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  1. which engine capacity you were talking abt 2700cc , 3500cc or more
  2. Hey, I just want to know toyota prado TRJ150 petrol Fuel consumption.. i hv old trj120 3400cc petrol. but i just want to know new model petrol consumption.. anyone knows it?? thnx
  3. lol... i dnt wanna buy bodykitted craps... i hv enough money 2 buy even new evo x... but i luv evo iX... i just ask any 1 knw where i cn buy one.. otherwise i dunt wnnna show off... if i wanna show off i shw wht i hv in SL lol :S
  4. nor more than 5 in srilanka.. i saw 6 different colours runing in street Original evo'z ..........so i dnt think only 5 available in SL
  5. i dun lyk it new one mate... evo IX is good.. low weight super cool.. but new one fatty ugly?? isnt it
  6. i thought price around 7mn to 9mn... very rare to find one... anyone knw any contact detail..owner? or seller
  7. Hey guyz hw yaw all doing, I just wanna know how much Evo 8 or 9 in srilanka.. I'm looking to buy one. Please let me know Price Between 7.0Mn to 9.0mn thnX
  8. thnx but i want to know 3.4 model fuel consumption
  9. yes its 2004 model.. but i want to know now 2700cc & 3400cc fuel consumption.
  10. no there is 4690cc engine capacity prado. and you know current market price in srilanka 2.7L unreg 9.0mn , registerd price will be lower than un reg price. 3.4L prado price 7.5mn registed KK numbers. but i want to know which one good for fuel consumption
  11. thnx mate.. and do you know abt 3400cc is it doing more than 2.7 or lower?
  12. hi, i'm planing to buy toyota prado TRJ 120 petrol jeep. which model is good TZ or TX & best fuel consumption which engine capacity is the best. Toyota Prado TRJ120 Petrol TZ or TX Limited 2700cc 3400cc 4600cc which one good in fuel consumption. If you know any jeep below 8.0mn please let me know.
  13. hw ever bro.. petrol cost too high.. thts why im gonna change it to diesel.. im live in england bt im going to come back sl.. company owned mean ???.i cant understand. i own so i can do wht ever i want..
  14. if u hve contacts.. that one not a problem
  15. Toyota sucks thnx for replyn.. how ever both jeeps mine company maintain. i contact Unit#d Mot#rs twice.. they say nt da problem with jeep.. lol problem with driver... now im going to convert it to diesel.. bcuz its cheap.. i can get full kit frm england day before day i checked £3000. if i buy those frm srilanka it will cose over £8000..
  16. Komisiripala thnx for replyn... Lol i have montero + Prado 150 new i fedup wid montero... never do montero 8Kmpl when i driven outside colombo montero max 6kmpl .Prado did 12Kmpl colombo to anuradhapura. colombo area hell no i service montero before i come to england. Company maintained jeep. 6kmpl dream when im driving i think you driving 60Km/h thts why 6Kmpl ... how ever im not telling Montero bad. how ever for srilanka diesel better i think
  17. The Stig thnx for replyn.. but diesel cheaper in srilanka by da way im in England. so i can get very low price diesel engine parts.. im not going to buy any part frm srilanka..
  18. ya but i will not going to repair cuz im going to convert this jeep to diesel as soon as possible
  19. 1ltr 3KM my bad sorry watchman when i switch on dual ac its goes to 2KM
  20. i dont want to sell VVTi. i have montero & prado both petrol but montero petrol..Oh not good for use in srilanka.. 3L per 1KM
  21. hi, thank you for details. Abbas can i have parts no these. because im going to import completed kit from england.
  22. Hi, I have Mitsubish Montero Super Exceed 2002 petrol 3500cc KC english number Jeep Triptronic . I want to convet it to diesel. what shoud i need to buy. please post what i need for Convert. Thanks
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