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  1. hrm

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    Yep. Given the mileage it's seriously looking good.
  2. hrm

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    It's not the one then. One I mentioned wasn't in this pristine look either.
  3. hrm

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 or Yaris ?

    Was that 190K Lancer Ex is a black manual one by any chance? Such car was on sale for 3.4 mil when I was checking it a year ago.
  4. hrm

    Allion A18

    Edited to nothing.
  5. hrm

    Allion 2007

    There's one 2008/9 black first owner Allion advertised here on AL that you can check.
  6. hrm

    Allion 2007

    Yes. Depends on your requirements though.
  7. hrm

    Allion 2007

    Given the vintage pay more attention to maintenance history and condition other than options. If you can find agent maintained genuine first owner car it's the best bet. Options differ with grades and dealer options and you should know that most of such things are probably fitted in SL rather than from the factory. As I know all of them get eco mode but not sure about auto head lamps. Most basic variant doesn't have climate control, push start nor illumination meters. Our maka basses can swap them anyways so finding a genuine one is more important.
  8. My father had a Largo back then in early 90s. It's a basic one without even power steering. A neighbor had a Townace(CR27) which was in high demand and always felt jealous about it
  9. Vitz 2019 safety edition 3 (whatever that means). That's the closest one you can get that fuel economy apart from keis and hybrids. Lacks good driving experience but ticks all other stuff mentioned by you. Swift hybrid is also within reach I guess. Sedans are possible but hard to get a 2015 one and probably have higher mileage.
  10. hrm


    Rpm is ok then. Check the condition of the the mounts. Especially the gel mount. Slight vibration at idle is normal though.
  11. hrm


    How much is the rpm at idle?
  12. Looks like it came since 2013 as standard I think. My one doesn't have them either but owners manual show rear vents. Could be an option back then.
  13. hrm

    Toyota Vios

    Only bad thing I heard is VVTis more prone to sludge if engine oil replacements are not done on time