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  1. hrm

    DBA - KSP130 Gears

    S - slope for climbing inclines (gives some RPM boost though) B - brake mode to be used in steep descents
  2. hrm

    Carina 212 Ti

    240 had conventional auto except for 2000cc(A20) version.
  3. it says *Advance variants only. Maybe agent doesn't import it here?
  4. So it happened inside a Police station and still they behave like underworld thugs? If they haven't done anything wrong they could have sue the customer or something like that instead of acting like that knowing the thing is getting recorded. And this is not the first time I hear such stories about them so all of them were fabricated by other service people? One of my friends car was installed a cheap replica of original oil filter and still charged for the genuine filter. Not even a gas yata garage would do such.
  5. hrm

    Engine Oil Overfill

    TL did the same for me.
  6. hrm

    Wagon R Depreciation

    There's a FB owners group which is pretty active. I noticed some common problems mentioned by them. 1. Adjuster (really don't know what it is) making noise after power washing engine bay 2. Premature failure of 12V battery and ISG unit 3. Start stop system malfunctions
  7. I don't think they would do any kind of dismantling. If they find it's faulty by any means they would simply advice you to replace it. However it's not a bad idea to let them do a full AC system checkup to identify the culprit.
  8. You have to go to an AC joint who are familiar with these type of compressors. Axio. Vitz, Belta also has similar ones. Do not go to a maka bass place which will ultimately cost you more and also make your car a lemon. There's a valve inside is the main culprit as I know. Have to dismantle the compressor to say what can be done.I heard some guys know to repair it though I couldn't point you to an exact place. Above link shared by BlueRaiden had one of the places mentioned. First check if anything else is contributing to the problem and keep compressor replacement as a last resort.
  9. Not recommended to replace compressor anything other than 260 compressor which is very much different with 121 or 240. Your whole AC system will fall apart again and fuel economy will also drop due to added load and ECU will go nuts. First see whether you can repair it. If you really need to replace the compressor try to find atleast a used genuine 260 compressor which variable displacement clutchless type. I know this is bit expensive than a normal compressor but 121 or 240 use regular compressor with a clutch and their ecus are calibrated for that.
  10. hrm

    CVT Vs Conventional Auto

    For Toyota it's 40K. If rough used, advisable to change it before that.
  11. This is manily based on engine and it's systems. CVTs can be diagnosed through special scanners though I'm not sure whether they are available here. Give TL a call and see.
  12. Probably yes but they have specialized tools and equipment to do a better job. It's the best and most recommended place you can go for a diagnosis.
  13. No no . I should have worded it differently. You have to lift the car up to access the drain plug located below similar to when changing CVT fluid or engine oil. Service stations do this but go for a reputed place.
  14. You can do a visual inspection through a place who knows CVTs. Since there's no dipstick you have put it on a hoist and check the oil by releasing the drain plug a little. There are scanners that can do some advance CVT health monitoring but I'm not sure whether you can get it done from somewhere maybe agents have it.
  15. get your mounts checked. Given the maintenance history and mileage (if genuine) I don't think CVT is the problem but you can check existing CVT oil condition to be safe.