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  1. Power of WagonR posted in the infamous group.
  2. I don't think you have any problem here as the needle is little less than 2.5 mark. Let's see whether any other member has a different view.
  3. It does look like a good one. I'm also looking to replace all 4 shocks but I'm bit biased for a softer ride.
  4. How much are they? Both front and rear?
  5. On board fuel economy display is optimistic as the video shows.
  6. My recent trip to Nawalapitiya from Malabe through Hatton road had some interesting fuel consumption situation. Going up hill with only 2 adults + 1 kid and light boot did max 17.2 KMPL until Kithulgala and then went down as the climb became bit steep from there. Final average came around 15.4 KMPL. Down hill trip with 3 adults and loaded boot (hal pol freight) did 15.6 KMPL max and once we reached back home it was about 15 (including a stop with engine running for some grocery shopping). Both ways are with some normal traffic congestion. Note that these figures are from on board computer and I had never bothered to check tank to tank method nor I'm concerned with fuel figures at all.
  7. Nice looking car. I had the petrol variant CB2A. It was my very first car.
  8. Still 1980s news reporting by the media. More information about the crash has now emerged . So it's the front female passenger who has died while her husband was the driver. There was another video showing her husband giving cpr to her desperately. Shocking.
  9. As I heard it's the passenger who has died and not sure whether the driver is male or female. Looks like the wagonR made a turn without stopping or slowing like a tuk tuk. Subie is also way too fast for a public road to be driven and was known to be driven like that previously in the same area.
  10. It's the usual response that many AC guys give and I had to push them to fix a 260 compressor instead of 121 one. I don't know about 141 but it's not so recommended for Allion/Premio/Axios. 121 compressor is a conventional clutch based one and actually reliable because it's simple in operation and it only engage momentarily based on cabin temp. But those original VDC compressors are controlled by the ECU with variable compression based on many parameters and permanently coupled with the engine. They add considerably less load for the engine compared to the 121 compressor. and doesn't affect fuel economy no matter your turn AC on or off. It's kinda trade off.
  11. I don't sweat it actually. I just replace according to what agent says because I can . Just kidding but actually I don't know if there's any technical study was done to find where the SL conditions fit in the maintenance schedules meant for Japan so I'm just going with the agent and owners could think otherwise.
  12. Yes it has a CVT gearbox. You may refer articles similar to below on what CVT is and it's advisable to change CVT fluid in every 40000 KM or less for Sri Lankan conditions. Also always put Toyota CVT-FE for your CVT gearbox, nothing else. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-tech/101267/what-is-a-cvt-gearbox
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