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  1. Nissan Leaf

    This doesn't have separate pedal for brakes right? Wonder how someone get used to that.
  2. Lancer EX vs Civic FD4

    Well I initially thought that the Lancer in that video was a CVT and commented based on that but later realized it may not be a CVT. Coz CVTs scream the hell out of you when floored so the sound would be some what normal if it is the case. However Lancers have a little less noise insulation as per Internet so..
  3. Toyota axio 2007 ac cooling issue

    I would recommend you to go for Axio compressor if you have to replace it. Axio has a clutch-less variable displacement compressor which adjusts compression according to cooling level, engine load etc (Allion/Premio 260, Belta, Vitz all have this). It's less reliable but it's one of the reasons why Axios do good on fuel. 121/240 have conventional clutch based ones that always add constant load on engine. Obviously our local basses doesn't know the difference and simply recommend a one they comfortable with.
  4. How was Toyota IST 2007/8 (NCP110)? Trying to replace my Vitz due to low GC.

  5. I am going to buy G 11, 2007 model car.....what is the present market price ? that car is in good condition , registered  2011.  seller expecting 3.65 million. what is your opinion ?

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    2. dhachamila


      G11 does 6-7kmpl?? even nissan teana/cefiro does 7kmpl in city limits. if i'm not mistaken all nissan g11, tiida, wingoroad y12, ad wagon and note came with same 1500cc (HR15D) engine. This engine is not under powered as N16s and FB15s 1500cc. Even the car designed in late 2005, nissan has used  advance technology for HR15d engine (like axios and nze260). My father owns a Nissan Tiida, it does 9-10kmpl city (with 4 passengers inside) and long distance 14-15kmpl. However considering the weight G11 may does 8-9kmpl in city and 12-13kmpl in long distance. If you are so much considering fuel consumption then go for a hybrid (prius or aqua).

    3. Hiran Hettige

      Hiran Hettige

      Thankz a lot...bro......I believe you.  8-9 km in city and 12km Out is enough...from this type of car....I think most of them talking about N 16, N17 fuel consumption...(not bluebird G 11)...

    4. hrm


      My uncle had a G11 which was bought brand new. It never did above 8 in Colombo city traffic. When I say city traffic usually it's the worst case. Talk to a HONEST owner and see.

  6. Bluebird sylphy

    I have been in one. It's a very comfy car. Does around 7-8 KMPL in Colombo. out around 12 KMPL.
  7. Axio

    One of my friends bought a 2009 G grade auto for 41.50. It also had Xenon projector and push start.
  8. Is there a person who rode panda tiptronic?

    Budget AMTs available here such as ones in Celerio, Alto K10 definitely doesn't have such. Not sure about Panda though.
  9. Is there a person who rode panda tiptronic?

    So you bought a 2017 Panda? I thought it had a conventional auto box.
  10. Toyota Vitz

    That doesn't necessarily applies to a 2001 - 2005 SCP10 Vitz. It has a 4 cylinder engine. The ones came after 2004 (KSP90) had a 3 cylinder 1KR engine which had mentioned issues.
  11. Toyota axio AC compressure

    Same for Vitz. My one's compressor pulley already stared giving noises.
  12. Swift 2004

    your car is not a CVT then.