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  1. guys, i thought this was an informative forum to discuss on the cars. i would wonder why my gender would be a question here. if ure unsure check my FB account. i see that lot of people have a question on why i dont go for a hatchback rather than a prius. simple reason is i like a prius and it is not only me who would be driving but my dad. i hope its clear!
  2. petrol vehicles are unaffordable with the price hike. plus prius has TV, NAV everything and it looks cool. i like it rather.
  3. i could look for NHW20 cars made in 2010 in the trademe.lk website. i can bring those right?
  4. hi guys, do you not think i could find a prius 2010 2nd gen vehicle around 1.3 mil (auction grade 4 or above) ??
  5. Hi Phil, can you give me those contacts pls?
  6. these are the car prices i found Date Car Yr Model Km's Shift Grd Price 06/10/2011 PRIUS 2010 EX 11k AT 4 1,275,000¥ 02/09/2011 PRIUS 2010 EX 4k AT 5 1,480,000¥ 20/08/2011 PRIUS 2010 S 22k AT 4.5 1,200,000¥ 08/07/2011 PRIUS 2010 EX 6k AT 6 1,302,000¥ 23/06/2011 PRIUS 2010 EX 5k AT 4 1,390,000¥
  7. xlr8r, i found it on trademe website history page and on integrity express website history page. i found many prius S and prius EX cars which are more than grade 4, done about 20000-30000 km cars gone for a price between 1.2 mil to 1.3 mil yen. i also saw the car details where mostly A1, A2 category defects are seen.
  8. thank you all for the support. really appreciate it. one of my friends gave me an wesite where i can look for cars when they are in auctions itself. in the auctions i noticed that the average price for a 2010 Prius S model, grade 4, done 22000 km car is about 1.25 million yen. if i could get hold of a car for about 1.3 million yen from auction how much it will cost me to bring it down here? (including broker fees, shipping, SL tax, LC cost and everything?)
  9. is the limit 2 years now? from where i can get correct information? also 2 years calculated from date of purchase or date of arrival of the car to SL port?
  10. thanks schiffer, my friends say insight is also better. should i go for a prius or an insight?
  11. Hi all, i'm quite new here and i'm hoping to buy my first car. i'm looking to bring down a prius from japan but i have no idea of how much tax i will have to pay. my budget is around 3.5 million therefore i think of buying a prius made in 2008. can you please suggest me some good sites to see japan auctions and how to calculate the tax amount i will have to pay? if i am to stick to my budget of 3.5 million what is the best amount that i could afford to spend at the auction? thanks for help!!
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