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  1. Market price of Unregistered Previous model of Stingray is about 3.2 Millions and New Stingray model goes around 3.8 Millions. Is it worth going for the new model paying additional 6 laks? Other than outer appearance, what are the improvements they have done in this new model? Fuel efficiency of both models Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to remove that part without damagine the original key. How did you do it.
  3. Hi guys……..The original key of my "Toyota Hilux 2007 invincible" has been damaged. So I replace the key with a new key and a shell. Only thing I did is cut the new key and put the remote circuit in to new key shell. But cab doesn’t start with new key. Remote buttons work fine. Starter motor runs but engine doesn’t start. Engine only start with the original key even without remote circuit unit. what should I do now.. is it possible to program the new key. Thanks...
  4. thanks iRage and NeroX, your comments are correct, i agree with you all. but my requirement is different, One of my frnd who is involved in vehicle import, Import a Fit shuttle 2013 to my brother with highest grade, Pearl white, auction grade 5A, Milage 3500km two months ago. costs him more than 3.8 million, one of my another frnd is using a fit shuttle 2013 aution grade R which has costs him about 3.4 million. both of them are driving the same car. Bt my bro, who is bothered about a accident free vehicle, lower millage and full options lost Rs 0.4 million just before registration, don't know what will happen when he sell da car after 2 or 3 years. Please note that i dont want you to buy auction grade R vehicles, its better to buy a highest grade cars. but at the moment i need a reliable hybrid car (to be used by my sister) thats why i strictly consider on price of the vehicle. however it is possible to test run the vehicle in japan just after releasing form the auction, frnd of mine in japan will do the job and repairs can be done too before shipping the vehicle. if the vehicle is in worst condition it can be re enter to the auction in japan too.
  5. Most of Sri lankan car sales, they are selling auction grade R vehicles, some of them have repair shops in japan and they buy accident vehicles and do the repair works and send to Sri Lanka. Nobody knows the history of the vehicle and they are selling vehicle saying auction grade 4.5 or higher. When we importing personally selected vehicle from auction we cant expect brand new condition from a R vehicle but we can have it lower than market price (about 300,000 depending on vehicle). What I meant by higher mileage is above 30,000kms and bt not higher than 50,000kms on ODO. normally vehicles will not give much trouble up to 100,000kms other than changing brake pads, tires etc (in my opinion and personal experience). even some cars with 4.5 auction grade goes considerably lower value if the millage is high. in my idea its better to stay lower than market price, after 2 or 3 years when we selling it, loss from the vehicle may be minor. How ever luck plays a big role when buying R vehicle.. *Edited - Sri lankan
  6. GP5 is a good option... bt my budget is maximum 3.0million. GP1 is ok for me. bt it is possible to import Fit RS with a lower auction grade, higher mileage or auction grade R within that price range.
  7. These days im planning to buy a Honda fit hybrid. Im considering YOM 2013 models of above cars. GP1 comes with IMA 1.3 engine, 88Hp and GP4 comes with IMA 1.5 engine, 114Hp… Personally I prefer GP4 because it has a sporty look and a powerful engine than GP1. But I have no idea about fuel efficiency of this two models, Probably GP4 has the same engine on Honda insight ZE3. please share your ideas regarding this two models considering fuel economy and performance. Thanks...
  8. Latest update from my frnd who engaged in vehicle import said, small cars (below 1000CC) and van price go down and no big affect for hybrids and normal cars. probably 15000 prices deduction may happen..
  9. ya.. it gives same readings, i checked the pressure many times in all four tyres, both front tyres says 26.0 psi and both rear tyres says 28.0 as i set the tyre pressure earlier. Yesterday i checked the pressure of my frnd's hilux and he told me that he set the tyre pressure 32 psi for all four tyres and the gauge shows 32.0 psi in all four tyres. however item description says accuracy is + or - 1.0 PSI and reading resolution is 0.5PSI.
  10. today i checked the tyre pressure again.. it gave me correct readings. 26 psi for front ant 28 psi for rear. yesterday it gave me bad readings because i checked Tyre pressure after a long run. tyres may be heated and pressure also increased at that moment.. i checked with other two vehicles and works perfectly fine.
  11. Digital Auto Tyre Pressure Gauge...... Ordered.. Received within 2 weeks.. tested.... US $5.68 from ebay (free shipping).. Ebay link http://www.ebay.com/itm/400601166557?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Have no idea about the accuracy.. i set 26 psi for front tyres and 28 psi for rear tyres from a filling station's digital pump and this tyre pressure gauge shows 27.5 front and 29 rear...
  12. Still working fine machan. Sound quality ok. compared to radio.. may car set doesn't hav CDs. exactly same as above Pictures.
  13. A nice Turbo and Blow off valve sound compilation.....
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