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  1. maheshw

    Toyota Hiace Super GL (Dolphin)

    Ferrarief50 Thanks for the cleared details
  2. maheshw

    Upgrade my EK3

    You are looking for one of the best machines which i ever loved. Regret to tell that most of these machines are not in good status by now. just do a search about ek3 you will find lots of information in the forum. Virs\Vi\VTI all are V tec...
  3. maheshw

    Toyota Hiace Super GL (Dolphin)

    While on the Hunting for a Hiace Super GL meet lot's of versions of this model came during 1997-2003. Is there any topic for Hiace models? i'm referring to LH 113/LH119/LH172 Got to known that LH119 is the 4WD version but it doesn't have option to switch to 4WD. Guess this one is Drinking lot of fuel Just for Hiring purpose this one is not suit. Other's are standard once with different trim levels. Most of these machines are done more than 300K now. Question are which model is best for use in terms of economical? How to check the condition of Auto box ? How economical are these ? and any other models for around 4.2 M Budget ? Thanks ....
  4. Suggest me the suitable oil strength for Indian Alto Manual. Mileage is 40,000.

    10w-30 or 15-40? 

    1. LancerL


      Calt*x 10w-30  would be the ideal, under thinking that this is the genuine mileage and the previous oil changes have done in proper intervals.


  5. maheshw

    Vehicle Registration Book

    no it's blue
  6. maheshw

    Vehicle Registration Book

    Guys, while hunting on a Indian car (Alto) found this number code under special remarks category.what does this mean? Sorry if the image is not clear.
  7. The best ever insurance customer service hell yeah the reasonable claim for the damage I received today from people's insurance!!!

    1. Uditha88
    2. asrock


      yeah I've heard sme good stories abt them. They've given a reasonable price for a friends totaled vehicle.

  8. maheshw

    Happy Birthday Komisiripala

    Happy b'day bro..
  9. maheshw

    Toyota Hiace

    Nissan NV350 seems a good selection if you agree. seems all the things are same to KDH and does nt heard anything bad yet. afaik it's released in 2012. And a doubt why 2011-2012 GL one's are selling around 5.5m while 2007 super gl's are still asking over 5.6m ? Magnum over to you to continue.....
  10. maheshw

    Some Info On N 16 - New To Nissan

    And where are you from
  11. Model is premio G superior YOM 2015 1.5CC . There is a 4WD indicator in dash board near seat belt indicator. When ignition on its light up? What is it? Only 1.8 is available that then why it’s light up in ignition?

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    2. Ruslan


      was the Vehicle was "0" Mileage when you bought it?

    3. maheshw


      onr of my friend. yep 0 milage

    4. Magnum


      can u post a pic of the indicator?

  12. maheshw

    Common Issues With Ek3

    Hello congratz on your buy. My first advice if you dnt hv previous atf change records do a complte atf change. Cost you around 15k.if your getting around 7kmpl with ac in city limits + traffic im still saying its correct.did you check in long runs?did you scan the car ? If you drive with slight brake+below 2k rpm this can increase up to 9/10 kmpl.
  13. maheshw

    Nissan Sunny N16

    Did you check the front tyres for any un usual wear?
  14. Is that new Suzuki Wagon R is a Hybrid ? (stignity)

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    2. matroska
    3. shanX


      This has a refined look compared to other similar batta vans/hatchbacks. But 660cc makes me wonder if it might be underpowered

    4. maheshw


      With the electric motor might be power than standard gasoline version

  15. maheshw

    Little Known Inhibitor Switch

    Super work excellnt man...