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  1. I guess the weight of the car, 1.5 engine combined with CVT transmission could be the case. 1.8 suits better for Allion. Did you felt that slowdown in every speed? Usually CVT slows/applies engine brake if car travel less than 40KMPH and above there's no such. At least that's how I feel in my Vitz.
  2. You should immediately replace gear oil with Toyota CVT-TC. (Assuming you have CVT transmission and it's sensitive to the oil). Btw what makes you put this? Did someone recommend it?
  3. Toyota vitz

    It's not a bad engine. It's been the same engine since 2004/5 or so. It's a 3 cylinder engine so it has it;s ups and downs.
  4. Toyota vitz

    KSP90 is the second generation Vitz came from 2005 - 2010. KSP130 is the latest/3rd generation came from 2011 on wards. Both 1000cc
  5. I'm also eying on Axio and what the members commented above is the truth. Prices are just funny and most of the time car is not even in good shape. One of friends willing to sell his 2008 Axio G at 70K which I know is legit but asking price is 42. Doesn't worth it. Accidentally checked a 2009 Luxel and price was 44 and a Lancer 2007 with 190K for 33. Latter is a manual.Axio failed to start since battery was drained or something like that walked away.
  6. Vitz Fuel Consumption

    I have 1300cc Vitz(2007 make) and it does 10-12 KMPL in City. Outstations it does around 15-19 KMPL depending on road conditions.
  7. Yeah. Explained this in Ela*ri also. He should have checked his model code to make life easier. Even Toyota have CVTs that give shift feeling sometimes.
  8. Toyota 1st, 2004

    And the car should be IST not 1st.
  9. So what are you actually trying to say?
  10. What to buy between 2M to 3M?

    GE6 indeed a good car to own. One of my friends have that and he absolutely love the drive. Having said that if you can find a 1300cc Vitz in good nick would give you best of the both worlds in terms of power and fuel efficiency.
  11. What is face lift?

    Yes the shell has changed and I have seen some small cosmetic changes between some model years maybe anniversary models. It's a car came with many trim levels. So called "Dicky light" model is the facelift.
  12. What is face lift?

    pre facelift facelift
  13. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Yeah I saw that dash cam footage . Here by looking at the damage Premio also could be traveling at an excessive speed I guess.
  14. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    According to a news report the car was speeding and another vehicle suddenly tried to enter road from left. Premio couldn't stop and turned to right opposite lane and hit the bus head on.