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  1. hrm

    Engine issues with 2007 Toyota Vitz

    You should not be taking any chances with a CVT gear box. First check the condition of the CVT oil through a garage or a service joint and replace if necessary. You might need a tuneup too but first check whether the gear box is ok.
  2. hrm

    Engine issues with 2007 Toyota Vitz

    Do you feel any jerks while driving? Do you know when the last time that CVT oil was replaced?
  3. hrm

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    white lighting is the pre face lift and amber one is the facelift. Somehow Z came before Y.
  4. hrm

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    Yeah that was my original assumption.
  5. hrm

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    Yup. It's there in the second generation Vitz. Different codes for different grades/models it seems.
  6. hrm

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    If you find something let me know. Just figured out that in mine it does not light up with meter illumination. Just that it's printed in white it is very noticeable. Same as this image from Russian forum.
  7. hrm

    Warning Light On The Dash Board

    Are you happen to see it recently? What's the model year? I have P67-Z code printed in the dashboard. It gets illuminated whenever car starts since it lights up rest of the meter cluster. It can be seen even without starting the car. Just thought it's related to a identification code of meter cluster or chip set. It was there from the day 1 I bought the car and never had any problems with it. Don't know if it's different in your case
  8. hrm

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    For a second I thought a Belta was struck from both front and side.
  9. Fuel prices to go up from mid night today. Reportedly petrol would go up by Rs.20 (both 92 and 95). Normal diesel by Rs. 14 and super diesel by Rs.9. :wacko:

    1. Hyaenidae


      Long queues at fuel stations... 

    2. hrm


      Yep. No wonder if there's a shortage by morning.

    3. Magnum


      Idiots spending hours and hours in queues just to save like 1000 bucks!

  10. hrm

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Yeah something happened before that was not captured by the camera. Maybe Vezel tried to turn and speeding Mazda hit it from side?
  11. hrm

    Maintenability Honda Fit GP1 vs GP5

    Handling and acceleration is much better in GP1. But in city traffic it's fuel consumption is almost similar to a non-hybrid hatch.
  12. hrm

    Mitsubishi Lancer Recall due to faulty airbag

    Had similar issue in my 1994 Lancer CB2. light stalk worked as a toggle switch. It never stayed in high beam when I pressed it down. But if I press it up then high beam stays. Press up again then low beam.
  13. hrm

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    Yep. One of my friends Vitz was repaired there too. And they said about 100 Vitz alone were repaired by them in past year or so. Cost him 50K and doing ok now.