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  1. nato23

    Prius 3Rd Gen - Change Display/voice Language?

    can anybody help me out please... there is a big difference in the 3rd Gen from the 2nd Gen thats been discussed
  2. nato23

    Best Toyota Hybrid

    any more advices please... URGENT!
  3. nato23

    Reviews For Latest Mazda 6

    hahahahhahaaa :sad-smiley-058:
  4. nato23

    Reviews For Latest Mazda 6

    hahahahhahaaa :sad-smiley-058:
  5. nato23

    Best Toyota Hybrid

    thanks alot will do indeed...
  6. nato23

    Best Toyota Hybrid

    haha thanks Komi would love to once the Petrol prices come down... i actually really dont care about the environment i just want a car which will save fuel i Dont know just thinking of the Axio cz its a sedan and since it is a 2014,
  7. nato23

    Best Toyota Hybrid

    Hi, i am evaluating between a Prius 2013 and a Axio 2014. please need some urgent advice
  8. nato23

    Fuel Efficiency

    anybody with the figures for Kia Sportage 2008 Diesel ??
  9. nato23

    Montero Sports Brake Pad Issue

    i think you are correct... cz my uncle owns one and they do quite alot of travelling, he's done 64k km's in one year of use. and still hasnt changed his.. you got to pay some seriouse attention to this.
  10. nato23

    Hummer H2

    i was thinking of buying a Ferari 355 for 25mil, anyone can update me on the Spareparts availability and fuel consumption
  11. i would like to extract what codexdj is saing that if there is a mechanism to identify used car prices we can come out with a Avg. going price for the vehicle for someone to have an idea about. and then to mark up or mark down from the sold rates.
  12. nato23

    Best Suv To Buy For 5 Million

    go for the Montero which was out in the 2000, which looked like the intercooler
  13. wonder why Silvi hasnt still added his 2 cents into this