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  1. A bit of research in the web reveals of a G grade belta with auto a/c , but i havent seen one. But u might be lucky to come across a frontal cut of a belta with auto a/c in delkanda / kurunegala and i presume the swap would be easy. Also check on the vios. Although it is 1.5 and a thai made , the a/c components and dash panels should be interchangable. A hop to ebay on yaris may also help u.
  2. pls check with Eur* Nip*on, they should have it, am assuming that the vehicle considered here is a jap. If its a Euro need to consult the pros.
  3. Warlord

    Tyre Prices

    Got a set of turkish Pirellis from TL today for 14k each. 185/65/15 cintuario P1 (pardon the spelling). Car handles very well compared to the Goodyear GT3s had earlier. the mechanic however cautioned me on the thinwalls. Anyways A*W quoted 12.5 for goodyear GT3 i presume Also, Got the below prices from our transport guys Dunlop (agent)- 14.5 , bridgestone 14.5 (indo) Dunlop (indo) 11.5 , maxxis 11.3k GT 11k
  4. im pretty happy with the kenwood BT4303 which I installed in my 260. Hope your car is installed with the gps unit. Or else u will have to get the gps attachment as well. Get the navigation SD mounted during installation coz the SD slot is installed in the back side of the player. Otherwise u will have to again remove the player. Got mine from a shop in favorite market at pettah. Pm me if u need so that I can give u the contact. Cost me 35k for the unit but this wss one year ago, and i think, a newer model came out. Mind u this was 6.1 inch unit. Had to use 2 spacers as well. Those days a 7 inch unit was around 50k. Prices may have changed a bit now. saw some alpine players in sydney last year, and those were awesome. Not sure whethr u get it here.
  5. again the evoque is a dressed up freelander. If u read the spec sheet side by side it is clear. I have driven the LRD4 and RR sports. Evoque is nowhere near.
  6. komi machang , are u referring to the guiletta? Even one of my friend is crazy over that babe? Are there any cars already imported to SL ?
  7. e well if you are a car enthusiast then opting for the M sport 520D or the merc E200 AMG will not serve your purpose as both of them are just kitted version of the normal diesel sedans. If you are really in to action go for a petrol F10 or an AMG tuned prefacelift e class. I woul also consider a Sub legacy for that price.
  8. Fixzit and Gayan R , thanks guys. Any excellent AC guys u know? I know one, but the prob is I havent seen any newer model car coming to this guy. So am a bit uncomfortable with letting him meddle with the dash. kudos again guys
  9. Dear experts, need some help here. My ride is a Nzt 260, and being using it for the last 2 years. It has clocked nearly 30k. My prob is recently I noticed that when am behind a smoking vehicle or passing an area utterly smelly im getting that odour inside the car. When the ac is switched off this doesnt happen. Twice I put the vehicle to toyota lanka but the mechanics were unable to find the issue. Now they say that they need to remove the dash which I was a bit reluctant. Whats your take on this? Can there be probability that there might be a leak in the ducts behind the dash which is sucking outside air. Two supervisors at TL confirmed me that there were no leaks outside. some direction here by you guys isvmuch much appreciated.
  10. Tried once.and its a Non transparent plastic and letters and small dots for indicators with plastic.while different letters come in 3 colours.Difficult to fabricatemachan, pls try at euronippon, guys have a comm3ndable stock of 212 spares. Got the entire plastic assembly for 2k. Sadly I gave the old assembly to the new owner
  11. Warlord

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Yep..U knw why? Jesus seems to have just bought one of those Sorry about the resolution guys. BB sucks
  12. Ah.... the old maruti showroom in colpetty. Sampath, this buildin has now been taken down right? Anyway, all the models in your ad are still offered in Pakistan brand new. The 800 is called as mehran, still a carb engine not MPFI, omni is offered as bolan. Sadly I dont recall the names for the gypsy and cultus but should be a name of two mountains in kashmir side. Anyway the mehran, or what we call the 800 got a minor face lift last year. So guess the good old 800 will continue the legacy in Pakistan.
  13. The 800 was a faithful friend for me as well.Especially when the money was hard to come. My first car it was and still remember the day I got her out of the show room. Plenty of adventures in those three and a half years I had her.
  14. [quot Got mine from a place called ningbo mktg. In panchikawatte, near punchibanda n sons. Am pretty content with the machine coz D*MO kind of let me down with SKIL. e name=soulja" post="212139" timestamp="1339342107]any other chinese brands available and importer names please.
  15. Kudos to you bro. I really want to buy back my carina. Excellent job again.
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