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  1. liya

    Can I Afford A Car?

    Well, first time I read a completely honest question! All the best to you lad. Maybe you should save a bit before buying a small car? Keep something in reserve for emergencies.
  2. liya

    New Helmet Law

    I'm all for shooting anybody that comes with their faces covered to high security premises, including the dumbfuk that dreamed of banning full face helmets in the first place. Endangering the lives of thousands of bikers, so that banks and police can shirk away from their responsibility. WTF! Its the damn bank and the police responsibility to protect their premises. For starters they can replace the wheezy gasping naaki sikka uncles
  3. liya

    Inflate Nitrogen Tires

    I bet there are a lot of allion, aqua and vezels with nitrogen inflated tires.
  4. liya

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    What's that saying.....even a loris finds its offspring beautiful (unahapuluwata ugey patiyath lassanai)?
  5. liya

    Used Japanese Or Brand-New Indian?

    I brought a celerio and the doors don't shut properly But you save on petrol pretty much the same way an Indian saves You can almost hear it counting the rupees as it revs
  6. liya

    Buying An Entry Level Car

    My vote -swift or kelisa. Very easy to drive. You'll find lot of first time drivers using them, especially the swift
  7. liya

    Celerio Brake Failure

    screw it. I just brought one!
  8. liya

    Rat Problem, Advice On Next Steps

    Tried the traps, nothing worked. Them buggers are getting too sharp for traps. Then I used that glue tray sold at some supermarkets and caught three. Only thing is, those trays are damn expensive.....
  9. liya

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Daymn..talk about glorifying the mundane The times we live in. Next up, lumala bicycle meet up
  10. liya


    Celerio AMT version goes for 24+. And its without airbags. Only the manual version has airbags. Less said of its safety features the better. Axia is far superior as a car than these indian papadams, but if your intention is the save on fuel only, then Celerio would be a good option I guess. I think it has some manual gear with an automatic gear shifting technology that saves on fuel. However, if safety is your concern then don't even think about it
  11. liya

    Nissan "leaf"

    Environmental and costs benefits will only be realized if you have a net metering system at home. Otherwise, you will still end up burning fossil fuel. But both electric cars and domestic solar power are the future, no doubt
  12. liya

    Tesla Model S In Sri Lanka :)

  13. liya

    Shelby Mustang Cobra In Sri Lanka

    Presumably the license would have been obtained the same way loku putha obtained his law degree
  14. liya

    Shelby Mustang Cobra In Sri Lanka

    If this is the way the bugger drives cars, with a rocket he'll end up in the andromeda galaxy for sure. Equally certain, good old papa will sell Sri lanka to get him back from andromeda
  15. liya

    Shelby Mustang Cobra In Sri Lanka

    ....and he wants to drive rockets to space too. sin men. Good thing daddy is there to clean up the mess