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    Mm Organixzation

    Hi, I was also checking the prices for spare parts from agents and MM. The MM prices are way lower. But they claim they have genuine parts. Due to the price gap, bit of curious to decide whether to buy from MM or not. Appreciate if someone can share the opinion or recommendation on MM. TIA
  2. Kasun Tharaka

    TOYOTA HIACE GL KDH 220 Vs Daihatsu Mira

    Hi Tilvin, First of all I don't understand the point of comparing a Diesel Van like KDH 220 to a small car like Daihatsu Mira for personal use. But since you asking, the maintenance is much higher on KDH being a Diesel vehicle. Spare parts are expensive. absolutely no point of talking about fuel economy comparison with a 660cc petrol engine vs 2500/3000cc turbo diesel engine. Mira would be cheaper in every aspect. Thanks !
  3. Kasun Tharaka

    Check Engine Warning - Hilux Vigo

    Hi RaveeJaya, Thanks for the valuable recommendation.
  4. Kasun Tharaka

    Check Engine Warning - Hilux Vigo

    Hi, I own a 2010 Hilux Vigo 3L cab. I was travelling down to Colombo from Matara via southern Expy and my speed was about 100 Kmph. I went behind a passenger bus for about 5-10 min and wanted to overtake the bus since it's blocking my view and that's kinda annoying. So I pushed my cab about 110-115 Kmph and suddenly I felt a power drop (lost some pulling power). When I checked the dashboard, I noticed that the "check engine" warning popped up. I again backed up to the left lane and tried several times pushing the gas but the vehicle is not responding to the level I push the accelerator. Then I reached to the Welipanna Service Area and switched off the engine and checked for any oil leakages or any unusual smells coming out (from wire shorts etc). But couldn't find anythin wrong. So I started the engine after about 10 minutes and noticed that the check engine warning was disappeared. Then I checked the status of the pulling power at some vacant area of the car park and it was came back to normal. Then I started my journey again and the vehicle was behaving normal and the previous pulling power was restored. Tried up to 140Kmph and had no issue. What I wanted to ask from the experts here is, I suspect something went wrong with my Turbo and came back to normal. Is anyone out there who experienced such issue? Can there be any other reason causing sudden power drops like this? Thanks in Advance Kasun W
  5. Kasun Tharaka

    Good Tyres

    Hi, Give a try to Dunlop Ecopia. They are very good and gives better mileage too.
  6. Kasun Tharaka

    Up Sizing Tyres - Pros And Cons

    I'm using a Toyota Hilux Vigo Cab. It has 31x10.5x15 A/T tyres and those are almost over. Planning to replace all 4 tyres. I want to know the pros and cons on up sizing the tyres to 33x10.5x15 A/T. Are there any bad after effects in terms of fuel consumption and mileage calculation? seeking for expert advice on this. Thanks in advance.
  7. Kasun Tharaka

    Up Sizing Tyres - Pros And Cons

    Thanks for sharing your valuable expertise. Seems like better to stick with the 31" shoes.
  8. Kasun Tharaka

    Up Sizing Tyres - Pros And Cons

    Yes you are correct. This cab is already added mods from 255's to 31's. That's why I need to get to know the ability of stock parts to hold the 33's. Thank you very much for the valuable information.
  9. Kasun Tharaka

    Up Sizing Tyres - Pros And Cons

    Thanks for the detailed reply
  10. Kasun Tharaka

    Motero Sport

    Are there any well known issues of this Japanese version?
  11. Kasun Tharaka

    Motero Sport

    Yes I'm referring the model until 2008. It was made in Japan. The new ones (from 2010 I guess) are from Thailand. What I really wanted to know was the availability of a 3000CC diesel engine for the Japanese Montero Sport with Manual Transmission.
  12. Kasun Tharaka

    Motero Sport

    Hi ! Sorry to bring up an old thread. Is there a 3000cc version of the Japanese Montero Sport? If Yes, great if anyone can share the fuel figures as well. Thanks !
  13. Kasun Tharaka

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle : Toyota Hilux Vigo Transmission Type : Manual Engine Capacity : 3000 CC VN Turbo Fuel : Super Diesel Km per Ltr (city/long distance) : 10-11/13-14
  14. Kasun Tharaka

