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  1. Bought front shocks (KYB Excel-G) from GS Auto Parts. Rs 14700 each for Allion 260.
  2. Yeah. In your case it's better to stay put for a minute.
  3. Me too. In my case I would wait until digital display shows 1 bar high. Engines with aluminium blocks usually come to working temperature fast.
  4. Always better to give couple of seconds before driving off in the morning. Especially if you have inclines to climb just after leaving drive way. But I don't think it's necessary to wait all the way until car reach operating temp.
  5. That's the problem . Also most of them are big headed and user groups are filled with brokers. Really hard to get an honest opinion.
  6. I also had problem only on steep hills. Normal inclines never gave an issue.
  7. I would say old school and easy to live with. It's an old platform. Many economy cars of that era didn't had it.
  8. It doesnt. At least A15 doesn't.
  9. One reason is when you stop in the middle of the hill and apply brakes, CVT would put the transmission in neutral. When you press the accelerator there's a delay to shift back into D and the car rolls back. Solution is to use hand brake. For small inclines this is not necessary but for steep ones I always use hand brake if i have to stop and go. Feature such as hill hold would overcome this.
  10. To be honest I don't feel this problem 9/10 times in my car. Neither did in my previous Vitz given that I regularly travel up country. What I do feel is something similar to a kick down in a regular automatic if accelerator is pressed hard.
  11. Somewhat normal and usually gets noticeable when shocks and mounts wear out with use. Gentle accelerator inputs usually masks this behavior.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. Also saw that it has some good options for this segment like electric tail gate with foot activated control, electric seats, terrain select for AWD model etc.(Probably only available for the highest Z grade)
  13. Yeah. They are specifically made for TNGA models it seems. I wish it was a 4 cylinder though.
  14. According to current tax scheme it would cost like 9M if imported? I read the gasoline engine is M15A-FKS. Is that a totally new engine?
  15. Paid 68K for 5M cover @ SLIC last month.
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