferio.info/specs/1998_sep/ Do you have the Ferio badge ? If its not a Ferio I might be wrong.
  8. Chanaka Gunawardena

    110 - High Fuel Consumption And Slow Pick Up

    I also have doubt about the mileage. Your mechanics idea is not so bad since fuel pump and fuel filters might cause this since due to its age.
  9. Fixing the A/C, one part at a time :(

    1. Magnum


      Theres an epic place in Kandy for A/C work

  10. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Ek3 A/c Compressor

    Bought a recon compressor for my ek3 today from a place called Sasmitha compressor house in Navinna. It cost me 11,500/=
  11. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Ek3 Vi Starting Issue

    Check the starter motor solonoide and starter motor condition before moving into sensor replacement.
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    Post Whoring - Part 2

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    Ek3- Radiator , A/c Condenser

    Don't think it will help you because I'm in Galle. But I remember a place called "TEPSCO Air Conditioning" on nawala road mentioned for a similar kind of a job.
  14. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Ek3- Radiator , A/c Condenser

    Looks like the A/C place not did a proper job on your vehicle. Check the cooler and A/C filter for leaks and check the condition of the cooler. Pressure can be build up because of any existing blocks on the system. But on a full service they should remove everything and clean them to prevent any blockage. The original small condenser is not enough for the heat we have on these days. But it's not very bad either if it's in good condition. Did a full service yesterday for my EK3 which has a smaller condenser. Recondition original cooler - Rs. 6500/= A/C filter - Rs. 850/= They had bigger condensers for Rs.6500/=
  15. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Ek3 Wobbling

    Yes, Bad CV joints can make your car wobble in high speeds. Had the same issue with my EK3. Replaced the CV joints and it went away. Cheapest ones will cost you around Rs.3000/=
  16. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Leaky Radiator Tank Help

    I faced a simillar issue on my EK3 and in my case it was the bottom tank which was leaking. It was made by plastic as same as yours. Getting it done by copper was expensive and they told me it's impossible to weld copper and aluminum and they're going to use a glue to fix it. But I was lucky to find a fiber guy who did a perfect job by removing it and puting a fiber coat from inside and from outside. He said the fiber mixure is changed to stay on high temperatures and since then I had no issues with it. This was done in Galle and cost me Rs. 6500/=
  17. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Free Gps Navigator For Android (Mapfactor Navigator)

    It worked fine for me too. Very accurate and spot on. I was testing this in Galle and most of the roots were there also. Thank you very much for sharing this nice app !
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    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Euro Truck Simulator 2............ Yeah, It's good until you're getting boored with long runs.
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    Sporty Hatchback

    Honda CR-Z must be a good option too.
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    Post Whoring - Part 2

  21. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Post Whoring - Part 2

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    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    DIY gone bad !
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    Laptop Prices

    Found this after a quick google search http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2020688,00.asp Playing games on a laptop for last 3 year. Already fried the motherboard once. I will agree with Reckless. In a laptop your're pretty much stuck and if it's a desktop there is no limit to the hardware possibilities. Finally, this is the place you need to be if you are in to latest hardware https://www.facebook.com/redlinetech
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    Post Whoring - Part 2

  25. Chanaka Gunawardena

    Post Whoring - Part 2