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  1. hrm

    ALLION 2007

    You should never step on CVTs like normal autos. You have to press the pedal lightly to start moving and when it get the initial acceleration you can press further for more speed. You can't do wheel spins in CVTs.
  2. hrm

    ALLION 2007

    Yes. Check the condition of CVT oil first. Since maintenance is done by TL they should have used correct CVT oil at proper intervals. Do you have proof(TL maintenance records) that CVT oil changes are indeed done?
  3. hrm

    ALLION 2007

    You are saying when you press gas RPM rise to 3K but car doesn't move or move slowly? Is this 240 or 260?
  4. hrm

    Advise for buying vitz 2008 model

    Thanks. I sold my dual airbag 1300cc for little over 27 recently.
  5. hrm

    Advise for buying vitz 2008 model

    Congrats !! If you don't mind how much did you pay? 8 air bags model?
  6. hrm

    Advise for buying vitz 2008 model

    Yep and I was bit lucky to find a good specimen.
  7. hrm

    Advise for buying vitz 2008 model

    If you find a well maintained one there's nothing wrong with Vitz. CVT issues are repairable here for some extent. I have used a 2007 one for 4 years as 3rd owner only dong regular services and climbed mountains with it. It really depends on how it was maintained by previous owner/s. Car has nothing to do with Sri Lankan second hand logic what so ever.
  8. True that second gen was not a looker at all but I have great respect for that being a humble and trustworthy companion. I think 3rd gen should be even better. Flip side is these unrealistic prices of being a Toyota.
  9. hrm

    Prius C vs Vitz

    Prius C sold by Toyota Lanka has more ground clearance than regular Aqua. It also has some modifications in air con to suit our conditions better.
  10. hrm

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Isn't that the flare stick which can be used in an emergency? It's one time use only as I know. Btw congrats on your new car.
  11. hrm

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    Nice car man. Congrats !!
  12. hrm

    Toyota vitz gears not changing

    What is the manufactured year? And is this auto or manual?
  13. In rare cases it can happen. I was given an Alto K10 from my wife's side that was run only 1000Km for 3 years which I know was genuine as they hardly took it out. Even I didn't used it much and when I was selling it had less than 6000KM. Sold within 2 hours of posting the add.