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  1. Hi guys, I am in the process of buying a SUV to do some off roading. I won't be doing extreme off roading, but to travel in dirt tracks, sandy beaches etc where a typical family sedan can't go. At the moment I am looking at a 2002-2005 Mitsi Montero V6 3.5L. I know petrol engines are not as good as diesel when it comes to off roading, but my budget only cater up to this. So can you share you expert advice regarding this. Is it worth to buy a Montero & is it worth to buy a petrol? Cheer
  2. Hi, Have you check whether the fuse is blown, which powers the dashboard?? If yes, try dismantle your cluster panel and check, you got nothing to lose right? Cheers
  3. If you summarize what chan5 told, increasing the ride height will result in poor handling and ride comfort. Why don't you try to put some tyres with a taller outside diameter. This will allow you to increase ride height (from a half inch to 2 inches in some models)
  4. Go for Falken... or a better tyre brand like bridgestone, michelin or pirelli
  5. Are you saying that your driver side shutter automatically closed itself after a certain period??
  6. Do a google search, you can find some great tips and info regarding how to avoid odometer frauds. This is not only common to Sri Lanka.
  7. Is it what I see it it?? Did they just advertise that, the bag is coming from the boot of a porsche??
  8. check this out
  9. Hi guys, I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Magna VRX 5 speed triptroninc front wheel drive, which clocked 120,000kms. The problem I am having with the car is it has a rattling sound in transmission in cold starts. Also it changes gears, 1st - 2nd when rpm hits around 2500, and rest changes around 2000 mark. Can you guys give me your expert advice on this matter? Cheers
  10. This format reminds me of www.carsales.com.au Nice look
  11. I checked your link, but there is no shipping to australia. I check Canon 70D, they priced over $1499 just the camera body here...
  12. I am also struggling to make the decision of what to buy as my 1st DSLR. I got two options which are, Canon EOS 700D Camera + 18-55mm STM, 55-250mm STM and 55mm Lens + Bag + Tripod for $1300 Nikon D5500 Camera + 18-55mm, 55-200mm VRII Lens + Bag + Tripod for $1300 Any expert opinion here....
  13. Just commenting... what about a Fiat 500
  14. ebay is your friend here. You can get decent pair of scope lights, and mesh shell for somewhere around 200-300USD and those are DIY projects. If you are not sure, just search through youtube, you can find loads of videos relavent to ek3 mods.
  15. Hey buddy, your question is too vague... for duty and taxes, vehicle's price is just one factor, YOM, engine CC etc are also taken into account when calculating. Unless you are trying to import a Holden, I think getting a car straight down from Japan is less expensive plus, JDMs are in better built quality plus with more newer features.
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