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  1. Nobody cares what you "think". Just coz you "think" that doesn't make it so.

    I can see you're the kinda guy who is gonna get suckered into buying a bodykitted Lancer and proudly driver around telling people you have an Evo.

    lol... i dnt wanna buy bodykitted craps... i hv enough money 2 buy even new evo x... but i luv evo iX... i just ask any 1 knw where i cn buy one.. otherwise i dunt wnnna show off... if i wanna show off i shw wht i hv in SL lol :S

  2. Theres only 5 EVO9's in the country if im not mistaken & only one out of that is on the roads. all the rest are on the track. so i doubt u will find one for sale anytime soon.

    nor more than 5 in srilanka.. i saw 6 different colours runing in street Original evo'z ..........so i dnt think only 5 available in SL

  3. Especially for this type of vehicles, the registration number means nothing. Majority are late registrations. So a 7.5 Mil KK registration plate would be a 2003/04 model that was imported in an era where import taxes and exchange rates were much more desirable!

    yes its 2004 model.. but i want to know now 2700cc & 3400cc fuel consumption.

  4. There's no 4.6L prado 120 or 150 for that matter. The latter TZ versions of the 120 came with a 4.0L. With a budget of 8 mil it will be out your reach as they go for well over 10 mil or even closer to 12 mil if I'm not mistaken. I think you're better off going for a 3.4 TZ-G as it has way more options and quite a lot faster than the 2.7 TX. To make matters worse the 2.7 comes with 4 speed auto.

    One more thing. This is purely to keep you informed. You can't generalize When you refer to the 120 series as the TRJ120 it means you're referring only to the 2.7L version.

    no there is 4690cc engine capacity prado. and you know current market price in srilanka 2.7L unreg 9.0mn , registerd price will be lower than un reg price. 3.4L prado price 7.5mn registed KK numbers. but i want to know which one good for fuel consumption

  5. hi,

    i'm planing to buy toyota prado TRJ 120 petrol jeep. which model is good TZ or TX & best fuel consumption which engine capacity is the best.

    Toyota Prado TRJ120 Petrol TZ or TX Limited




    which one good in fuel consumption.

    If you know any jeep below 8.0mn please let me know.


  6. I know diesel is cheaper :rolleyes:

    Jeeez, fine ill do the math for you

    Cost of importing = 3000£

    Cost with taxes ( assumption of 30% tax)= 3900£

    Cost in Rupees = 3900 x 175 = Rs 682500

    Cost of installing = 75000

    Total cost of the project = 757500 /=

    Okay so lets assume the diesel does about 8Kmpl

    And lets assume that you dont do any engine modification or repair to your current petrol engine, so ideally as you stated it would be around 3kmpl.

    Cost for 1 km with the petrol engine = 125/3 = Rs 41

    Cost for 1 km with the diesel engine = 76/8 = Rs 9.5

    Difference in cost per 1 km = 41-9.5 = 31.5 rs

    so lets see how many km you have to drive to equal the cost of keeping the petrol = 757500/31.5 = 24047.6 km

    So you would have to drive 24047 km to equal the cost

    An average person drives about 30 km a day

    how many days to drive to equal the cost = 24047/30 = 801 days

    Years to equal the cost = 801/365 = 2.19

    So ideally you have to drive 2.19 years contentiously in your monetero before you save any money. And given the fact that you say you have other vehicles i highly doubt you will drive the monetero all the time, so ideally you will have to wait about 3-4 year for you to actually notice any save !

    Complicated math for you ? in short simple English "its not worth it" !

    BTW i got to ask, what kind of company lets their employees modify their company owned vehicles ? :huh:

    Also if you live in England ( which you have mentioned) why would you even care about a vehicle in SL and its fuel economy ?

    hw ever bro.. petrol cost too high.. thts why im gonna change it to diesel.. :( im live in england bt im going to come back sl.. company owned mean ???.i cant understand. i own so i can do wht ever i want.. :)

  7. And how do you imagine those parts are going to get to Sri Lanka? Are you going to carry the entire conversion kit in your hand luggage?

