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    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    How about going for a string gray instead of Vitz??
  2. ange88

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    I am so happy for giving ya honest opinion guys.It's wonderful to see that many of you guys putting efforts to type all of those huge feedback for someone that you really dont know.... after reading all the comments, I just realised that this game is all about ego as I work in a managerial position of a multinational company and downgrading is like losing to your ex's new boyfriend on highway.lol
  3. ange88

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Hi bro.Thanks alot. Refinancing was the only solution as the interest I do pay for my debts is higher then the interest I would pay for a new loan machan. Also I do not want to go for a lower price car as it will be a step backward after putting so much of effort to come to this level as I started my journey with a small motor bike few years back.NOT ego but I may not be able to raise my head as I just built a house and those loans are there too
  4. ange88

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Thanks Tiv.. Appreciate your attention towards my question. Any idea about the fuel consumption of Toyota vitz 2015 model? specially in city limits?
  5. ange88

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Thanks buddy.I do appreciate your valuable feedback
  6. Hi guys, Sorry if this is a repost though I did my best to find a similar topic to dig out an answer. At the moment I am using a toyota 121 G grade (YOM 2002) and I am daily travelling to town hall from Kadawatha. Due to severe cash flow issues I thought of selling my car and go for an economical car after settling some debts and refinancing for a new car which can help me to reduce my fuel cost.The option number 1 I have is a toyota aqua 2013 or 14 model or go for a toyota vitz 2015 model. This is how I have evaluated my options based on my knowledge and appreciate if you can add some inputs. 1. Aqua - Yes it will definitely have good fuel economy and the hit on my expenses will be low but its highly unlikely that you will find a good car as most of the cars are heavily used and meters are reversed. so I am afraid that any issue in battery may pop up cz I will not be able to entertain that cost.Also after using for 4 or 5 years I dont think I will be able to sell it at least for 2.7 million. 2. Vitz - Not economical as Aqua and wont be that much different to my current 121 when it comes to fuel..Am I correct? But will have a good resale value and can get an unregistered car 3. Suzuki stingray???
  7. Seems like im in wrong place.hey ya?lol
  8. Could you please become quite generous?I am a newbie and not an expert as you.Thats why requesting help.Thank you
  9. owner is saying its worth to come and decide why he has put that offer..hmmmmm will this car available for sale for another few more days????
  10. There is another car its cosly dan this also..its 23.75
  11. Bro look at this car.more or else it is the same but its 23.75 http://www.####/vehicleinfo.php?category=--Any--&type=3&make=64&model=--Any--&city=--Any--&page=6&searchVehicle=1&hits=50&vehicleno=52488
  12. Thanks bro...what is the maximum worth price for above car as per your view?Sent me a mzg as its private.Thanks
  13. Dear friends, Im planning to buy AE110.but what is this Rivera model?Look at below car sale...help me http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=58553