    Canopy Water Leak

    Hi All, I have a Toyota Hilux Vigo cab fitted with SUV Plus canopy. There is a serous water leakage due to the bad quality of rubber beading between the cab body and the canopy. When I compare other canopy brands like Carryboy and Alpha, they have a clear separation between cab body and canopy with a glass. And they have not used any rubber beading or Silicone gum to patch the gap between body and canopy. So the water does not come in to the truck bed. What I want to know from you all is, what do you recommend from following; 1. Replace the rubber beading to stop the water leak 2. Modify the existing Canopy by fixing a glass to clearly separate canopy and body. Also kindly let me know if you know a good place to get done the Option (2) if you recommend that. Thank you !
  15. Kasun Tharaka

    Suzuki Wagonr Hybrid

    Hi Magnum, Actually this is perfect. But people in SL takes car is "posh" than a buddy van or batta van. No matter the options you have or the power, Turbos etc... Batta van is still a batta van for sri lankans. People here in SL usually don't buy vehicles for the purpose. They do it as a trend, sadly.
  16. Kasun Tharaka

    Suzuki Wagonr Hybrid

    But I believe this is a good choice if you mostly running in Colombo. With the prices, way better if you could go for this Japanese Suzuki rather than going for a Indian/ Malaysian or Chinese branded car considering how the market behaviors in SL.
  17. Kasun Tharaka

    Suzuki Wagonr Hybrid

    Hi n00b There is already a thread discussing about the WagonR Hybrid. have a look. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16831-suzuki-wagon-r-japanese-car/
  18. Kasun Tharaka

    Cargo Management Accessories For Pick-Up Trucks

    Hi tiv, Thanks for the reply. Looks like the hooks can be easily fitted by a "Weldin Baas" or local Garage.
  19. Dear Friends, I need to find out a place where I can buy cargo management accessories for my Cab. This is a serious issue when I have small amount of cargo at the back coz it starting rolling all over the bed liner. For example think of a situation where you carry a Gas Cylinder. On the internet I found some accessories (shown below) and wondering whether they are available to buy in SL. So if anyone knows a place to buy similar items or professional place to get these done, Kindly share your valuable information. Thanks.
  20. Kasun Tharaka

    Toyota Hilux Vigo

    Agree with you. Thanks for the additional information tiv.
  21. Kasun Tharaka

    Toyota Hilux Vigo

    True that. The smart cabs comes with same 1KD FTV engines same as the double cabs with 2500 and 3000 cc capacities. So probably cannot have different power figures.
  22. Kasun Tharaka

    Toyota Hilux Vigo

    Yes you can register it as Dual Purpose.
  23. Kasun Tharaka

    Suzuki Wagon R Japanese Car

    Hi All, How about the maintenance of these Cars? I mean being a Suzuki, can we get the periodic maintenance (like servicing) from A*W? or are there any other specialized places? Expecting an advice coz I'm thinking of bring down Wagon R Hybrid. Thanks
  24. Kasun Tharaka

    Problem Regarding "semi Luxury Tax"

    Hi isurujosh, Yes I know. That's why I fought to correct that issue at least. But in the other hand, going to courts for this kind of case can be painful and worse than paying the due taxes.
  25. Dear Friends, I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a Toyota Vigo Smart Cab and went to do the insurance company to get the insurance done. They have issued a cover note and keep delaying printing the Insurance card. When I inquired, they said that my vehicle have due Semi Luxury Taxes which are not paid for 2 years and due to that they cannot give the insurance card until I clear the taxes. However, this vehicle was insured with j********i Insurance under the 1st owner. they have paid taxes for 3 years which is for 2011, 2012 and 2013. After that j********i has not collected the taxes for 2014 and 2015 claiming that there was a government circular which exempts the Semi Luxury taxes on Dual purpose Single Cabs with effect from 1st January 2013. Now when I check with Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) , they say that the vehicle have overdue taxes and the I should pay the respective taxes. My questions are: 1. Is the Semi Luxury tax still applicable for Vigo Smart cab? 2. The said circular says if the vehicle is Dual Purpose Single cab (Yes my cab is resisted under this category) and if it is has only driver cage (1 seat other than driver as per the CR) and the gross weight is below 3500 Kg (mine is 2665 Kg), how can DMT say that I have to pay the Semi luxury tax? 3. If there are unpaid taxes existed, is it possible to transfer the ownership of the vehicle without charging the applicable taxes from the previous owners? (I am the 3rd owner and two successful transfers was happened) Do anybody came across a situation like this? please share your ideas coz now the new insurance people refusing to issue the insurance card to me because of this. Smart Cab owners please help me to get a clear idea about this. Thanks in Advance Kasun W