    I suppose you've forgotten that there is such a thing as Customs duty charged on vehicle parts, especially in the quantities you're thinking of...

    First and foremost, get your Montero checked out properly. We have one and it does 5 Km/l in town easily, with dual ac on.

    if u hve contacts.. that one not a problem ;)

  8. This should be doing about 5kmpl

    Plug it up and check it and u'll see something is terribly wrong,

    but it won't cost much, this could be a basic issue,

    Might need to clean injectors, do a tune up, ect.......

    It'll be worth spending some money and saving the original condition of u'r vehicle than going for an engine transplant, wich if gone wrong will make u'r vehicle a lemon, and definitely decrease the market value even if done properly.

    BTW it is upto u to decide but if i were u I'd keep the original engine with some repair

    Toyota sucks thnx for replyn.. how ever both jeeps mine company maintain. i contact Unit#d Mot#rs twice.. they say nt da problem with jeep.. lol problem with driver... now im going to convert it to diesel.. bcuz its cheap.. i can get full kit frm england day before day i checked £3000. if i buy those frm srilanka it will cose over £8000..

  9. had experience with two exceed's. both did 5.7 - 6kmpl as per trip computer. cruising on GDI eco it goes up to 8-12kmpl on long distance hauls. which, for an SUV that size, is very decent.

    i too advocate getting your systems checked. probably might cost a lot less on the long term and initial investment than a diesel convert. don't forget you bring in a whole new dimension of noise and low frequency vibration also with a diesel engine

    Komisiripala thnx for replyn... Lol i have montero + Prado 150 new i fedup wid montero... never do montero 8Kmpl when i driven outside colombo montero max 6kmpl :o .Prado did 12Kmpl colombo to anuradhapura. colombo area hell no i service montero before i come to england. Company maintained jeep. :( 6kmpl dream when im driving :) i think you driving 60Km/h thts why 6Kmpl :( ... how ever im not telling Montero bad. how ever for srilanka diesel better i think :)

  10. Im saying it might actually be cheaper to fix your petrol engine and run with it than to install a new diesel engine. Sure you will save from the fuel costs of a diesel but when you consider the investment on the engine and other parts i would say it would take a couple of years for your diesel to match the value of your current setup. Anyway its your choice :rolleyes:

    The Stig thnx for replyn.. but diesel cheaper in srilanka :P by da way im in England. so i can get very low price diesel engine parts.. im not going to buy any part frm srilanka..

  11. Dude 3kmpl is fuel figures of a hummer which weigh about twice as your montero.

    There is something seriously wrong with your engine, get it checked before trying to convert it to diesel. After repairs if the results are satisfactory you can keep the petrol engine and save the added cost of converting it to diesel.

    ya but i will not going to repair cuz im going to convert this jeep to diesel as soon as possible

  12. plus ECU, vacuum tanks, Meter panel, then the hassle of changing the papers and the vehicle becoming a 'converted' vehicle, losing market value in a flash. :)

    i dont want to sell VVTi. i have montero & prado both petrol but montero petrol..Oh not good for use in srilanka.. 3L per 1KM :(

  13. Hi their,

    You can buy a completed original diesel kit for the montero . its the 4m41 3.2 DID kit.this comes with the engine and gear box , computer boxes , wire harness ,silencer kit,cluster meter,diesel tank , basically a entire montero with out the body and will cost u around 1.2million. Hope this helps .i have seen a few done and its good as original bec its just a plug in original kit and has no difference from a original montero.i have seen one on the AL classifieds for sale in this site.


    thank you for details. Abbas can i have parts no these. because im going to import completed kit from england.

  14. Hi,

    I have Mitsubish Montero Super Exceed 2002 petrol 3500cc KC english number Jeep Triptronic . I want to convet it to diesel. what shoud i need to buy. please post what i need for Convert.


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