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  1. hrm

    Japanese Car News

    Yeah when looking at the specs it's pretty clear.
  2. hrm

    Japanese Car News

    Took these from ela*iri for size comparison. It doesn't look that small is it? Obviously shorter than CHR.
  3. hrm

    Toyota Axio X grade Trims

    If you are talking about Axio 141 then X limited or X HID selection trims get Rpm/tachometer. Climate control is optional for them. Some has it. Some don't. G grade always have both of them and normal X grade don't.
  4. hrm

    Vitz 2007 KSP90 3 cyl. 1000cc engine vibration story

    Engine mounts and suspension components wear out faster in 1000cc Vitz due to its inherent engine vibration. Had a 1300cc Vitz for 4 years and I only did regular servicing.
  5. hrm

    Honda Fit GD1

    CVT gear box is very sensitive in this model and had to be used with care. CVT oil has to be strictly replaced in every 15000KM or less to keep it going. Other than that there's no any other inherent issues.
  6. hrm

    Vitz 2019 jerk when deacceralating

    I'm not sure about the newer Vitz but it was a normal thing with KSP90 series having the same 3 pot engine.
  7. Did anyone obtained revenue license online recently? Do yo have to pay carbon tax separately or does it get calculated online?

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    2. Anuz91


      @hrm : yeah :D

    3. hrm


      Thanks guys. I just applied it online. Let's wait and see :)

    4. Uditha88


      AGA office asks for it. But not Mandatory.

      You can ignore this year but they said it'll be added to next year's total charge.

      But government to remove it next year.

      So the moral is "Don't pay it this time. Wait & see"

      I asked 'Do u charge this when apply online?', answer was 'No'

      Shape this year. Either it'll go away next year or will e added to ur next year.

  8. You shouldn't have tried to stop and start the engine I guess. Only option is now to carry it to a reputed place/agent to do a proper scan to see possible water damage to engine and sensors.
  9. Bezza is not so bad for the price you pay. You get a brand new car with agent warranty and it's engine is very similar to the one in Vitz. If you do frequent highway runs or hill climbs then it might not fit for you though.
  10. Oh so that might be the thing that guy in the group was saying that factory contact told him that a newer version would come. Probably we won't see it here if current tax system remains same.
  11. Correct and that's why we are advising people on how to maintain them properly and most importantly how to identify and avoid a lemon when buying in this forum. Lately I stopped recommending my car model to anyone after seeing so many negative remarks here and also due to many examples of hacked ones I have personally seen despite the car is actually being nice. But have to accept the fact that many Toyota owners are just thinking the car as an investment/pride while clearly it's not. That FB group is a good example.
  12. I'm not going to judge people by their vehicle choices nor requirements. Many people in this country are in struggle for their daily living and people have specific requirements to suite them. Car could be the last thing someone can worry about so that's about it. After all for whatever reason we are still in a developing country not Japan.
  13. 141s on wards from 2010 or so are not that bad on fuel as they have a updated engine compared to 2007/8 models. But there're Pakistan imported ones as well and I'm not sure how good they are.
  14. hrm

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    Congrats on your purchase and thanks for the review. Does this have any similarity with the new S Cross? I know it's a raised hatchback kind of a thing but has more options?
  15. Try for Axio 161 for a less molested type or Corolla 141. Axio has slight edge on fuel economy but 141 is a spacious comfy car. There are good Toyotas as well as bad Hondas. It's just that the possibility of hitting a lemon is high with Toyota and less with other brands. Regardless of the brand you should always expected to do some maintenance if you buy a used car so don't spend all your money on the purchase. Lancer Ex or a Mazda 3/Axela are also really nice cars that you should check out.