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  1. I'm out of SL. in EU golf and pug are like Wagon Rs in SL. you can find them everywhere. that's why I was looking to get some idea about what to look in those two models before buying.
  2. I'm considering VW Golf or Peugeot 307. YOM would be 2007 or 8. would like some help to understand if there are any specific things to look when buying one and again if there are any factory faults in these models? I know the 307 autos had a gearbox issue. but I'm looking for a manual option. any help would be appreciated. BMW 320i (YOM 2005/6) is also an option. any thoughts on that as well compared to the VW and Pug??
  3. are they working on power shutters and central locks? I heard they are expert on beeding and stuff from another thread.
  4. All, This may be posted earlier but I was not able to find it here. Is there any good place to repair the door winders and the door locks in my civic EK3. rear winders seems bit tight. it is moving very slowly when the button is pressed. and the when I'm locking the door I hear the sound from the lock and it moves in very small amounts. So I think central lock mechanism is working fine. I think the problem is with blocked door lock. Is there any good place you guys can suggest around Gampaha, Negombo and Colombo area to fix this issue. Thnx in advance
  5. first of all check the rad bro.. I also had some heating issue... if I go more than 2.5 or less than 1rev it heats. finally it was blocked rad. it will not take much to check the rad.
  6. Thnx all guys... Sorry I was not able to update the status of the issue... I took the car to radiator guy and the issue was blocked rad. they said it is because that I drove with high rev for long time the dirt that was there in the engine block tunnels for long time get detached and blocked the rad. only about 5 or 6 lines were working. this may be the case because previous owner was not a fast driver. I do not think he ever went past 70. so for me problem solved. now it is about one or two month the temp never gone above the mid point.
  7. Thnx a lot. Any good place to do a pressure test? Same place I can check the radiator cap right? Yeah. 3.5-4 is on second day try to recreate the heating issue, that was on 2nd gear, I mentioned that on the post. I'm not sure about the speed though on that rev at 2nd gear. on 130kmh it was just below 3. First I'll check for air in the radiator this weekend and if no change will check the cap and the do a preasure test.
  8. I have EK3 96 Manual Last week I had my first run on Highway (only upto second exit) and I did about 15km on 130kmh (it was dead night.. no police). at the later part of the journey I see the car getting heated. the indicator was alomost at the red bar. I switched off the AC and reduced the speed to around 90 and then the temp was back to normal middle position. After the journey I checked the water level and the extra tank was all empty (it was full at the beginning and I was using coolant, not water). Yesterday I did a test with driving on high rev (around 3.5-4) on 2nd a small time to see if i can recreate the situation, it was heating. This was not there until the first Highway run. I had some high rev drivings before that but no problem on heating that time. Under normal driving the heat is constantly at the mid level. Any idea on what may be the problem? And any good place to check the cooling system?
  9. Another Question, is Ek3 a bad option or what are the pros in other two suggestions compared to Ek3?
  10. I do not have any previous encounter with that model. How is the build quality of the interior?
  11. Hi All, I'm planning to buy a car within next month and the budget is around 1.5M. can stretch a lil bit. My requirements can be summarized as follows Fuel Efficiency is not the first priority: 10-11 kmpl city would do i'm not a street racer. but bit hard on the acc. Like some sportiness. but do not need a subaru level. Both me and dad have height amost 6 and dad is lil fat also. So good leg room is a must Any suggestions based on the above reqs. my current idea is a civic ek3.
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