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  1. bavarian

    Eva! My Journey With An E36

    >>Yeah, rear brakes are leaking fluid. Need to sort it out! fix it ASAP else you might end up with a huge bill.
  2. bavarian

    Eva! My Journey With An E36

    brakes are shot ???
  3. bavarian


    check the ICV it might have dust so clean it up and also check the AFM as it might have rust inside it which might be blocking the air flow from the air filter and if blocked it wont mix up with petrol causing un burn petrol and the engine cannot idle due to that. Check and clean the ICV and AFM.
  4. bavarian

    5 Series (E39)

    okey guys now since this topic is fully action packed am hijacking a little part of it to get an answer out of you people. the 4 service indicator lights are now amber but the 5th and 6th are still not lit up so am i good to push more miles with the car or is it time for me to give her a service ? My car is an E36 318i.
  5. bavarian

    Bmw E 36 325Tds

    @Bugatti I am interested on a petrol E36 and can you PM some details. Highly appreciated if you can.
  6. bavarian

    Bmw E 36 325Tds

    i second rangerover's comment.
  7. bavarian

    Bmw E 36 325Tds

    @Bugatti are you referring to the car imported by Mr. Alles ?
  8. bavarian

    Bmw E 36 325Tds

    Hi Gayan, Good that your interested in an E36 but why you want to go for a diesel?
  9. bavarian

    5 Series (E39)

    hey VVTi, Did you sold your 323i ? when did this happened?
  10. bavarian

    M50B25 Engine (E36 325I) Performence

    Hi bugs, it is not a VANOS version. if i am correct M52 B25 means you drive a 323i? Anyway what I want to know is that does this engine perform to it's reputation as described in various forums/articled on the web? as now this is a 20 year old engine what are the key maintenance areas in the engine which have to be taken care of? yes i have heard that it is a very thirsty engine and as a person who has experienced driving a similar kind of engine how much does she able to put on with in city and out of city?
  11. bavarian

    M50B25 Engine (E36 325I) Performence

    Can anyone who has experienced this engine give me some insight about thus engine? like performance, maintenance, etc.
  12. I read in http://www.autolanka.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3199-e36-320i/ forum that their is an E36 318i, imported BN and 19- in superb condition. Is that car still available as I am looking for a good well maintained BN E36. PM me if possible.

  13. bavarian

    What's Your All Time Fav Car?

    BMW E36 318is
  14. bavarian

    Need Bmw E36 318I/ 320I/ 325I

    sorry Pericles my bad.
  15. bavarian

    Need Bmw E36 318I/ 320I/ 325I

    VVTi, i thought the "EXPERTS" are verifiers like in the current field of computing to avoid the effect of the GIGO principle seems like only few run with verifiers.