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  1. hrm

    Japanese Car News

    Is there any specific reason why they dropped CVT from 1.2L sedan while offering the same in the hatch?
  2. They were making a pulsating noise when brake is applied. Maybe it's not even calipers. My knowledge on this is limited
  3. 77K. Sorry they actually changed the calipers not rotors.
  4. Well I had to replace V belt, rear brake rotors, all 4 tyres. Then that infamous AC issue came and had to replace the AC compressor. Then came the full service at TL that costed around 65K. Shocks replacement is due. I guess these are pretty normal for the age and mileage of the car but didn't do any of these while having my Vitz At least we are not typical stereotype Allion owners in SL.
  5. Hopefully it will be normal then. But the little jerk thing is the one I'm about to find out.
  6. I'm yet to experience that. In fact I haven't felt any jerks in my CVT (hope no aswaha katawaha ) But again as I mentioned above sometimes I do feel the gear is engaged when putting to R if you pay attention but it's not a jerk. Felt same in previous Vitz also.
  7. I guess you better do some health monitoring of the CVT probably from TL just to be sure that CVT is ok.
  8. Nah CVT lag is only there when you floor it not when you put into R. :-) Hope you haven't noticed this behaviour before. Do you feel anything different when drive? Does the car engage D at cold start instantly? I also sometimes feel a small sensation that the gear is engaging if I put it to R in a non level surface.
  9. hrm

    Toyota vitz 2018 - rear Speakers silent

    I think wiring is available but couldn't give a definitive answer as I haven't done such.
  10. hrm

    Toyota vitz 2018 - rear Speakers silent

    You mean rear door speakers? F grade Vitz (assuming you have this) doesn't get rear door speakers as I know but you have speaker cutouts so you can install them if you wish.
  11. hrm

    2007 allion or an unregistered vitz

    It can if maintenance is done properly. Safest thing is a new Vitz given that you would find a genuine one from a sale or import one yourself but one is a sedan and other is a hatch.
  12. hrm

    toyota axio problems

    I don't say it's not good but it's very soft. If you you put grown 3 people in the back car might drop to ground.
  13. hrm

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Go with Viz. WagonR for some reason has become the newer car with most number of issues if you look around FB groups. SL climate and its people are giving a hard time on it.
  14. hrm

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Congrats bro !
  15. hrm

    Vitz 2016 sudden "hiccup"

    I'm having an Allion 2011 and never experienced this. But I had a similar experience with my 2007 Vitz 1300cc but it only happens when you slow down and accelerate while climbing a hill.