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  1. hrm

    Toyota allion 260 2007 idle rpm

    You mean 1000 after engine warm up properly? It's bit higher for the engine and might affect fuel economy and stuff. Did you do a tune-up or something recently?
  2. hrm

    Toyota allion 260 2007 idle rpm

    Around 600-650.
  3. hrm

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    Recommended place is Toyota Lanka as you might need a proprietary scanner and they won't cost that much just to do a scan. So the title says Vitz but the car in question is a Passo?
  4. Not sure where the cooler located in your car but when it was done in my car (Allion 260) they only removed the glove box and some bits near it as I remember. Certainly not the entire dashboard.
  5. hrm

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Bought Maxxis premitra hp5 for 13700 each. Size 195X65X15. Felt much better than GT Champiros I had early. Quite silent too.
  6. hrm

    Toyota vitz 1999-2001

    What's the engine it's having?
  7. hrm

    Toyota vitz 1999-2001

    1sz engine is actually a 4 cylinder engine. It might be doing little low on fuel compared to more modern 1kr engine but it's more silent and has less vibration being a 4 cylinder.
  8. hrm

    Sting ray, Axia, wigo

    My brother having a 2016 Axia and did little less on fuel compared to my Vitz at the time. Guess fuel efficiency has improved with the new ones having VVTi engines. Go for the cheaper one, Axia. In the FB wagonR group I see they report problems of cars with very low mileages 2017ish. As Matroska said it could be that they are being put to heavy use despite being a kei or lack of maintenance/knowledge by newer car buyers or too much packed electronics with a tiny engine in our harsh road conditions or whatever.
  9. hrm

    Toyota Allion 2009 NZT260 80K service advice

    I think having driving fun or pleasure is not the OP's problem and Allion/Premio is not that type anyways. So does many everyday Toyotas. But it is not a time bomb that's waiting to explode (if maintained) so I would suggest you to drive it for sometime then go for a hybrid or whatever if it doesn't match your needs. By that time you might have save some cash for a much newer car as well. PS: I received an Alto similar to you. Didn't like it but kept it for a while until I could go for a proper upgrade.
  10. hrm

    Toyota Allion 2009 NZT260 80K service advice

    CVT oil doesn't fully come out when doing replacement and always some would remain in the gear box. When I did my last CVT oil change they used only 1 can (4L). If you travel a lot having a hybrid makes sense but you should know they have additional maintenance items such as the hybrid system and battery and are smaller in size compared to a sedan. Do a search in the forum as both Aquas and Fits has been discussed many times here.
  11. hrm

    Toyota Allion 2009 NZT260 80K service advice

    CVT oil supposed to be changed at 40K KM or less intervals and you better use genuine Toyota CVT-TC oil for that. I haven't done CVT oil changes at the agent so I'm not sure how they actually do it but even normal service places nowadays do remove oil pan and clean magnets etc but make sure to do this at a reputed place/agents who are familiar with CVTs. Roughly 15-20K will be charged for a CVT oil change (CVT oil can price included). Roughly same would cost for a general service at TL. If you are not sure about car's status get an inspection done from TL. City fuel figures of 8-9KMPL is just about right but it should do little more than 12.4 on highway or even on a flat road (long journeys) if you travel in constant speed and easy on throttle. In the eco certificate YOM is mentioned as 2007 not 2009. Maybe car got registered at 2009? And also the idle RPM is 1200 where as this should be around 600-650. I assume AC is off and engine is in operating temperature when the test is done and if so you have to get it checked as idle rpm of 1200 is way to higher for Allion.
  12. hrm

    wagon R hybrid battery

    I read in the FB owners group that doing a jump start in WagonR is not advisable. You supposed to take the 12V battery out and charge it but I'm not sure whether that is the case here.
  13. hrm

    Allion 260 Buying information

    There was a 2010 one advertised in quick site for 4.4 mil due to some reason otherwise they usually go around 4.6-5.1 mil range depending on the condition. Most of them have gone through mileage tampering and what not.