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  1. hrm

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Maybe more insulation? 1000cc Vitz is the only one with this noise complaint in this segment it seems (same story in second generation Vitz but not first). One of my friends who had 2013 Aqua got a 2016 Vitz and sold it after 3 months mainly due to the engine noise. First time car buyers may not feel this that much I guess. In the other hand Passo is quite underrated mainly due to popularity with Vitz. But newer gen model is decently kitted and bang for the buck. Boon would be even cheaper than Passo.
  2. hrm

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Check the new Passo also. It has same engine and gear box of Vitz and some claim it's less noisier. Don't know how that happen though. Plus it has more bells and whistles than Vitz and relatively cheaper. There was a 2014 NSP130 for sale like 5.1 mil.
  3. hrm

    2007 toyota virz

    What do you mean by slipping? Like car not moving only engine get revved?
  4. Axio X is kinda basic for the amount you pay. No RPM, manual AC, no map lights. G has better options but expensive. X limited (X HID selection) is the best bet I guess in terms of Axio as it has RPM, scoop head lamps and sometimes even climate control. It could still be cheaper than a G. In case of any model go for the most newer one as possible.
  5. hrm

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    Previous owner of my car pumped 95 as well. But with 10.5:1 compression ratio and ever increasing price gap between 92 and 95 I started pumping 92. Plus the manual says to pump regular gasoline anyway. No difference in economy and with performance almost same (I did noticed a slight decrease at times though) I also feel fuel tend to remain in the tank than before. You are having a 2013 with 11:1 compression ratio so it could slightly differ in your case.
  6. Congrats on your new car. It's a beauty.
  7. hrm

    5.5 million car options?

    This happened to me . About driving pleasure I expect car to provide comfort and refinement(not compared to Euros you know) in daily Colombo city driving for obvious reasons over handling. For long journeys I always travel with family and need them to be comfy as well for couple of hours of driving with all sorts of morons in the road. So yeah my driving pleasure is based on relaxed driving with relative comfort which Allion is pretty good at. I think I passed that age to be enthusiastic to drive in SL roads. OP can figure out what his definition of practicality and comfort suit for him and go for the car he want.
  8. Yes Allion is a good choice but for that budget you find mostly hacked Allions though they might look shiny from outside. Unless you are lucky of cource. There could be a handful number of cars that are well kept. Well spending that kind of money on a 12 year old really depends on the condition of the car and how much it fulfils your requirements.
  9. It does and so is G grade. Why don't you look for a 1.8 luxel which has more goodies. 141s of 2007/8 are kind of basic actually . 2010+ are much better.
  10. hrm

    Journey With The Hiace

    I read the Cedia one and yes they are exceptional. Well I do read most of the things there actually and wish AL would also become such advanced forum someday. Thing is India being a large country with a substantial middle class such forum can attract so many valuable members. I even read PakW***ls forum.
  11. hrm

    Journey With The Hiace

    I read TB official reviews mostly. Individual reviews are hit or miss.
  12. hrm

    Journey With The Hiace

    And also to keep a higher resale value when they sell it.
  13. hrm

    Journey With The Hiace

    Yeah I was actually referring to ownership reviews of some members in the forum where they are good until you come to fuel consumption part. Not all are bad though. Their Youtube video reviews are great most of the time.
  14. hrm

    Journey With The Hiace

    Guys at other ela forum need to learn a lot on how to write an unbiased ownership review like this