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    15" Alloys
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    K&N Air Filter and a decent bodykit with LED ground lights
  1. Nissan N16, MT 9-10 City 13-15 Outstation
  2. Maybe the clutch padel needs some oil. Do you feel that it is coming from inside? sometimes we overlook the most simple things...
  3. Congrats lil_shane, pls post some photos soon
  4. TurboSeavy

    1000 Hp Supra

    And the turbo??? WOW!!!
  5. Wow! This is a lovely piece of designing indeed
  6. TurboSeavy

    Allion Coupé

    Those look funkey but I like the old Celica the best. I wonder that roof chopped off Ist has a rag-top... or you have to drive for cover in the rain
  7. Hybrid sports car, I guess this is a first isn't it?
  8. Tnx Ash. Dymn! I also want to replace my stock light set... but in tight budget these days...
  9. Hey Miniace, Happy B'day man! Have a good one!
  10. M'cade has a varity of lights, maybe they have projections too.
  11. TurboSeavy

    Rx8 In Plenty

    Are the RX8's that are here any good? Coz, I read on many online forums that the ones manufactured before 2005 have some defects. There were many complaints saying, ‘the car suddenly won't start’. There were some comments saying that this is not a car for everyone, and you have to be careful with it. Anyway, the way I got it there is a flooding problem in the earlier releases. Pls don't get me wrong. I simply love the design of RX-8 and respect the Mazda's boldness in going ahead with a Wankel engine.
  12. No worries bro, I ain't gonna buy a set of expensive ground lights. Got a little project on my mind. Will let you know if I succeed.
  13. I guess we can't mix any coolant with water. The way I have heard is that there are types of coolant that you can mix with water and others that you should not mix. I use BP and they recommend, not to mix with water or even top up with water.
  14. TurboSeavy

    Vw Beetle

    Have seen one of these things modified around Ragama 'Thae watta' area, some time back. The engine was mounted on chrome pipes with the bonnet popped-off, funky purple paint n’ stuff... it was one wild ride...
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