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  1. lakmal12

    Fb 15 Super Saloon & Ex Saloon

    thnx for all
  2. Dr friends, what is the different between super saloon and ex saloon in FB 15.?
  3. lakmal12

    Fb 15 Battery

    guys.. what is the correct ampere and voltage of the battery in FB 15
  4. lakmal12

    Sound Coom When Breaking In Fb 15

    no dr my break pads are in good condition....if it due to cv joint it should heard every time..but this comes only breaking...
  5. dr friends i have FB 15 2001.when it breaking near to stoping a dug dug sound comes from front left side..i checked that when in newtral gear also it occur..All calipers are in good condition..plz help me to find that problem..thnx
  6. lakmal12

    Tv For Fb 15 & Price ,good Brands

    i am using FB15 2001.plz suggest a good brand of TV DVD set up.and also there prices
  7. lakmal12

    Fb 15

    thanx 4 all comments....
  8. lakmal12

    Fb 15

    i selected a FB 15 car.but its engine not cover with neo cover.the thing i want know is all FB 15 engine cover with neo engine cover or not.is it a trouble