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  1. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Thank you for suggesting PAS from the beginning Supra. Yes I think directly contacting Sabry is the best option there. Good lesson learnt
  2. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Thank you machan. She is definitely a keeper
  3. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Didn’t have any issues related to Exterior and Interior at all. But had some issues related to suspension components and few oil leaks in the engine which are quite common for most of the carina GTs we have in the island today. 160000KM was on the clock at the point of swap. But didn’t notice any under compression issues. I wanted to use this for a longer period. Therefore wanted to take it to its brand new condition ASAP and enjoy what she has to offer . That’s the rationale behind the swap machan. And one more thing, when I saw the car in JP could not stop myself buying it as it was just 36000KM old and was auctioned by a Toyota dealer. And the price was also very reasonable .
  4. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Thank you friends. Really appreciate your support . Car is running with 100% factory specs. No modifications done at all except the DVD player .Used Toyota oil for Power steering and Break system and Toyota super long life coolant was used as the radiator coolant. However Used Castrol GTX 10W-30 for the Engine oil. Many of my friends including PAS asked not to use Toyota engine oil on high revving engines as they say Toyota oil form more sludge (Don’t have much idea on this belief though ). I’m thinking of using a fully synthetic oil from next oil change onward. Do you all think using Castrol Edge 5W-30 (Fully Synthetic) is a good idea on this? I always prefer these JDMs with factory standard settings. But recently came across some aftermarket adjustable shock absorbers made specifically for Carinas in Japan and still thinking should I fix them or not. Also…Anyone has experience with K&N drop in air filters? Some say there is a slight performance increase in it. I don’t mind fixing one of them since it doesn’t look like a major modification at all.
  5. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Yes Suharshan...I was there for sometime...was waiting for a friend.
  6. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    This is her current look after completing all the work.
  7. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Swapping work going on at PAS
  8. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Dismantling the car in Jp.
  9. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    This is the car i bought from Japan.
  10. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Here are some pictures guys. This is how it looked like before the swap.
  11. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Hello guys, 1st let me apologize you all for taking long time to reply to this. Was buys with some personal commitments, hence the delay. So finally I decided to go ahead with PAS as I did not get favourable responses from other joints. My parts arrived in the last week of July and PAS did not accept the car to begin the work until 1st week of Aug as they were busy with some race events. However finally when the real work started they assigned two people permanently (2 very young guys) to do the work and another well experienced chap was working time to time when serious work was going on (Removing engine, wireharness, dash board etc.) They took four days to complete the entire swapping work which included, changing almost everything inside the engine bay, refilling all the oil lines, fixing front and rear suspension setups, changing steering columns, changing dashboard (had to re-fix my old dashboard in the end as my car had some additional features like air purifier and front windshield heaters and car from JP did not have those options and did not have dashboard wiring for those options. So had to go with the old dashboard) and they did some other miscellaneous work such as cleaning break lines and disks, washing and cleaning engine bay and area where the suspension is fitted etc. Need to say that they do a real professional work and they know what they are doing. They are equipped with ideal tools for the job and did not see any pointless chopping and hammering work going on. So thank you Supra_Natural and ghostwriter for suggesting PAS for this work. However I felt that supervisor is no match to the qualities that other guys had and he sometimes try to move away from things quickly without proper explanations and try to come up with obvious excuses. In terms of their charges, even though initially the supervisor quoted about 25k, after completion all the work he said the bill is about 55k and gave the most obvious excuse “We had to put more effort than we expected and had to pay OT for the two staff”. However I agree that no one can make accurate assumptions on the exact amount of effort that they have to put in for these kind of jobs until they actually finish the work. At the end of the day they delivered a superb outcome and I’m quite happy about it. But at the same time I believe the variation of initial pricing and final cost is bit too much (I was honestly expecting to pay 35K-40K even though he quoted 25k in the beginning but not 55k ). After the repair, except a little stiffness in the power steering and minor miss alignment in the steering wheel I did not have any issues at all and car runs smoothly like never before. In terms of changing other parts: changing most of the other parts such as seats, some door beadings, door upholstery, key barrels, lights, etc. was a DYI job for me and managed to do it at my place without a much hassle and didn’t have any reason to consult a mechanic or PAS for that. Can say car is in perfect nick now So thank you everyone for suggesting me good places to do the major swapping work and again really sorry for being late to reply to this thread. Cheerz
  12. HB211

    toyota corolla 141 or axio

    Hi Miraj, I've been using an Axio Luxel (Alpha edition) 2008 for almost four years now. Can recommend this model without a doubt. It has done about 80,000KM now & only trouble it gave was an issue with Alternator pulley. Was able to source parts for the alternator from Delkanda and later on managed to find an alternator from Japan and bought it down in case if needed to replace. (An expert said, for Luxel and for KDH vans this alternator issue is a known problem) It does about 10-10.5KMPL in the usual Colombo traffic and 19-20KMPL in the highway and in other outstation areas does about 14KMPL. But obviously these figures may change depending on the driving pattern. It is quite different to the usual Axio X or G grade and is equipped with the Dual VVTI engine (1.8L), 7 speed Tiptronic transmission, 8 Air bags, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Auto Parking, Pre crash safety feature, rear stabilizer bar etc. Some of these options are only applicable for Alpha edition. All the general maintenance parts such as Oil filters (this is different to the 1.5L variant's filter), air filters, brake pads, spark plugs, etc. are readily available at Toyota Lanka, so you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance. It is quite powerful than the 1.5L variant and handling is also better, but need to say handling is not the best and don’t expect much on that aspect. In terms of body parts except the front shell and rear trunck lip, all the other parts are same as the usual 1.5L variant. I think Luxel is a good option for you to consider as you said you are concerned on both fuel economy and performance.
  13. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Yes agree. It will anyways take few weeks to get things back to normal, I'm not in a hurry to do this, but I felt asking four days just for the replacing work is bit too much. Thanks for the valuable info and recommendations. I'm yet to hear from Replica Speed. Will update here the progress of the work.
  14. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Supra & Ghostwriter: I visited PAS this weekend and had a chat with them. They said they can do the replacing of engine + gearbox + front and rear suspension + Steering wheel within 4 days. But I personally think it won't take four days for this work, because my parts are arriving as a bulk unit, not as individual parts. i.e: engine removed from the car with gearbox and front suspension still attached to each other as it came from the factory. Rear suspension also removed as a bulk unit. It took only one day for us to dismantle the entire car in Japan (2 people involved). PAS said it will cost about 25k for this work. Looking at the quality of work they provide I think this is an okay price. What are your thoughts on this? Tuner88: Thanks for the info machan. I agree with your point. This is a replacing work only. Only worry I have in terms of giving it to a local mechanic is safety of the parts. Because obviously will have to leave these parts at the garage for few days and knowing the unpleasant stuff that these guys do at garages, I don't think this is the best option. Saheeq and Nilantha do the replacing work as well? or just the tune ups only?
  15. HB211

    Repairing A Carina Gt

    Thank you C1nder.Found his number through FB and will call him today. Thanks Supra. PAS was my second option after Replica speed. Going to have a chat with PAS this weekend. Need to check their prices as many cliam they are bit expensive.